Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gettin' Cheesy with the Medley

Looks like the heat wave has passed. For now. I know he'll be back but Tucker and I can actually go outside and enjoy the yard for longer than 2 seconds. Now, if we can just get Mother Nature to give us a bit of rain. Not flood rain but like we usually have, a little thunderstorm every afternoon through the summer months. 

Ok, enough about the weather although y'all know I'm going to complain about it all summer... I mean, discuss it all summer. LOL On to the Medley, Meddlers! 

1.  National Cheese Day is Tuesday, rather than Wednesday, but I think we should celebrate cheese this week!!  Let's start by sharing your favorite cheese with us.  Which one is always in your fridge? I always have mozzarella cheese string cheese because grandkiddos. Other than that, it depends on mood and recipes. 
2.  What is your preference? Mild, Sharp, or Extra Sharp? Sharp is good. Extra is a bit strong but it's good in recipes. How do you use cheese most often? In recipes.
3.  Cheesecake? Is this a rhetorical question? LOL New York style or what other flavors would you rather have? I'm not sure I've had a cheesecake I didn't LOVE so bring 'em on! 
4.  When you do grilled cheese sandwiches, which cheese do you prefer to use and what condiments do you use, if any? I use butter or Duke's mayo on the outside and almost always cheddar inside. However, if no one is looking I have been known to make mine with American cheese. :) 
5.  Number 5 on June 5th... Say happy birthday to my sister, Tammy!! Happy Birthday, Tammy!

6.  Share something with us about your week. If it includes using cheese in a recipe, please also share that with us too!! Not much going on this week. I did go to Lula Mae's soccer practice Sunday---

And I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY at my Etsy shop for a set of 4 stone coasters for the 4th of July---

If you'd like a chance to win, just tell me in the comments and I'll add your name to the list! 

Have a great rest of the week, y'all!

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  1. Oh my! Aren't littles so cute okaying sports? I just love it! Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  2. We're getting a lovely soft rain right now, but supposed to storm later and bring a ridiculous amount in total. Ugh. Thanks so much for your kind note and for checking in on me earlier this week. I so appreciate that! I am far behind on all things email-blog-tech related. Trying to get back in the swing of things, but it's a process. I will definitely go back and read all the wedding posts though. Looks like everything was lovely and hope you had a little down time afterwards.

    1. We had such lovely rain yesterday. And THUNDER! It was glorious! I planted some wild flowers Monday so I hope the rain helps with those. I think about you and your sweet girl every day and didn't want to be a pest but really just wanted y'all to know I was thinking of you. Everything was lovely and Claudia and Ben seemed to have a wonderful day. I'm still waiting on the professional shots for the last post. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. My daughter has been sweltering in Charleston, too, while we have been freezing in New England. Today when she called,the temperature there was the exact temp as here! 82 and lovely here. 82 and humid there. Hope you get rain soon!

    1. Gosh it's been awful! The last couple days have been crazy humid but we did get rain out of it so that makes it worth it. Thanks!

  4. You know I love your coasters and would love to be entered in the drawing! Thanks for joining the Medley this week! You have an adorable soccer player there. Oh my goodness, that child is too beautiful!! We are miserable here in central FL too. Feels like July. Yuck.

    1. Great! I'll enter you! I keep writing my Wednesday posts and then forgetting to post them. Good grief. We got rain yesterday and supposed to have some today. It was glorious! I'll keep you posted on the coaster giveaway. Geez, how many times can I use 'post' in one comment? LOL

  5. You know the grated Parmesan in those containers - my granddaughter gave me a new word for it, shaky cheese.


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