Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Big Orange Cat and the Medley

Is June going by quickly or is it just me? At least the weather has been pretty nice around here. Even on hot days, we have a lovely breeze that still has a hint of cool within it so we've been outside a good bit. The tomato plants are healthy and producing blooms but my wildflowers are not doing a darn thing so I planted some different wildflower seeds yesterday. I'll keep y'all posted. I really want these wildflowers to grow because I love wildflowers and these are bee and butterfly friendly. Fingers crossed, y'all. 

Now, on with the Medley where the big orange cat refers to Garfield! 

1.  If you have ever followed the Garfield comic strip, you know Garfield loves lasagne.  What is your favorite Italian food? I love lasagna, too! But I didn't make anything Italian while Lula Mae was here over the weekend because cleaning up red sauce is NO FUN when an almost 3-year-old is involved. Do you over-indulge when it comes to pasta? Nope. Pasta clogs the pipes, so to speak so I take it easy.
2.  Tell us about your very first pet.  If you have never had a pet, can you tell us about an animal that touched your life in some way? My very first pet given to me at Christmas as my very own and not the family pet was a French poodle I named, Jacques. Y'all can read about him HERE. We always had a dog in the family but Jacques was the first one given to me and me alone. Gosh, I loved that dog. 

3.  Garfield sleeps his day away, only waking to eat or sweet talk his girlfriend Arleen.  How many hours sleep do you normally get each night? I shoot for 7. How much sleep do you really need? Seven is perfect for me. Anything more or less and I'm no good for the day. 
4.  Garfield lets the mice in the house have their way.  When was the last time you had to chase out a little varment?  I don't have to worry about those with Tucker around. He chases squirrels and any other furry critter. We've had possums and these little rats or mice. I'm not sure what those last things are because they're kind of big like rats but cute like mice so... anyway, Tucker takes care of that for me by chasing them out of the yard. If someone else has to step in, we use a humane trap and relocate said creature. 
5.  Garfield also loves his teddy bear Pooky. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were young (or now!)? Oh, that's a HUGE yes but it wasn't ONE favorite. I had a line of stuffed animals that stretched across my bed (queen sized) and they had to be in a specific order every single day. I think the elephant might have been a slight favorite but I would never have told the others. If you didn't or don't, what about someone you know? The lovelies had their favorites---ArtisistDaughter had Dolly, a silly rag doll I made and she still has that thing. NashvilleDaughter went a different route and had a blanket named, Blankie and yes, she still sleeps with it even though it's about as threadbare as something can be. AthleticTrainerDaughter had a stuffed bear named Pookie and TeacherDaughter had Buddy Bear but that's a story all on its own. 
6.  Please tell us something about your week, so far! Lula Mae was here for 4 nights and 3 days so this week is all about recovery. Ha! I think she had fun...

She played and played and played and played. Saturday, Mother Nature decided to bless us with the most gorgeous and perfect day for outdoor fun. I don't think we came inside for more than 2 hours and that was for a nap. Lula Mae was on the swing, in the bouncy house, in the pool until she was 'pruney', blew bubbles, shared snacks with Tucker, had a picnic for lunch...we were busy the whole time but it was the fun kind of busy. And now, I'm almost recovered. I think I'll be ready for her next stay which is in August. LOL

Have a wonderful rest of the week, y'all!

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  1. Lula Mae looks so happy in those photos. I'm glad she had a good time.

  2. Oh your visit sounds like so much fun! The littles are so hard to keep up with as we age! I teach that age, sometimes I come home and fall asleep.
    Jacques sounds so special! I love my dogs. Loved your answers! Have a great week!

  3. Haha on that recovery time after the grandkid's visit. Even though we Love It and them! Loved the stories of the things kids are attached to. Bears, Blankies, whatever it is. I always think it's a good sign for future relationships. One of our adopted sons never attached to anything and it's really still that way. So I'm always glad to see much-loved, thread-bare blankies.

  4. Oh my word. If someone could only figure how to bottle Lula Mae's joy! You're so fortunate to have had girls … 4! Raised an 'only child' I was determined not to do the same. But there you are, I've a boy. One.
    Loving your blog, Pam, and look forward to returning!

  5. When I read big orange cat I thought of Garfield who likes lasagna more then I do, I go to bed early and sleep well at night

  6. Little Lulu Mae is such a happy little girl! Loved the video of her in the pool! Thanks for joining the Medley, Pam!! It is always fun reading about your adventures with the Littles@

  7. Your girl is such a cutie pie! It looks like she had a great time visiting. :)
    We had Poodles when I was growing up, as did all my family on my mom's side. I didn't have them for many years, but have had 2 in the last 20 years. I still have my little Daisy and hope I will for a long time yet.

  8. Precious pics of Lula Mae! Have a great week!

  9. I don't play Wednesday Medley but stopping over to say hi! Enjoy all you photo of your granddaughter and grandson all the time on Facebook and Instagram.


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