Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lottery, Male Enhancement and Christian Singles in My Area

*Warning, this post may resemble some form of a rant. Maybe. Kind of. Ok, it is.

Technology can be a good thing for empty nesters. It does wonders for connecting us with those most precious to us- our children. Because, admit it now, we never stop being parents no matter how old our children are. We want to share in their day-to-day routines, their ups and downs, their accomplishments… their lives that they now live on their own. Their lives that we spent, in our case, over a quarter of a century preparing them to live.

When these precious babes of ours grow up and move away from home, technology steps in and shortens the distance just a bit. Through cell phones, email, facebook and Sype we can stay in constant touch with our babes and even see those lovely faces! And this is a good thing.

 But, as with many other things in this world, there are those who jump in the middle of our communication system and try to rip the joy right out of our pleasure.

They send out emails and attempt to contact us via Skype with promises of lottery wins or play on our sympathy and compassion for others by asking us to do them a huge favor.  

They arrive in my inbox announcing my bigger than life winnings of $500,000.00 from the UK or an alert of my being selected for a cash prize of $800,000.00 in British pounds or the ones from India promising me millions of dollars blahblahblah all I have to do is send them my full name, address, marital status, occupation, age, more blahblahblah

Right. And my middle name is I'mafreakingmoron

No, I'm not stupid enough to fall for any of this nonsense. But it is offensive. I have no appreciation for people who try to take advantage of others' ignorance. And there are ignorant people out there who do fall for this kind of thing because they don't believe that anyone would stoop to such low tactics in an effort to steal from others. 

When the idiots try to contact me via Skype, I go all kinds of crazy on them. Ok, I might get off on this a little, teensy bit. But, seriously, this kind of thing is ANNOYING as hell! 

Oh, and let's not forget the insurance scams, and the penis enlargement opportunities. Really? I don't even have a penis but, thanks so much for thinking of me. And then there are the ones that want to help me find a spouse by advertising singles in my area-and they must be legitimate since they claim to be offering Christian singles, right? Yeah. I've already got a spouse. He's the one of us that does have the penis. And the ones who want to give me a good deal on internet connections. Dumb asses. I already have internet service how else would I be able TO READ YOUR STUPID EMAIL? OH!OH! And the ones that send me a link thinking I truly am a totalfreakingmoron and will actually click on it?

And, of course, those anonymous comments on the blog that are filled with such meaningful sentiments like "I apologize that distracting, but I have some reason crookedly displayed in your browser.." Makes so much sense, doesn't it? AND the ones who are so taken by your bloggy brilliance that they invite you to just follow the link to see their pictures? Like I haven't already figured out what kind of photos those are going to be.

Are people really this desperate for money? Do they really think people are this stupid? Does it really not bother them that they try to take advantage of others? 

I find this invasion annoying. Intrusive. Meddlesome. Impertinent. Nosy. Pushy. Rude. Disrespectful. Offensive. Manipulative. Annoying...wait, I already mentioned that one.   
I feel much better. Thank you.

And now I'm off to email some of those singles to see if they are interested in insuring their enhanced penises. I'll need photographs, of course.

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  1. Spam can be so frustrating. Until, of course, you strike it rich with that African hottie who's emailing you. Then it's a blessing.

  2. I hear you on this one! I don't open anything anymore. I feel sorry for those just starting out with computers and the innocent people who will be drawn into the bad stuff.

  3. Hilarious!! I was just "listening" to a woman in the beauty shop complain about facebook drama and another said facebook was "evil".

    I'm with you! I got connected to stay connected with my family far away, but I can live without all the scammers.

  4. Debby- It's the older people that I worry about the most. There have been so many of them taken advantage of by these jerks. I don't open anything either!

    MC- Oh I can just imagine what was said in the beauty shop! I love to listen-especially when they are the 'blue haired' ladies! LOL

  5. I knew when I read your title, I was going to like this post! All so true! You made me laugh with your closing!!

  6. I hear ya on the spam. I especially hate the male enhancement ads!

  7. That's why I have a yahoo spam. Well, a tiny few gets through but it's shoved off in its own little box. So, I can easily ignore it.

    And I'm feeling really left out with those offensive comments - none of those either. That sound you hear is me knocking on wood.

  8. Shawn- Thanks! We've got to laugh--what else is there to do? LOL

    Darlene- I know! I wish they'd stay out of my inbox and comment section!

    Stephanie-My gmail acct is very good at diverting the spam but not my bellsouth one. EVERYTHING gets through that one! Those comments get into my spam section on blogger but I read them when I go to delete them because, sometimes, there's an actual anonymous comment in there.

  9. I wonder isn't there something better that those who bother sending this spam have to do? I mean REALLY???

  10. :o) You made me smile. Loving it. Take care Pam and have a blessed weekend.

  11. My husband & I run a computer repair business, and you would be surprised by just how many people get taken in by these scams. Just last week, I had to send an elderly woman down the street to the bank to notify them that she had given her credit card number to a scammer. It left her feeling vulnerable and foolish. Poor woman!

  12. Cindy- Good point! Too much idle time so they decide to invade our lives.

    Julie- Thanks! I'm about to hop over your way to check on how your leg is doing!

    Kara- Those are exactly the ones that I worry most about! The elderly don't seem to think that someone would actually scam others. So trusting and it's a darn shame that we can't trust anymore.

  13. Cracked me up! Thanks for the smiles :)

  14. This was funny, you're right though, people must sell our informaiton to who knows how many stinking websites. Oh well...

  15. Alessandra- Seriously, who does that? All the spy ware I guess. So annoying!

  16. I think the really pathetic thing is that there must be people who open up those spam messages, or nobody would send out spam in the first place. So what a sorry mess their lives must be. :-((

    Usually my filter has caught it, but occasionally one slips into my Inbox. And although I never open them, it is still extremely annoying!

  17. I don't know what the big fuss is all wife, Swanzineka, and I are very happy. Swanzineka says the enhancement products have worked well. We have recently refinanced our home for 0.00009% interest. We have reconnected with our friends from high school (well not Swanzineka). The wrinkle cream has worked wonders for her, wonder if it is the same stuff...oh...nevermind. ;)

    Yes you are correct - those things are annoying and obnoxious. Your rant is understood and accepted. :)

  18. Judy-I know. I think there are a lot of older folks who open them up to be honest. My filter catches most of it on my gmail account but the bellsouth one lets it through.

    Kipp- LOL You had me rolling laughing at this! Please give Swanzineka my best! LOL

  19. The ups and downs of technology, eh?
    I really don't understand the people who believe those scams though.

  20. Mimi-I think that some folks are just too trusting. Or maybe desperate.

  21. You absolutely crack me up! Just think that half that spam might be coming from a hut in some strange country that happens to have wireless! I'm still laughing...


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