Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshel!

It's been a crazy weekend and I have missed y'all terribly!  I will be spending time tomorrow trying to catch up with everyone!

And now, it's time for my week in a:

The week consisted of preparations for the arrival of the lovelies and their boytoys.  And my dad and step-mom too.  We were supposed to celebrate Birdie's acceptance into the grad program in Texas and Hubs' birthday.

HOWEVER, Birdie was waylaid at the summer soccer camps that she works and had to miss out on EVERYTHING!  Here's what happened for those of you who missed it:  Birdie works as a trainer for soccer camps in the summer and she was working one at Wofford this week.  They needed a female trainer at the camp at the University of West GA and she had to go---which means she stays there for two weeks.

UPDATE:  On her way to GA, the car overheated and she was stranded.  Luckily, a wonderful man from SC saw her and called AAA, told them he was Birdie's uncle and they towed her to the university for free!  This man is truly a saint as far as I'm concerned...and a hero!

Anyway, parts were found and overnighted, Birdie repaired the car (because Hubs has taught the lovelies a lot about cars and he sent pictures to her phone illustrating what needed to be done and she did it) and then headed back to Wofford this morning because, once again, they changed her location due to the fact that men are running the camps badly another female trainer showed up in GA.  The men running the camp mis-communicated the second female trainer's arrival (imagine that- men with communication issues).  

Over the weekend, we talked with Birdie but it wasn't the same as having her here with us.  Nevertheless, we did enjoy having everyone else home!

Here are the highlights:

Deanie and Nicholass (we love him!  There's a story behind the nickname)

BestSonInLawEVER grillin' up some grub!  Breezy in the background being herself.

Tucker lovin' on Breezy.

Ok, these get crazier as they go---from left to right:  Nicholass, Breezy, BestSonInLawEVER, Deanie, Birdie in absentia (in the picture), Evwardo (Birdie's boytoy) and DoodleBug.

Same order---gettin' a bit nuts...

As they continue to pass Birdie around, they get nuttier...

and nuttier....

and nuttier still!  

On Saturday, Nicholass and Deanie had to leave to attend a wedding nearby.

Maw-maw, Paw-paw, Deanie and Nicholass.  We hooked them up with some food for the ride.

Hubs got presents!

And, of course, we played FARKLE!

And had a great time!

It's always BIG FUN when the lovelies come home!

Tune in tomorrow for my Slimmer this Summer Challenge update for week three!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Remember to smile- it makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. You all look like you had a great time! Leave it to men! So Birdie went all that way, broke down and then had to come home and still missed her party. I know exactly what you are thinking!


  2. Looks like you had a great time :)

  3. I just love your family! You are always having a good time, family, food and drinks, games to play..what more could you ask for!

  4. Susan- She didn't get to come home, just closer to home. Trust me, if she had been able to come home and still miss the celebration, I'd be saying what we know I'd be thinking. LOL

    faithful-We did!

    Shawn-Thank you so much! We do have fun--just like your family!

  5. What a party!

    Looks like every one had a good time.

  6. I feel like I know your family, your girls are beautiful, I know I think I've said it already, but they really look like they truly enjoy each other's company. Hopefully Birdie won't miss the next gathering.
    I looooove Tucker!!

  7. Gail- It was great!

    Alessandra- Thank you so much! If you decide to come to the east coast after Hawaii, come on over! You can stay with us! Tucker sends puppy kisses!

  8. What a fun time :)

    I love it that Birdie repaired her own car via pics! HAha!

    We've never played farkle..I'll have to look that one up

  9. I love your pictures. I can tell how crazy everyone was being in the pics. I´m sure you had a hard time keeping the camera still, with so much laughing going on. :)

    Congrats on your weight loss (next post). You are going strong!

  10. Your family looks like fun : ) Glad you had most of the gang there!

  11. Cindy-It truly was fun! Farkle is great! And easy!

    Betty-Thank you! Yep, they're a crazy bunch...I don't know where they get it! LOL

    Joyce-They are a riot! Or a bunch of NUTS...LOL Thanks, we had a blast!

  12. Sure looks like everyone had a good time! Wow, Birdie can fix her own car...impressive :)

  13. Kathy- We really did! All the lovelies can work on their cars---out of necessity as Hubs never gets decent cars--LOL

  14. Okay, I think you need to write a post about Farkle...for those of us who are less fortunate and have never heard of the game! Looked fun!

  15. I missed this post. So pleased you gave us the link. What a super selection of super happy really do have a wonderfully happy family. That is quite an achievement!


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