Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

Yes. That's right. ANOTHER week has gone by. Not much this week around here. Although, Hubs and I did have a great weekend. I think we're finally learning how to have fun without the kids around.

Anyway, here's my week in a:

My beloved Panthers won their game last week against the Redskins! It was the very first game that Cam Newton was on target for 4 quarters of football. He's been playing well the first half and then going to his happy place (where that is I do not know but I do know that it's NOT the football game). Not last week! I think it might be because I decided to let Tucker wear his Panther jersey. He was all kinds of thrilled and delighted!

He could hardly contain his excitement.

When he realized we were winning, he almost had a stroke!

Suddenly, he noticed that the officials SUCKED.

And he told them, in no uncertain terms to STOP MAKING BS CALLS!
And he sat there just to make sure...
Football is exhausting!

I was in the kitchen this week- baking. I made Hubs some gluten free bread and the granola bars he loves so much...

These are SO tasty! I found the recipe at Give Love Create Happiness. My favorite thing about these is that you can easily add any goodies you want to them! AND the fact that I don't mind Hubs eating them because they are gluten free (when I make them) and sweetened with honey, not sugar!

I've been experimenting with gluten free bread mixes- I like this one best! It's Bob's Red Mill gluten free bread mix. You can use it for your bread machine if you have one. I don't, but it comes with instructions to make by hand.

I made the kids Minestrone and gluten free corn bread. And, for dessert, those homemade peanut butter cups they love so much (recipe comes from Divine Health). And then, last night, I made Hubs my yummy She-Crab Soup (which turned out better than ever and I think it's because I used coconut milk instead of evaporated milk) and Crab and Asparagus Little Quiches (also from Divine Health). Those little quiche are now on my Christmas brunch menu! Delicious! Sorry, no pictures. We we're afraid we would drool on the camera!

The morning walks have been quite nice. Except for the two mornings that someone turned the freaking heat up. NEWS FLASH: It's NO LONGER summer. Of course Tucker could care less as long as there are squirrels out there for him to tree.

I gave that little stinker a bath on Wednesday. On Thursday, he rolled in something that stunk to high heaven and I had to bathe him again. That was fun.

This is the path the goes around the ponds. The front pond is on the left.
Some of you may remember me mentioning the fact that I LOVE the color RED. I detest purple. But I love that purple on the pampus grass---it's so feathery and wispy. I looked it up and they say it's Pink Pampus Ornamental Grass. Whatever Dude. That is NOT pink. Tucker just wanted to get on with treeing the squirrels.

I was going to head over to Whole Foods and see what they have in the way of sugar free/gluten free/vegan type candy for Halloween but Deanie said, and I quote, "O Mom! Don't do that to the little trick-or-treaters!" Sometimes I 'm on this train all alone.

There is something to look forward to this week! November 1 will arrive on Tuesday which means I will officially admit that I am listening to Christmas music. AND BREEZY WILL BE HERE OVER THE WEEKEND! She has a bachelorette party to attend but will be staying a couple of days!!! And I'll have her all to myself because BestSonInLawEVER is going to stay home to attend his granny's 93rd birthday! I'll miss him but it will be nice to have Breezy all to myself! It's been at least 3 years since that's happened! Deanie and NickleAss partied in Chapel Hill with BestSonInLawEVER and Breezy last night.

BestSonInLawEVER (as Mayhem), Deanie (I'm not even going there--let's just say-delusional male flasher), Deanie's boytoy, NickelAss (Fruit of the Loom grapes), and Breezy (Carmen Sandiego...although I thought she would have made a fantastic Gloria from Modern Family-she even found a brunette wig...oh well, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Last night, she was spotted partying it up in Chapel Hill, NC...Go Tar Heels!).

Here are two videos by a band that I really enjoy listening to. I had a hard time deciding which song to use, but I finally decided to share my top two faves:

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! And remember to tune into that Christmas music...oh, I mean remember to smile! Because you look so pretty when you do!


  1. Hello Pam, you seem to have had a nice week. I love the photos, funny dog :) Good music indeed. Happy Halloween! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Thanks Eva! It was a good week! And the weekend has been fun! Now it's time to get serious about the Thanksgiving meal and then Christmas decorations!

  3. I love Christmas music too. I´ll have to get some on my MP3 for my walks. You have a wonderful area to walk in. Love that wispy "pink" grass!
    Tucker is just the cutest. He looks like he´s enjoying the cooler weather too.

  4. I wish I could come over to your house...permanently...

  5. What a breathless game that was for Tucker LOL Great shots of him enjoying the game.

    Wish I could get as excited about Christmas music as you do. Yes, it starts in the stores as soon as the tric-or-treaters are in bed! By the time Christmas comes I am pretty tired of most of the songs.

  6. I love purple AND red lol sometimes together!!!
    Love the doggy football pics :)

  7. What a beautiful path - and I'm with you on purple, and those purple fronds. can bake for us anytime! Have a wonderful, Christmas-y week!

  8. Betty- Tucker IS enjoying the cooler weather! He stays with me the whole time now! And, when I have to go back home due to my aging bladder and then go back out to finish the walk, he goes with me instead of staying home! LOL

    Alessandra- Bring yourself right on over here! You are welcome any time for any length of time!

    Stephanie- Wasn't it though? LOL I listen to Christmas music all day lone into the night! I can't get enough. Shhh...don't tell, but I'm already listening!

    Blogged-I know a lot of people do but I just can't do purple. Tucker is a true football fan. LOL

    Kim- I love walking out there! Even when there are purple things. LOL Thanks!

  9. The Eagles finally got in gear this weekend too : ) We were home watching beside the fireplace with a foot+ of snow on the ground outside. Too too early for that sort of nonsense! Have a nice week!

  10. I am in love with your dog.... REALLY I am!

  11. My daughters dog talks to the TV.
    Beautiful pictures on your walk.
    Love the Halloween costumes :)
    Those bars look wonderful.

  12. Joyce- A foot of snow?! Lucky girl! We're lucky if we get a half inch every 5 years or so. But we love it when it comes! The Panthers blew it yesterday. But at least they are trying to get their groove on this year!

    Hilary-He's just the cutest EVER! Thanks!

    Debby-The granola bars are so good! Thanks so much!

  13. I had to scroll down and check this all out! Love "Modern Family" it cracks me up continually.
    Love the bluesy sounding tunes. And the cute!

    Keep on that wicked training schedule. LOL. You are lucky to have a friend like that!

  14. Bluezy-Thanks so much! Modern Family is hilarious! Tucker says thanks too!

  15. You have been busy in the kitchen! Looks delicious. I should be coming to Charleston sometime in November so I'll be contacting you. Hoping we can meet for lunch somewhere before I have to drive back up here. Great post and so glad you get your daughter to yourself for a bit! That's nice.

  16. Barb- Let me know! So far, I should be home pretty much all month! Shoot, I'll change plans when I know you're coming!

  17. That is what I call a busy week. I love your dogs jerseys. Too fun!

    I did a follow-up on the painted pumpkin post I did the beginning of October. You had asked me to let you know if I made one.

  18. So Ms This...another thing we have in common! All five of my kidlets partied for Halloween at one point or another! Two attended said place of higher education,but those that went to another school for their degrees couldn't pass up the allure of Franklin Street on Halloween! Glad to know yours are having Halloween fun there as well!


  19. Ellen- I'm headed over there now! thanks!

    Sush-LOL Thanks! Amazing how their interests in celebrating changes but not their love of dressing up!

  20. By the way, I love it that Tucker has his own jersey! He is SO CUTE!! I think Bridger would bite me if I tried to put a jersey on him. lol


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