Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Word Bird Wednesday

Word Bird Wednesday is a great HOP where you can find the most amazing pictures of birds from all over the world!  Whether you like to bird watch, photograph birds, or simply enjoy observing them in you own backyard, HOP over to The Pine River Review and check out the photographs.

These are some of my favorite photos that I have taken of the Great Blue Herons that hang out where I walk Tucker every day.  They are one of my favorite birds.     

I honestly had no idea that they even could perch in trees.

This is one of the first pictures I ever took of a Blue Heron.  I love to watch them fly.

This one found his breakfast and took it to the other side of the pond...

Where he stood for a moment and then...

Down the hatch!

This one was out there on Saturday morning...in the cold.

He moved to the sunshine.


  1. All great photos but I especially like the first one against the blue sky.

  2. Blue herons are beautiful birds. We have them around here, too. We see them near ponds, like yours. They must be carnivores if they eat fish, right?
    When we'd been in the empty nest for about 5 years, our marriage hit a bad low spot. We got some counseling and that helped a lot. But, coincidentally, our son was getting married a few months later. So we decided to take ballroom dance lessons in order to be able to dance at his wedding. Well! It was magic for our relationship! Not only did we have a new interest in common, but it was like a mini vacation 2 nights a week and counseling all in one. He learned to lead and I (finally, according to him)learned to follow. We kept it up for 2 years and then had to quit due to finances. All that to say, our marriage needed a spark at 27 years into it. Do you guys have a common interest? blessings, k ps. like you described a few posts ago, driving together is still difficult. :o)

  3. Mick, that's one of my favorites!

    Karen, we have spent the year rediscovering one another. We are really just beginning to enjoy each other--Hubs' mother suffered with breast cancer most of the year before passing away in June. It was very hard on all of us but, especially Hubs. Now, we are doing things together even if it's just going to the grocery store. We had our first trip with just the two of us over Thanksgiving (the girls joined us later, we left early) and found that we did enjoy singing along with the radio and talking. We never really got to talk when the girls were growing up! LOL So glad y'all found the spark you needed. I'm going to remember this should we hit that point...you never know!

  4. They are beautiful and the ones in flight are awesome!

  5. Fours beautiful daughters - can't think of anything better. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  6. That's quit a mouth full..
    Excellent series!

  7. Wonderful heron shots! Such great action.

  8. These Heron shots are to die for, once in a life time captures! I don't know if your Herons are as skittish as the ones around here but I am thoroughly impressed that you managed these. I agree, watching a Blue heron making its living is a beautiful aesthetic moment. Now, as for your daughters dancing, well, that comes under the category of kids having fun!
    Also , I never heard a meme called a HOP before. I like that! ;-)WBW

  9. Aren't birds just the most fascinating, gorgeous, and interesting creatures! Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. :-)

  10. Springman, the herons are rather skittish, but that guy was not going anywhere until he consumed that fish! He flew to the other side of the pond because he heard us. Usually, if I'm very, very careful and quite, I can sneak up on them. Mostly, they fly away though.

    I guess I just call it a hop because that's what other bloggers call some of them. Now it's habit! LOL I am very much enjoying WBW! Some of the photos are simply stunning! What fun! And, it's motivational--makes me get out there and try harder! What a great idea, so glad you thought of it!

  11. Oh these photos are just fantastic. I love these birds. They are so graceful and slender (sadly unlike me). Seriously, it was wonderful to look at these today. Thank you.

  12. These are truly beautiful! Great work.

  13. A great series. I especially like the shots of him with breakfast/lunch. Great captures.

  14. Really nice photos of the heron! They are so elegant, but still so clumsy. Really fascinating, when they are standing there with the head down below their wingtips they remind me of Count Dracula :)

  15. OMG! You really got some outstanding captures of the GB Heron! I am very impressed!!!

  16. Excellent post and images of the consummate fisherman. I'm always amazed at their powers of concentration as they stand still for ages waiting for the right moment to strike for prey.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    Cheers Frank (FAB).


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