Monday, June 13, 2011

Fessin' Up Day

It's time for the Slimmer this Summer update/check-in/fess up post.

 I did stay true to my goals for the challenge although, there may be one thing I will change. Most of the days went by just fine without a hitch. There were just a couple of days when I thought I might sneak a snack or two but I did not. I did take stock of my emotional state during those times and discovered stress and a rather high level of pissoffedness. So, no big surprise, stress and anger are triggers. The good news? I can avoid feeding those triggers.  At least I did this week. 

Water: I was able to drink 64 oz of water each and every day followed by another 16-24 oz of my beloved iced green tea made with spring water, Splenda, and lemon juice.

Exercise: I walked every day. On days that I ran (and by ran I mean jogged) it was a jog/walk for 2 miles.  On days that I walked only, it was for 3 miles. My total miles this week = 19 miles.  I am going to change my exercise goal here just a bit- IF my heel heals, I will run the one mile by the end of challenge. If it continues to be a major annoyance in my personal agenda, I will, instead of run one mile, be walking 5 miles.

I added some Pilates exercises to my daily routine. I am applying the KISS principle right now (KeepItSimpleStupid) so I don't tire of it and get bored. Let me just say that my abs hate me right now.  But that's a good thing. If they hate me enough, maybe they'll go away!

Calories: I have not had trouble with keeping the calories down. This is thanks to 1-; b- Debbi's delicious recipes; 3-my own sheer determination; and d-the challenge.
Here's the breakdown:
  • Monday: 1447
  • Tuesday: 1227
  • Wednesday: 1363
  • Thursday: 1406
  • Friday: 1197
  • Saturday: 1324
  • Sunday: 1127
  • Total calories for the week: 9090
Discoveries?  YES.
  1. Weekends are more difficult than weekdays. Which is strange since there's nothing different in my life between these days...????
  2. Not snacking after 8:00 pm has not been as big a problem as I thought. I attribute this to the challenge because, when the thought of a night snack comes into my head, I tell myself, "NO. This is NOT an option, you committed to a challenge." And it works.  So far.
  3. I do have the ability to avoid emotional eating triggers.
  4. So far, the challenge has made all the difference!
Changes? YES.
  1. I changed my breakfast eggs to EggBeaters and took the breakfast caloric intake from 220 to 140.
  2. I have to get out and walk by 6:00ish or it's too freaking HOT. But this has worked out quite nicely as I am enjoying the fact that nobody else is out there that early.
  3. A possible change in my exercise goal due to heel injury (this thing has been weird for years but, in the last few months has become a rather large issue--no, I have not been to a doctor because I hate doctors--I mean, I'm grateful they exist but they're not for me).  If I am unable to add the running, I will add one mile each month up to 5 miles/day so 3 miles/day in June; 4 miles/day in July; 5 miles/day in August. 
Here are the numbers for week 1:

Weight loss:  -4.5 lbs
Inches: -7.5 total (chest:= -1; hips = -3; waist = -2.5; neck = -1 [I don't know why uses neck measurements, but--whatever dude).

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! 


  1. You are doing great!! I am so impressed with your dedication!

  2. You've done a great job sticking to those goals! Wish I'd been as good. With company in the house for the weekend, I'm always way worse. Eating is such a social thing. I could be skinny if I lived alone (and lonely). :-(

  3. That is great! Having us in on it probably helps you stay on track...glad to be here for you :)

  4. Betty-Thanks! I made it through one week---now, let's see what happens during week 2.

    Betty- I certainly hope so! Thank you for your encouragement!

    Judy-Thanks! I don't know how long it's going to last. I totally agree with you- I'd be a lot thinner without people in the house too!

    Stephanie-Thanks! I think it does! I doubt I'd be doing as well without all of you most wonderful blog friends! I am blessed by 'knowing' each of you!

  5. This is wonderful progress!
    I (try) to exercise in the sauna that is SC in the summer, also, so I know how that is.
    Egg Beaters are great - have you ever looked at for recipes/ideas? Her "egg mugs" are really good.
    Best wishes for staying motivated - THAT'S the secret!

  6. it'sjustme- Thank you! The humidity tried to kill me today, that's for sure! I have not seen but I'm headed there NOW! Thanks for the tip!

  7. You are doing so well. You sound very determined, which is helpful in itself. Keep up the good work!


  8. I absolutely LOVE visiting're always entertaining, inspiriring and such a happy, fun, take me as you find me kind of a p[erson...just MY type :) This was a great post, as always!!! And WELL DONE TO YOU for your perseverance!!!! Great going!!!

    I am sitting in front of a fire...while you are steaming up in your own 'perspiration' :) How's Tucker coping with the humidity?

  9. That's wonderful! I admire anyone able to accomplish all of this.

  10. Well done you! Be careful with that heel tho.

  11. Susan-thank you! So far, so good. But it's only been one week. Fingers still crossed!

    Desiree- You are way to kind! But I love it! Thank you so much! Tucker had to take two breaks this morning during our walk so we stopped after two miles. We didn't go out until 7:00 but the humidity here will get you regardless of the time of day!

    Shirley-Thank you so much!

    Kelly- For week one anyway. LOL Thanks!

    Jane- I'm watching it carefully. Thank you!

  12. You're keeping your calorie intake below 2000!!! That's super! You go girl!! Just remember to consider the caloric intake with the serving size, and you'll be a winner...or should I say LOSER [as in weight loss]

    Wish you and I lived a heckuva lot closer, we could walk, jog, run...together!!

    Thanks for commenting on my kitty paw post today!! Hope your week ahead treats you well. So far, the comment issue on my little corner of the world is working right now, so I'm taking advantage of the situation. :o)

  13. Anni-I'm hoping to be a huge LOSER! LOL I would love it if we lived closer! Maybe when Birdie moves out to Texas and we get out there, we'll make a special effort head your way for dinner!

  14. Good for you! I give you so much credit. Do you walk the Ravenel Bridge?

  15. Keep it up! Very inspiring post! I just want to thank you for listing my blog on your Blog List! Since you have I have gotten 112 hits from your blog!

    You are the top referrer for my blog now! Thanks so much!!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. You Go Girl! That is amazing numbers for the first week..keep it up!

  17. Barb-Thank you! I walked it once just so I could say that I did it. But I am afraid of heights and it's pretty darn high up there! LOL

    lyndylou-Thank you!

    Mrs Claus-Thank you so much! And you're quite welcome!

    Shawn-Thank you! I'm trying !

  18. Would it be wrong to say I fell on a frozen chicken pot pie with 1057 calories which I inhaled because I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps. Um yes, I'm sure its wrong.

  19. you are doing really awesome! congrats!

    I gave you an award today on my blog. please accept it, i love your blog and the way you write!


  20. Mrs. Tuna- All I'm sayin' is: where did you find it and are there any more available? LOL

    melody-Thank you! I'll head over there!

  21. that is not a lot of calories. Make sure you are getting enough. Congratulations on the weight loss this week. But, don't forget that 1 to 2 pounds per week on average is a safe way to lose. Good luck and great job.

  22. I love the Livestrong Daily Plate. I think it's much better than Spark People.

    Good for you kiddo. You're an inspiration for sure.

  23. Wow, Pam, good for you working that challenge! So far, I am THINKING about adding running to my regime.

  24. You did awesome! Good for you! I think you missed linking this in to my site last weekend though (unless I missed it). Please link in your progress report this weekend so we can all see how you did! Keep it up!!


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