Monday, June 27, 2011

Slimmer this Summer Challenge: Week 3

It's time for the Slimmer this Summer update/check-in/fess up post for week number 3.

 Word of warning:  I got a bit wordy (Ok, wordier than usual) today!

I was able to stay true to my goals for the challenge again this week! Holy COW that's a miracle!  Once again, the days went by just fine without a hitch.  No time spent thinking about eating something or sneaking a snack!  Maybe this really does mean I'm finally over using the food for anything other than it's purpose! 

Water intake stayed the same-- I was able to drink 64 oz of water each and every day followed by another 16-24 oz of my beloved iced green tea made with spring water, Splenda, and lemon juice.

Exercise: I walked every day again BUT because our heat index was 105-115 every day, I only got in 12.5 miles this week.  Tucker just can't tolerate that humidity and tends to sit down and refuse to move when the heat index is like this EVEN THOUGH we start out very early in the mornings.  No worries though- I compensated in the afternoons with Zumba, Pilates, and Just Dance for Wii!   

Calories: Once again, I have not had trouble with keeping the calories down. I am still giving credit for this to 1-; b- Debbi's delicious recipes; 3-my own sheer determination; and d-the challenge.

The lovelies and their boytoys were home this weekend along with my dad and step-mom (you can see some pictures on yesterday's post).  I planned accordingly and had some great low-calorie dishes prepared.  Even with everything that was going on and the two containers of Bryers Ice cream and the huge cookie cake that the kids brought into the house---I DID NOT GO OFF MY PLAN ONE SINGLE TIME!   That's right!  I stuck completely to my plan and did NOT venture off at all!  I wasn't even tempted!  WHAT?!

Oh WAIT--Friday night I DID eat AFTER 8:00 pm.  BUT it was because we didn't eat supper until 8:30 and I had nothing after supper at all nor did I snack before.  So I do NOT consider this a cheat- it was supper.  I just wanted y'all to know that I did eat after 8:00 since one of my goals is no eating after 8:00.  That was too wordy, wasn't it?  

Here's the breakdown for week two:
  • Monday:1126
  • Tuesday:1277
  • Wednesday:1360
  • Thursday:1347
  • Friday:1370
  • Saturday: 1121
  • Sunday:1179
  • Total calories for the week: 8779
Discoveries?  YES.
  1. This weekend was not difficult at all which tells me that, so far, I'm determined to to make this a permanent life-style change. 
  2. I usually eat about an hour or so after walking in the mornings.  Yesterday, it was so humid that I just wasn't hungry.  However, my dad had cooked two pieces of turkey bacon for me when I returned so I went ahead and ate them--but nothing else.  My discovery is that IF I DON'T eat the calories I'm accustomed to for breakfast (a two-egg-white omelet with a smidge of Cabot's extra sharp cheddar and two pieces of turkey bacon), I get hungry too quickly for lunch.  
  3. This is not really a discovery as I already knew it---it's more of a reminder:  I shouldn't let myself get hungry because then I've waited too long and, in the past, would overeat to compensate.  I did discover yesterday that I can control that overeating tendency.  Hey!  That's a discovery after all! (and too wordy).
Goal changes? None this week--although I'm not sure what to do about the walking----I'm not going to be able to keep the desired mileage with this heat because Tucker just can't do it---SO, I'm considering changing my walking goals to walking as much as can be tolerated (usually two miles) and adding Zumba, etc. five days/week.  I know most people would just leave the dog at home and go walk, but I just can't do that to Tuck!  He loves it too much.  And I'm not one to go back out after bringing him home.  Heck, I even take bottled water on our walks and stop every so often to let him drink it out of my hand.  He's spoiled.  And I know it.  (Geez, with the wordiness already...).

On a related note, I'm so very much hoping to be able to walk/run (at least) a 5K by Thanksgiving!  Ambitious?  Maybe.  But one just never knows what one can do when determination is present!

Here are the numbers for week 1:

Weight loss:  -2 lbs (Total for 3 weeks: 17 pounds gone forever!)
Inches: -3 total (chest:= -.5; hips = -1; waist = -1.5; neck = -0)  Total for 3 weeks:-13 inches off forever!

 While this has worked out great for me so far, I still find myself waiting on the proverbial 'other shoe to drop' almost daily.  I'm extremely grateful that it hasn't but I have no idea what the future holds.  All any of us can do is take this thing one hot summer day at a time. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. I have done my deal for weight loss...I shaved!

  2. I love your little pictures! They jazz up your blog!

  3. Gail-LOL You are a riot! LOL


  4. Good job on the calorie counts, those are some great numbers!

  5. Miss April- Thanks! Let's hope it keeps up!

  6. Great job! I know it is hard when you have company, but you stuck to your guns. Keep up the good work!


  7. Even when you are determined, a party can be a challenge. You sailed through this one. You can do anything!

    I applaud your efforts to make it a life change - and to understand what your body needs. That's the key to it all, IMHO. That 5K is definitely within reach. And it should be cooler by then, no?

  8. Love your persistence and attitude. Go for the 5K in November! You can do it!

  9. You are so good all the time. You persevere no matter where you are. I am so impressed/envious.

    Please give Tucker a big hug for me.

  10. Yeah for you. What a great feeling to be on the right track and experiencing success.

  11. That is awesome Pam. You are doing so great and 17 lbs....YEAH!!!
    Keep it up. You can do this for a life time, it does get easier and more managable as time goes. Slightly boring if you don't change things up a bit but I know that you'll rock along and do amazing.
    Take care and have another perfectly awesome week.
    P.S. I oh so love the pictures. Your beauties are beautiful!!!

  12. It's not a miracle that you stayed on plan, you put effort into it and you succeeded! Give yourself credit! You are rocking this, keep it up!

  13. Susan- Thank you!

    Stephanie-Thanks so much! I need all the encouragement I can get!

    Betty- Thanks! I'm gonna give it my best shot!

    Michele- I'm still hoping that this time is for keeps! Tucker sends love back!

    down-It is a great feeling...hoping the other shoe isn't going to drop.

    Julie- Thanks! I feel great about it and am trying to keep from thinking about all that's left to lose and just focus on the day I'm in.

    Debbi-Thank you! I will give myself credit! And your recipes!

  14. You are doing so amazingly well. I used to have such determination but lately it's evaporated. I think I need to get back on the notebook and counting my calories. Thanks for being an inspiration. Kudos for sticking with the plan even on the weekend. That is very tough to do!

  15. Great job!! Work up to the 5k slowly and youll be set!! Find a training program that works for you! Congrats! youre doing great!

  16. Judy-Counting the calories helps a lot! And the heat. And humidity. LOL

    deb-Thanks! I am going to look for a training program.

  17. Excellent Work! It's hot here, too, miserable for running outdoors. Thank goodness there's an elliptical and a treadmill at the office!

  18. Good for you! Keep it up. I was able to exercise 4 days last week and lost 5 lbs. But then the weekend hit and we had grandkids over, and as my mother would say "I haven't hit a lick at a snake" since--nor have I gotten on the scale. And we're going away for the weekend, so I don't hold out much hope for losing anything then. Guess I'll start again on Monday...

  19. You have really had a good week. How fantastic that you stayed within your calorie budget even with your girls (and their boytoys!!. love that expression BTW) home. Wahoo for you at 17 pounds gone!

  20. I am stress eating and blowing off yoga and now I'm hitting that ugly number on the scale that makes me gasp.

  21. That is so exciting!!! You are the incredible shrinking woman :)


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