Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Wedding: Part 1

I'm working on the wedding post. The post of THE day. The post I'm having to stop writing every couple minutes because I cannot see the computer screen through the happy tears of joy that keep streaming down my face.

Speaking of tears streaming down my face, I decided to have my hair and make-up done on THE day for THE event and if you know me you know I do not 'do' my hair and I do not wear make-up due to my crazy allergies to everything under the sun but I figured for THE day it would be a good idea.

And then the rain came. Not torrential or anything just a sprinkle, just enough to make the humidity shoot up to 500 gazillion percent. So I paid BIG money to throw my hair back up in in a hair tie and to sweat my make-up off but hey! we had a BLAST anyway! But that's part of THE story so...

Most of us sat in a rented van (very nice BTW) for 8 hours but a few decided to fly over to Nashville.

There were still a few details to finish up when we arrived but most everything was done because that's the way NashvilleDaughter rolls so we ran some errands and enjoyed some family time.

We collected sticks in the backyard-

We cooked yummy food--

 I asked if there were any local BBQ joints and we went to the BEST PLACE EVER!

We put together a remembrance display of those no longer with us--

And a display for the wedding hashtag-

Bought brand new cowboy boots which haven't come off her feet yet and yes, that includes the wedding.

Got mani/pedis--

In Nashville, if the officiant isn't a judge or a minister the marriage is not legal so we had to go to the courthouse before the ceremony.

And we ate some more...

And more--

And more--

I go on and on about the food in Nashville but, goodness! I have yet to find food that I do not LOVE in that city.

I know this is photo overload so---

To be continued---

Here's a sneak peek at the rehearsal dinner hosted by DrummerBoy's wonderful parents...

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  1. Cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!! Congrats to your daughter - I am so excited FOR you!! HUGS

    1. I'm working on getting them together. I'll have to do a whole separate post when the photographer's photos are ready. We've had a sneak peek and they are FABULOUS so far!

  2. Okay... let's get going with the next post!! Lots of love going on here!!

    1. Terri, you are so right! There was so much love the whole time. I think I was drunk with love. LOL The rehearsal post is next and then the ceremony and reception.

  3. Lovely to read this happy post and to see the lovely photos. Good to see YOU, as well! Those grandchildren are just so cute. Loved Marcy's cowboy boots and loved the remembrance corner. Looking forward to Part 2.
    Part 2 😊❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Diane! We had such fun and so many good feels! Part 2 is tomorrow and it covers the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. :)

  4. The food looks delicious! We drove through there 2 weeks ago on our way home from Texas. Too bad we didn't stop to get something to eat.

    Love the cowboy boots. She is so adorable and getting so big.

  5. You're making me hungry. I love the photos, the children are adorable. I love the idea of the remembrance table.


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