Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decoration Weekend

One fourth of our attic safe guards our Christmas decorations ten and one half months of the year.  Getting all those decorations down is a chore but one that is worth it once the decorating is complete.  This year, we thought saving Hubs the time and effort (and his back) would be a good early Christmas gift for him.  So, Birdie came over early on Saturday morning and, after we took the dogs for a walk, she went into the abysmal that is our attic and handed down all the boxes housing our cherished Christmas treasures.  

Later in the day, DoodleBug and company arrived for decorating duty.  And a free, home cooked meal-- every college student's dream.  They worked on decorating the trees, ate, and decorated some more before they had to head back downtown to the library for a study session...exam week is upon them.

Birdie was back over on Sunday to set up our Christmas village.  Which took all day because we have FIFTY OF THOSE PIECES.  My mother started giving them to me and just never stopped!  And we have a little house.  But we get them up.  Every year.

As of today, the house is almost complete and looks rather cozy in a Christmasy sort of way.  Hubs has his job left to complete--the outside lights-- and I have to tweak a few things inside (I haven't put up any of the nativities yet nor have I written the Christmas newsy letter) and then--LET THE HOLIDAY BAKING BEGIN!  Wait!  Who's gonna lick the bowl????

The day started when Birdie brought Strider and Charlie over for a walk, after which we had breakfast...

and that's when Charlie showed me how he prefers Birdie's toes.

Next, we got the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic.

We got one tree up and Charlie was over it.

So, he took a nap.

We put a Santa on top of this tree. 

DoodleBug and Birdie putting on some finishing touches.

DoodleBug, BoyToy and roomie

What the kitchen looked like after feeding college kids.

Tree number 1 with Santa on top.

Tree number 2 with an angel on top.

This is the ornament that Santa left as an early gift for DoodleBug in 1998.  She keeps it in the same place, in the same box that it arrived in during the year and only she takes it out and places it on the tree.

Village pieces...

More village pieces...

Surprise! More village pieces...

OMG..STILL more village pieces...
One of my favorite pieces.

Another of my faves!

Hutch in dining area.

Santa cabinet.
So, how's your decorating going?  The shopping?  Do you still have all your hair left?  Well, hang in there---we've got 16 more days!


  1. Your house looks very festive. How nice to have such great helpers!

  2. well I must say that I tip my hat to you. I think you take the prize for the most nicely decorated interior. What alot of work each year though I can see that you love it. So nice to have the girlies come over and help. The boy toy looks quite acceptable and has the right attitude! I like a boyfriend that jumps in and partakes of the family ritual with a willing heart. I have 4 children with one boy and 3 girls. My youngest daughter is a sophmore in college. Keep on collecting those village pieces they look lovely.

  3. Oh my goodness you have a TON of decorations!! I don't have even half of what you have and I don't bring them all out!

    It looks wonderful though! Everyone did a great job!!

    Thanks for checking in on me! Maybe I should come lick the bowl..that would surely make me feel better!! :)


  4. OMG! We must be Chrismas decorating soulmates! I love it, too. Your decorations are very nice--I love villages. I have two different sets, (a regular one, and a gingerbread one) but didn't put either one out this year. I decided to save that for January. I usually set mine up on hubby's pool table. LOL It fills up the entire table.

    You are right about the summers being brutal in Charleston. Those poor horses pulling those carriages. I feel bad for the ones in Helen, during the summer, too.

  5. Your decorations look so long did it take you, the girls and toy boy to put the two trees up? Looks great and I love all the Village pieces!

  6. It all looks so beautiful. Love your houses. I know it takes a lot of time but it is always worth it.

  7. mmm, my attic is the same, and I went there last night and got the decorations down, and got my tree, but it only has lights on so far.
    Tonight, Christmas music goes on, a glass of wine will be poured and i'll get to work!
    Your Village is stunning, just beautiful.

  8. I can see why this is a weekend event! Love all the boxes of decorations. I know it's a lot of work, but still so much fun at the same time. I like to keep our Christmas decorations up through January. It just helps focus on something other than how cold it is. Love all your lights and your doggie photos too! Now sit back and enjoy your lovely decorations!

  9. Oh wow! What a marathon but well worth it. Nice to see Charlie was worn out with all the effort he made.
    Your village, by the way, is absolutely beautiful.

  10. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Truly beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you for stopping by. Take care and God Bless!!!

  11. Wow, it all looks so beautiful, and I can just imagine that warm and cozy Christmas feeling. I just started today and only got the kitchen done. I helped hubby with the outside lights over the weekend and I'm running a bit behind. At least the grandkids gifts went out on Monday and arrived safely in TX yesterday :-) We also put up two trees, our Angel Tree that honors my sister who passed away twelve years ago. We put all of our gifts for the Crisis Nursery under it. Then there's the Family Tree, it contains all of the ornaments we've collected, or received as gifts over the years; our history, if you will. I too, have been gifted with "A Village." It goes under the Angel Tree, partially because it's only place I have, and partially because I like the message "It takes a village to raise a child." :-) Love reading your blog and your journey into the empty nest. ~ Blessings, Janet

  12. Oh I love your decorations but mostly those Village houses. I have Dicken's Village pieces that my dad had, some we bought for him, and when he passed away, my brother and I split the collection. I love them so much! I'll have to take some pics of the ones I have. I don't have that beautiful blue house though, it's gorgeous!! I'm almost done too, just some final touches this weekend and then the tree.

  13. Wow! You have some awesome decorations!

  14. Wow! I'm tired just looking at all your decorating fabulousness. It's really lovely. I did get my tree up, Grandad put the lights up outside, but that's all I've got so far. I'm planning to get a little more out, but I'm not getting it all out this year. Honestly, the thought of having to pack it all away and get back to Houston for Grandad's next appointment with his electro-physiologist in the first week of January is just too exhausting to even think about.


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