Saturday, October 1, 2011

Six Word Saturday

 I'm giving Six Word Saturday a go this week! All you have to do to play is describe your life (or anything, really) in SIX words. You can explain, add an image, video, song OR just the six words and nothing else! And then add the button from Show My Face and link up at her site! Simple AND fun = a great combination!

My six words:

Fall and football- Life is good!

 I'll see you at the game!


  1. They do indeed brighten life! Enjoy!

    (visiting from 6WS)

  2. EnJOY the game! I'm snug as a bug at home, napping and computing.

    Hopping by via 6WS!

  3. Enjoy the game. My husband is glued to the television wright now! Hugs!

  4. Actually being at the game is lots of fun. Hope you're there and enjoying.

    Re blanket: if you want to contact me offline - I can help you learn to un-knit. It's a skill knitters learn very well.

  5. Two six word sentences!!! This looks like fun.

  6. Love it. Except I like football but my guys don't so that means no football for me unless I DVR it and what fun is when you already know who won. Well sometimes. I like the 6 words.
    My 6 words today would be ...
    Support, friends, prayer, awesome race, happy!!
    Take care and have an wonderful weekend. Blessings my friend.

  7. south- Thanks for stopping by! It’s been an interesting day for football, that’s for sure.

    Ruthi-We were at home too. But in front of the television watching as many games as we could! Thanks for stopping by!

    MMT-Amen to that!

    KC- We were glued to the television too. As we are every Saturday and Sunday! Love me some football!

    Stephanie- Being at a game is fun but we were home today. And watched as many as we could! More of the same tomorrow with the NFL! I’d love to learn how to un-knit.

    Gail-I know, they just fell into place! LOL It is fun!

    Julie- Hubs wasn’t really a football fan until the early 90s- it only took me 6 years to convert him. LOL I’m so proud of you for running your race today!

  8. Great blog the leaves.

    Stopping by from Six Word Saturday.

    Stop by my blog if you are post is about Saturday Food!!


  9. Those will probably be the 6 words for me tomorrow, hopefully my Giants will win!

  10. Elizabeth- I'll stop by if it's low calorie food. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

    Alessandra- I'll use the same six tomorrow. College today, NFL on Sunday!

  11. Visiting from 6WS Saturday; nothing like a fall day watching football, whether in person or on the TV! Enjoy it all! have a great Sunday!


  12. someone is lucky. hope it was fun, or will be fun.

  13. My menfolk love football. Us girls...not so much. Glad you have a sport you enjoy.


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