Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 'Yes' List

We seem to live in a world of lists anymore.  There's the ever popular bucket lists and the to-do lists (included here is the honey-do list).  There are wishlists, checklists, playlists, grocery lists, summer reading lists and Santa's list.  There are lists that rank our favorite things and let's not forget about the S*** list.

I was reading skirt! magazine last night (I seriously love this publication--it's all about women, has great articles and short stories AND it's perfect to cut up after reading when I scrapbook for the lovelies).  Their theme for June's issue is Yes!  And on the front they ask, "What's on your YES! List?"  Good question...

My YES! List:
  • YES!  I will walk for an hour every day (this one is kind of a cheat since I already do this--what can i say, I'm starting off easy).
  • YES!  I'll stop procrastinating and use my time wisely (please try not to hurt yourselves falling out of your chairs laughing at this one).
  • YES!  I'll get those two bedrooms painted THIS SUMMER (No, I really AM going to do this.  Really. I am.).
  • YES!  I'll look for the blessings in my everyday routine (I'm sure there are some around here somewhere).
  • YES!  I'll stop calling my life boring (and get off my fat behind to do things so that there's no reason to call my life boring).
  • YES!  I'll write some fiction everyday even if it's only one paragraph (and even if it's the worst piece of fiction EVER written).
  • YES!  I'll try to be more sensitive to the needs of others (I know. Stop laughing.).
  • YES!  I'll try to stop calling people stupid even if they are (Nah.  That's just not going to happen.  How about I'll stop calling people stupid in a voice loud enough for them to hear me calling them stupid?).
  • YES!  I'll re-cover those dining area chairs before all the foam padding falls out through the worn fabric that covers them now.   (Or else our butts will be sitting in holes).
  • YES! I'll answer my phone even if it's a long-winded person I really don't want to talk to calling. (Hahahahahahahaha!).
  • YES! I will not cry when Birdie heads off to Texas.  (If you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you!).
  • YES! I will say NO to gray hair. (That stuff looks fine on everyone but me).
  • YES! I will get my blender back from Birdie and DoodleBug. (College students aren't the only ones who enjoy a frozen beverage with Tequila or Rum in them).
  • YES!  I will stop my mind from wandering when someone else is talking.  (Even I am laughing at that one.)
  • YES!  I will clean up my language. (Just as soon as people stop pissing me off making me angry).
  • YES!  I will hold my tongue and lengthen my fuse.  (Hahahahahaha!)
Obviously, my YES! List needs work.  But it was fun trying make one! 

What's on your YES! List? 


  1. Now this list I can relate too. How about yes I will just say no more often so I won't feel so used. Or how about yes I will fold those stupid socks and underware when they are done in the dryer (nope, not going to happen but I have written it a few times, will that help?)
    Hope you have a great day today. God bless you my friend.

  2. Oh wow, I can identify with so many of these!! lol First off, I've always been a list maker until just recently. Maybe that's what's the matter with me. I need a list. Truly, I get so much more accomplished if I have a list. And I know, I know...your mind is already wandering, just reading this! I see your eyes glazing over. lol

  3. Julie- Oh that's a great one! I'll fold all the clothes when they get done in the dryer! Right. LOL

    Judy- My mother is a list maker and she will not rest until everything on the list is completed. I make lists and move things to the next day and the next and the next....and...wait, what? My mind must have wandered. LOL

  4. I know I will always have a few laughs when I stop by are a tonic :)

  5. Desiree- Thank you my sweet, encouraging friend!

    Betty- I had to get it in there some way! LOL

  6. I SO relate to your calling stupid people stupid in a loud voice - I do it all the time. My daughters always try to hush me, and then I tend to raise my voice even more and say 'but she IS!' :O))

  7. Oh I do love lists!! I particularly liked this one -- the yes list. Funny stuff! :)

  8. Your list made me laugh, but I think you should have put some things in there that were actually doable. Well more than THREE things that were actually doable. LOL.

  9. Jane- The lovelies try to get me to be quiet too---I don't listen. LOL

    Jessica- I like them too. I just never remember to take them with me when I need them.

    Robin- Are you saying that I'm not going to do these things? LOL It was a fun list!

  10. I'm a list girl.
    We share many of the same things on the Yes list.

    ~ Mona : )

  11. Oh I miss Skirt Magazine. That was a highlight when it would come out. Love your YES list too. And I love you too!!!! Thanks

  12. Yes you're being very honest.
    My YES, is yes I will work through my "to do" list.
    Love the idea of a "honey do" list!

  13. Mona- My mother is the ultimate lister! And she doesn't rest until everything is marked off!

    Barb- Don't they have one in Myrtle Beach? Thanks! I'm so glad!

    Mimi- The idea of a honey do list is all we have around here because 'honey' doesn't do anything that needs to be done. LOL

  14. I loved your yes list! Was that your fictional writing for the day?

    I am trying to work on saying no.

  15. Gail- Thanks! I haven't written it yet, but I'm going to! Really. I am. LOL

  16. This is your "Yes List" for June? Holy crow woman, there's good news and bad news: good news - you only have to hold your tongue for a few more days and you can continue to call people stupid after June 30th. The bad news is that you have a lot to get done! Get a move on! Don't you have some chairs that need recovering? :)

  17. Clean up your language? I laughed at this one cos really it is so damn satisfying to use the 'f' word!

    My yes list would definitely have to include: saying no more often, draw myself a map to the safe place I keep putting things in but then can never remember where the damn safe place is! and yes to more 'me' time :)

  18. Wow! Wow!
    We all can identify with so many of these!
    Always remember:
    All of us are always here to support you.

  19. Fuses? We have fuses? I think mine burned out long ago. Sorry....

    And the "Yes, I will not cry when Birdie leaves for Texas" can keep your bridge listed on the MLS "LIST"...'cause I'm not buying!!

    My post for today: Fact or decide.

    Thanks for the visit yesterday...your comments are always treasured!

  20. Now that's a list I can relate to! Especially the very qualified 'yes' entries. I mean, how can you not screen your calls? And stupid sometimes deserves to know. OK...always deserves.

    Good luck with this list.


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