Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Wednesday HOPS!

If you're stopping by for the weight loss portion of today's post, just scroll down.  If you're here for Wednesday Hodge Podge, it's the first HOP today.  If you're here for BOTH, just start reading and keep on to the end!

Very few pix today...Blogger is being a pain in the rear.

FIRST is WEDNESDAY HODGE PODGE from Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.  This one is a great way to get to know some wonderful new bloggy friends and learn more about some old ones...not that I'm calling anyone OLD, mind you.   

1. What makes you stand to your feet and cheer?  FOOTBALL BABY!!!  That's right- FOOTBALL!  AND it's only a couple of weeks over one month before preseason starts!!! 

2. What's your favorite patriotic song?  I am somewhat unconventional in this area.

I like this one (and not just because I totally dig John Mellencamp):

And, of course, this one:

3. Do you believe that opposites attract? If you have a significant other are you opposites?  I believe that opposites attract in some cases and in others, not so much.  It all depends on what each individual is looking for in a significant other.  I've known opposites who have made it and opposites who have not.  Same with similar characteristics.  My significant other and I couldn't be more opposite if we tried.  And it has become increasingly annoying through the years.

4. You're going to get a behind the scenes look someplace...where would you like that someplace to be?  I think I would like to go behind the scenes on an organic farm- although I doubt very seriously that I could keep up with the farm life!

I do good just to keep up with our little organic garden!

5. How far would you have to travel to ride a carousel (merry-go-round)? Three hours---to Carowinds. Wait.  Do they even have a carousel? 

6. When was the last time you saw fireworks? What was the occasion? Do you enjoy fireworks? I think it was July 4 of last year.  I can take 'em or leave 'em.

7. Of all the 'beauty products' you own, what item do you consider to be the most overpriced?  Beauty products?  I don't think I own any beauty products to be honest.  I use sunscreen every day, does that count?  I don't wear make-up and I don't use perfumes or smelly lotions. My shampoo isn't that expensive.  I do make use of Miss Clairol to cover this gray that seems to be creeping in and messing with my hair color.  I am allergic to most beauty products and I am convinced that it's a racket.  Besides, down here in the low-country, why bother putting on make-up just to sweat it all off?

8. Insert your own random thought here.  We had such a great weekend with the lovelies and their boytoys.  You can see pictures that feature the highlights here if you'd like.  Every time they come home we have so much fun but the time is just way too short!  I really love having a close knit family like ours! 
The SECOND HOP is from Patrice, at Everyday Ruralty, who hosts Wednesday Words of Weight Loss every Wednesday!  It's a fun HOP that offers encouragement and company on the issue of weight.  It's never too late to join!  Come on, this is your week to join in the FUN!  


1. What are you doing to go "green"?  We have a completely organic garden; we use drip irrigation and rain barrels to water the garden; Hubs make fuel for our vehicles from used veggie and used soy oil.  Our ultimate goal is to go off the grid---we'll see how that goes.  We also recycle and try to use found objects for projects as opposed to buying new.

That's Hubs and Tucker working hard on the garden last year. 

2. If you could try a sport you've never tried before, what would it be?  I've tried all that I'm interested in over the course of these long years--basketball, tennis (although why I do not know because I hate tennis), softball (same as tennis on this one),swimming...Even football!  I used to play with the boys all the time while I was growing up.  But I love watching way more than playing!

3. What's your favorite vegetable and how do you like to prepare it?  Squash, squash and more SQUASH!  I absolutely adore me some squash!  All kinds of squash too!  And how I prepare it depends on which kind of squash it is.  Summer squash and zucchini I love to stir fry with onions.  I also use zucchini in my turkey burgers.  The winter squash recipes depend on my mood of the day! 

4. Do you enjoy thrift shops, consignment shops, or antique stores?  Antique stores = yes.  I love to look at all those beautiful antiques that I can't afford.

5. Who's the most positive person you know?  The most positive person I know in real life is my brother Tony.  He always tries to look on the bright side of life (now that song is going to be running through my head all morning...thanks Monty Python). 

This is Tony when he was much, much younger. Like a whole bunch younger.
That's him the blue jacket.  I love my brother! He's just the best EVER!


  1. I agree about the beauty products! I have a few and use some,but not so much.
    My husband is annoying also...he never does anything right ;)
    It is so wonderful to have a close family! What a huge blessing

  2. I think fall is my favorite season up here and college football plays a part in that.

    Husbands grow more annoying...tis true. I suppose they would say the same about wives : )

  3. Love John Mellencamp too!

    A happy post! Your brother looks like a positive person! Glad you had a good time with the kiddos.

  4. Now that we're finally getting into making the products for our new site, we're really into the green movement.

    Everything we're making started out as something else first. We're taking things that would've been discarded and reinventing them.

  5. Cindy-I think it's a man thing...maybe they just aren't able to get it right. LOL

    Joyce-Well, if they say it, they better say it quietly. LOL

    Betty-He's so great! I love to listen to him and look at him!

    Michele-I love that! It's just crazy to keep making things when we can use what's already here! And that includes houses and cars!

  6. Everybody needs a positive sibling! On HodgePodge #4- if you ever want to visit our operation, you're welcome. We aren't certified organic, but that's the way we grow. We have about 6 acres in production. We raise grass-fed beef cattle, pigs on pasture, and chicken and eggs that are bio-incredible(Can't claim organic, but that's the way we farm).
    Fortunately we have two super employees. I just finished washing and packaging eggs from our 500 hens!

  7. LOVE football! Have been known to make a fool of myself at games.

    Born in the USA! Love it!

    The tomatoes are gorgeous! Yum!

    I totally agree about beauty products!!

    Fun pics of your family. They look like they're having a great time.

    Happy 4th!

  8. YOur brother looks like a happy go lucky guy. I agree, it´s great to have a close knit family. Yours is lovely.
    I love your answer to Nr. 3. Even though opposites can make life interesting, it is super annoying sometimes. :)

  9. Patrice-I'd love to come visit your farm! And then y'all could laugh while you run circles around me! LOL 500 hens?! How long did that take you?

    Angie- Wow! Another football fan! Awesome!!! We are certainly enjoying the tomatoes this year- lots of salads! Thanks!

    Betty- He really is! He just likes to be happy and for everyone else to be happy too and will go out of his way to make sure we are!

  10. I LOVE!!! Love the pictures Pam. Each time I come and read I get to know just a litte bit more about you and just how awesome a person you are. It's so much fun reading.
    Take care ane enjoy your afternoon. Blessings my friend.

  11. Cathy-Yeah, around here it really does sweat off!

    Julie- Thank you so much! You are way too kind- but I appreciate it!

  12. I always want to throw something when the hairdresser starts talking about 'product'. Which, BTW, is always highly overpriced!

    Good for you (well, Hubs) on the bio-fuel...that must be a lot of work.

  13. I'm with you on wearing just rolls off along with the sweat--and I do hate to sweat!

  14. Stephanie- Oh yeah, their products are really expensive! Bio-fuel is a lot of work, but worth it.

    kathy-Me too!

  15. Make-up...well...I mean...

    Take Covergirl for instance; have you ever thought about it? For some this could not be a more perfect product name and description. Am I right?

    "Girl you gonna have to cover that up. Put some more over that pimple there um hmmm. Hide that one too. For real girl, can you not put down the chocolate? Have mercy. Um-hmm, I think you finally got it all covered girl."

    It can be worth it.

  16. That is really nice that you and your brother are close! Family is very very important! I have a friend that use to own an antique store. OMG can you imagine going to visit her. I always had to take a look at her shop.

  17. ....and Tony looks so very happy. In both photos, but more so now that he's aged....ageless!!

    Love your organic tomatoes. Yum. As for sports, you know me and baseball--the only football I really, REALLY enjoy is long gone with John Elway and the winning Broncos of yesteryear. Gotta love my Colorado teams.

    I too don't wear perfumes for the same reason...they make me nauseous. And make up, I do apply mascara only to be able to see lashes. LOLOL And my favorite patriotic song that gets me in the ol' heart strings is God Bless the USA!!

    What a wonderful post. As always. You know I enjoy reading your blog entries.

    My Thursday Post Link: The GAMBLER

  18. PS....dagnabbit!! I forgot the photo of Tucker. What an adorable creature....he's a highlight I'm sure.

  19. Kipp-You should write greeting cards...or commercials. At least we'd watch them to get a good laugh!

    Denise-My brother is awesome! I'm so grateful for him! I would hate it if my BFF had an antique store because I would be so jealous! LOL

    Anni-Your comments are as delightful as your blog posts! I do wear, occasionally, the blue mascara that I won from Carol (Facing 50 with Humour) because they say it make one look younger--it's cheaper than surgery. LOL Tuck is def a highlight of every day! Our youngest daughter and my brother are baseball fans just like you!

  20. I love the picture of Hubs and Tucker toiling hard - bet Tucker took part in digging up all that lovely rich soil/compost.

    So glad to hear your weekend celebrations were such a success (but I'd not have imagined things would have been any different, anyway, as you are a natural when it comes to hosting happy get-togethers!)...super pictures of your lovelies and Dad, brother et al :)

  21. Love the pics and always enjoy your Wednesday posts. Just FYI, because you inspired me, I bought a little notebook and am starting to write down everything I eat and count my calories. I know that most of my calories consumed are from mixed nuts, but at least I'm counting them now. :-)

  22. Thanks for the John Mellencamp song-I'd never heard it. But I sure do love me some "Hurts So Good"! Tell hubs he rocks the gardening hat.


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