Monday, November 1, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday!

It's time again for MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY!  It's very simple--all you have to do is post a picture with the color yellow in it and join the Mellow Yellow Monday HOP!!  You'll find my picture at the end of this post! 

On Saturday, Hubs and I went downtown and picked up college daughters Birdie and Little Bit for a family walk and lunch.  It was great!  We live just across the bridge from a very touristy, historic area of SC (Charleston, dahling) and the photo opps are countless!  We took pictures, caught up with what's going on in their classes and any college drama (remember those days?), and just had a great time together.  We ate lunch at FLEET LANDING which is a great place to eat (click on their name and follow the link)!  The food is good and they have low cal as well as don'teventrytocountthecaloriesinthisdish choices.  I went with the latter option (don't judge, you would have done the same thing! LOL).  And their sweet tea is Yummy-lish!!  This is the second time Hubs and I have eaten at FLEET LANDING (our girls have eaten there many times) and I will have to say that, in the categories of food and wait staff, they are 2-for-2.  I find their waiters (we've only had 2 but the others servers seem to be just as nice) are not only nice they are HUMOROUS!  The first time we went, there were NINE of us altogether with the best brother in the world T, his wonderful wife, my awesome niece, 3 of her great kids, daugther Birdie and friend L.  When niece J and I were passing cameras to each other, I knocked over my tea.  The waiter saw this and I knew he had so I said, "He did it!" while pointing to niece J's oldest son.  Of course, we all laughed because...well, we're crazy.  The waiter came over to clean it up and said he would bring me another glass of tea.  And he did.  In a sippy cup.  The whole table cracked up and the humor was on for the rest of lunch for all of us and our wonderful waiter.  It's just a simple little thing but it was FUN and the waiter was just great!  And Saturday's waiter was just as awesome!  HOWEVER, there is one area that FLEET LANDING is lacking in and that's with their HOSTESSES.  Good Lord, those girls acted like they were struck dumb the minute we walked into the restaurant.  Both times the hostesses of the hour were not welcoming and acted like a deer-in-the-headlights.  This is really a shame since they are the ones people see the moment they walk into FLEET LANDING.  Maybe my expectations were just too grand.  I did expect to be greeted in a manner resembling this:  "Good afternoon!  Welcome to FLEET LANDING!  Four for lunch?  Would you like seating inside or outside?  Follow me please!"  And I also expected them to be smiling and maintaining some sort of eye contact.  NOPE.  Now, to be fair, one of them on Saturday (the dark haired one) did awaken and sort of smiled while asking us to follow her.  The hostess on the day the nine of us went to lunch?  Much of the same attitude I'm sorry to say. Will this stop us from going back?  Not really.  Even knowing what to expect from the hostesses, the food, historic atmosphere and wait staff are so good that we'll go again.  But I will most likely warn others so that they are aware of what might meet them at the door.

ANYWAY, I will FINALLY get to the picture.  These were growing along one of the wrought iron gates surrounding one of the magnificent homes on the battery (not our soccer team but an old Civil War fort...LOL).    


  1. It's lovely to see the flowers blooming - here not so much.

  2. It's unfortunate those hostesses are dangerously close to giving what sounds like a fabulous place a bad name.

    I *love* the flower photo! What are those? Flowers are pretty much dead and gone here in Colorado, so your yellow is lovely to see!


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