Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Becoming Unhinged

I believe that everyone has something that causes them to become unhinged.  Sometimes it's something that unhinges us every time it happens.  Other times, the unhinging comes with the proverbial 'breaking of the camel's back.'  I have experienced times of stunned unhingement---this occurs when I cannot fathom the level of stupidity exhibited by the cause of the unhingement. 

My unhinged fuse is much longer now than it used to be.  Mostly because I don't waste my time or energy on idiocy--which is quite prevalent in our neck of the woods. 

Of course, there are times when my behavior makes others consider the level of my unhingement--is she merely upset or has her mind become completely unhinged? 

When I get angry, I tend to talk under my breath and I don’t care where I am- in private or public.  So, sometimes, people look at me like I’ve come unhinged.  I’m sure they’re thinking, “Look at the crazy lady talking out loud to herself.”  Yeah, well, if they would bother listening carefully, they would discover that I am ranting about their stupidity NOT coming unhinged. 

Sometimes, I don’t pay attention and hit the wrong thing on my phone and send a mass text message out that was intended for only one person and the other receivers (the lovelies) think I’m coming unhinged.

When I hear things wrong and comment on them, people don’t think, “Oh, she just didn’t hear correctly.”  They think I’m coming unhinged--I can tell because the look on their faces says it all---"Poor thing!  She's become unhinged!"

Whenever we get a really bad storm, I go outside with my camera and the neighbors think that I’ve come unhinged.  The same thing happens when it’s just raining and I don’t run for cover like everyone else in the universe.  I like rain.

There are times when I have a mood issue and Hubs wonders if, just maybe, I’ve finally come unhinged. 

I might seem somewhat unhinged when:
  • someone puts the green tea pitcher back in the fridge with less than ¼ of a glass of tea left in it.  Seriously, don’t leave that amount in there, drink it.
  • someone takes the last cold water bottle out of the fridge and does not restock---really? 
  • someone comes in the house after working at the docks all day long and sits on my white rug telling me that his clothes aren’t dirty'
  • someone tells me they will do something and then they don’t...seriously, just say 'maybe' or 'I'll try' or 'no' but DON'T tell me yes and then just not do it.  
  • someone accuses me of something I did NOT do...honestly, I don’t have a problem admitting it when I have erred so don’t even try falsely accusing me.
  • having a conversation with a ‘Yes, but’ person...how futile is this?!
  • someone calls me on the phone and sits there with those annoyingashell pauses wherein they have nothing to say but sit there breathing into the phone...I hate that.
  • someone else drives on the road...because around here, people cannot drive.
  • someone possesses the arrogance trait...I want to smack the crap out of them.
  • an adult is a cry-baby...really?  Grow up and find a solution.  Geez. 
  • someone speaks for me...I have a mind and a voice and I'm quite capable and able to use both on my own behalf.
  • someone tries to give me unsolicited advice...otherwise known as someone trying to tell me what to do--Huge mistake.  HUGE.
  • someone verbally shows their stupidity about topics such as politics and religion...seriously, they're mostly spouting intolerance and narrow mindedness...just shut up.
Yes, it's true.  I become unhinged at many things.  But the list is much shorter than it used to be, so there has been improvement!  Besides, there are those who might say I'm passionate about life instead of unhinged.  Somewhere out there.  Hello?



  1. I will be the first to say, you are passionate about life.

    The cleansing feel of a new rain shower, the regal beauty of a storm, those, too, draw me outside.

    Broken promises and know-it-alls seem to be items we have in common...that, and all the other things on your list.

    So, lover of life, know you are not alone.

  2. Hello dear Twin - I am back on the blogging ciruit at last.
    Hee hee -the more you write about such matters -the more I think we are alike. By the way, well done on all your exercise efforts.
    I guess I'm pretty calm these days comapred to days of yore when I was young and sparky....still hate most of those things you mentioned though.

  3. Oh, that unsolicited advice! I so hate that. Also unasked-for help. Just makes me nuts. Sort of like unhinged, I think.

  4. Oh gosh...I fit everyone of those examples..I am definitely unhinged but I assure you I am playing with a full deck including the 2 jokers :-0

  5. Hello Self-Denial Woman - y'know divorce removes a hell of a lot of that sort of aggravation :O)


  6. Gail- Thanks! Even when commenting your words are so poetic. And I'm quite glad to know that I am not alone in this!

    TWIN! So glad you're back! I'm hoping to get into your book this week! I'm so excited to see what Amanda is going to be up to!

    Stephanie- It's quite annoying, isn't it? Makes me want to smack someone. LOL

    Jeff- I completely believe the two jokers part. LOL

    Jane-So I've heard! LOL

  7. I especially like the one about being accused of something you didn't do - that's one that never fails to get to me.

  8. Love your list!!! I think I need to start one - seems like it would help to write it down. Then you can go back periodically and see if the same things send you over the edge. A good way to find out if maturing or becoming irrational (you know - the irrational get her one of those funny white jackets kind of irrational).

    I'm looking for a biiiiiggg notebook as we speak :-D

  9. Bloody hell Gal, I related to EVERY SINGLE ONE of your pet hates! Especially the one where someone says they will do something and then they don't. Why do they say they will do it in the first place? It drives me bonkers. You are not unhinged, you are frustrated by other's inefficiency! ;-)

  10. Well, I can say I have experienced all of them. But aren't you glad your list is shorter? Just reading through your list I think of things that happened recently and Wow, I am glad it isn't me alone. Things just happen don't they?

  11. I find I'm getting less patient as I get older, I just don't have the energy, just do it because I told you to.

  12. Well, I am passionate about life too LOL and I honestly understand becoming unhinged!!!

  13. This took courage! I don't want to write my list down for fear the things on it will look trivial in print. I'll just keep them in my head where they can hold the importance I give them!

  14. Kara- That one really sends me over the edge!

    Donna- LOL Yes, yes! A really big one!

    Betty- Right?! Why bother calling just to breathe in the dang phone? LOL

    Annie- Excellently worded! And there's certainly a lot of that inefficiency going around these days. LOL

    Farm girl-They certainly do! I'm glad I'm not alone too!

    Mrs. Tuna-Oh yeah girl! Because I said so! LOL

    Lucy-Seems to be more of us passionate folks out there than I thought! LOL

    Beverly-LOL Good point! Wish I had thought of that.

  15. Love your list...I can relate to several, but have quite a few of more of my own. Inm fact, I think there are times when I've lost any semblance of being hinged at all :)

  16. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities and I so enjoyed this post. It sounds strangely familiar in many ways, I think we learn to be more patient and laid back about life, the longer we are here :)


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