Monday, December 6, 2010

African Dance

College can be considered a sort of transition from home to ALMOST the real world.  The last stop before the real world experience hits you in the face like a brick phase of life begins, if you will.  It can also be considered a transition before the empty nest sucks phase of life becomes permanent.  The kids are gone but they still come home for the holidays and, if you are lucky, summer.  College provides parents with four years (unless, of course, one's child is on the 7 year plan) in which to become accustomed to not having the child at home every day, quite possibly making the permanence of the after college move-out less of a shock.       

Hubs and I are very fortunate in that our two youngest daughters chose the College of Charleston because it only takes us 15 minutes from our house to theirs and, because it gives us oppotunities to attend any special events they may be involved in.  Like the Wind Ensemble concert or this afternoon's event.  Hubs took off work early, we picked up Birdie at their house and went to DoodleBug's African Dance performance.  I swear I don't remember any of my college classes--undergrad OR grad--being as much fun as the African Dance class that DoodleBug took this semester.  Their end of semester performance was GREAT!  So, without further ado, here they are:

That's our DoodleBug in the center.  Her BoyToy on the left.

A group of young ladies whose parents are in transition also.

DoodleBug after colliding with another dancer.

Students are usually happier about the transition years than their parents.

My Doodle My Bug

If I tried that I would bust my youknowwhat!

Hi Mom, Dad!

Wait, did she just collide with another dancer?

That move looks more like the twist than African dance.

All of the kids did a fantastic job!

I was proud of them whether they were mine or not.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all.. audience and dancers. :-)

  2. Everyone did have a great time. I don't know if the students had fun because they love the dancing, had an enthusiastic audience or it was the very last day of classes! LOL

  3. That really looked cool. I don't think they have dance like that in Mike's welding classes and I'm pretty sure Mike would die if he had to dance at all.
    Thank you for sharing, it really was cool looking.
    Take care and have a blessed night sleep.

  4. We were only able to make a few of our kids' extracurricular activities cuz we live 2 hours away from the college they all attended. But when we went, we got to see all 3 at once. Yes, we had 3 in college 1 year-the financial aid office knew my DH by first name! lol Yes, those years of transition helped us get used to not having them around, but it was like a brick in the face/gut/HEART to us when they chose to stay there after graduation. Do your daughters come home now for Christmas break?

  5. That looks like so much fun. I don't remember any of my college classes producing that many smiles.

  6. This would have been great on YouTube! Especially Doodlebug colliding :) I kept wanting to join in it looked so much fun.
    I see you visited my page and left me a fab comment. Please send my love to your Mum. She's a gem. If ever I get published I'll send her and you a free copy signed of course. :) Thank you dear friend.

  7. Wish I could still move like that without hurting myself. :)

  8. Now that looks like a great time! Oh to be young and limber again..was I ever that limber..probably not! We empty nesters need to unite and take a class like that. Now, that would be a HOOT!
    Afterwards I would need ibuprofen and icy hot!

  9. Shawn, I'm not sure they carry enough insurance! LOL

    Carol, it's NOT IF you get published, it's WHEN! Stay positive!

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I have gotten addicted to them! You all give me that boost and encouragement every day. It's such a blessing getting to know all of you!

  10. Isn't dancing great? I love to see all of those different sizes enjoying the freedom of movement which so many people take foregranted.


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