Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Parching Heat and the Medley

Here we are again. The weeks continue to fly by but who cares when the summer heat is on! I'm just keeping my head down and getting through another summer though I do come up for the occasional birthday. LOL

And the Medley! 

1.  Who knew there was a day to celebrate parchment paper?!  Good grief. They'll honor anything these days. Do you ever use parchment when you bake or cook? I do. Tell us about your favorite way to use it, please. Is there really a favorite way to use parchment paper? Maybe I don't use it enough to have a favorite way. I just like that it keeps things from sticking and makes clean-up easy because I am not a fan of cleaning up. 
2.  When Terri thinks of parchment paper, she usually thinks about special writing or artist papers. She loves using specialty papers for creating cards or other art projects. Tell us about a creative way you have used parchment paper other than to bake with! I use parchment paper when I am creating coasters, sometimes and I always use it between finished coasters to keep them from clacking into one another. 

3.  Terri used to be in the cake business and has piped many borders and roses and leaves and letters, etc., etc.  You can make a pastry bag from parchment paper!  Have you ever tried decorating a cake with a pastry bag and specialty tips? Let's see, I have four daughters which means four birthdays/year requiring deocrated birthday cakes when they were growing up so...YES. Ha! As they got older I stopped trying to decorate anything fancy because cake decorating is not my forte.  Do you have a picture to share? Oh goodness, I'd have to go back through a gazillion pictures to find the birthday cakes and because my photos are not organized that's not going to happen this time. Don't be shy, now!
4.  Tell us about something you baked or cooked in the past week or so that turned out great, parchment or no parchment. I live in an empty nest so going all out for cooking or baking happens rarely these days unless the kids and/or grandkids are over. Oh! I did make a stir fry that was delicious a few days ago. Will you share the recipe? It's stir fry so I don't think anyone needs a recipe for that. 
5.  The last Wednesday in June!!  How can that be? Has your June flown by or have you been able to enjoy each day and make it slow down for you? It's pretty much flown by for me and although I know even hotter more miserable days are ahead, I also know football season is even closer so I'm ok with summer flying by. 
6.  Tell us something about your week so far, if you will. There's not much going on this week and I do like calm weeks because I spend more time creating which is not only fun but also therapeutic. I created these two wreaths over the last few days. It takes time because I hand-cut everything instead of using machines but I like the look of the hand-cut pieces better. 
ALSO, July 4th coaster sets are ON SALE through July 3rd!

Have a great rest of the week, y'all!

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  1. Are your flowers made from felt? The wreaths are lovely and I admire that you make them from "scratch."

    1. They are made from wool felt. I love making them! Thank you for asking! :)

  2. Your wreaths are lovely, but your coasters are incredible! Your summer and Christmas tree ones are my favorites. I chuckle everytime you talk about football season. For me it's one step closer to the dreaded W word. :-)

    1. I'm so glad you like the coasters! I was just talking to a friend about football season the other day and we both had to contain ourselves as it is still another month away. :) I assume you'll have the same weather in the new town?

  3. Great wreaths!! Thanks for joining in the Medley today, Pam. I'm afraid the questions weren't very interesting and appreciate all those who played along!

  4. Never used parchment paper, hell no idea what it is.......

  5. The wreaths are so pretty! And I love all of the patriotic coasters. Just amazing! You are so talented.


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