Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011: Part 2- Christmas Eve

I'm linking up with Thursday's favorite things at Katherine's Corner since this post is filled with some of my most favorite things- the lovelies, Hubs, Tucker and Christmas!

Christmas Eve at our house is usually just a milling about of family (some years even a few friends until we started the Christmas oyster roasts) and the opening of the most important Christmas gifts- the Christmas pjs from Mimi and the sister gifts (the lovelies draw names each year for their sister gifts.).

You can see Fake Evwardo looking on in the background.

Here are some of the highlights:

Deanie is opening a gift we SAID was left here for her from NickleAss. HOWEVER, it was actually a ring from BestSonInLawEVER to Breezy-she's impossible to fool. AnYwAy- Breezy was videoing Deanie opening the gift.

Suddenly, after Breezy zoomed in on the ring, she realized that it was the ring she wanted! We GOT you Breezy!

This year, DoodleBug drew Birdie's name and Birdie drew Doodlebug.

Leather bound copies of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit!

DoodleBug is a Harry Potter FANATIC.

AND Birdie, who has taught herself to quilt, made this one for DoodleBug- some of the squares have pictures on them that Birdie embroidered on there. It's really awesome for a first try at quilting. She made me a Christmas apron- how did we not get a picture of it?!

DoodleBug might have liked her quilt a little bit.

Deanie drew Breezy's name and made her this thingy to hang her earrings and necklaces/bracelets on! Very cool!

Breezy drew Deanie's name and gave her a television!
DoodleBug's jammies...

Birdie's jammies...

Deanie's jammies have stars on them! There's BestSonInLawEVER on the right...somehow I didn't get a shot of his pjs, or Hubs' or mine! What?!

I don't think that's where the pants go sweetie! That's Rico in front- Breezy's doggie.

Ready to go keep the nursery at church.

If you missed Christmas 2011 Part 1 you can see those pictures right here.

To be continued...


  1. Your pictures, your girls, the gifts, ALL are lovely!
    Looks like you're such a close, thoughtful family, and you have so much fun together! Perfect Christmas post!

  2. I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister. Your girls are so close to each other. I love it. You are blessed!

  3. You have such lovely traditions in your family. It was so much fun seeing the sisters open their gifts from each other and seeing all the different PJs made by Mimi. Your home truly is one of the happiest in Blog Land, Pam. You can be proud of what you achieved with raising your family.

  4. I love your pictures!!! It looks like you had such a nice Christmas. I love Christmas Jammy's!! My kids would get along with your kids, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter always great crowd pleasers here too.
    I enjoyed your day!

  5. I am lucky to be a friend (and former teacher) of this family. I was released from 2+ months of rehab (for a broken tibia) on the day before Christmas. The girls went to the grocery store, picked up my prescriptions, and just made me feel so loved. On Christmas Day they sent me 3 plates of food (appetizers, main meal, and sweets). Oh, and Hubs even put together my shower bench. They have made my homecoming something very special.

  6. Hi Pam. I agree with the others. Your family is a beacon of light out here in bloggyland. Such lovely girls and I can see that your home would be such a lovely place to be!

  7. Mom- I hope I'm doing this right, I seem to have forgotten everything about this stuff. Nice post, I love how everyone thinks we are so charming and happy all the time... muuahahaha, if they only knew! Haha, just kidding, we really are the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse. But for the love of Baby Jesus, could you please take down that GOD-AWFUL picture of me opening the ring??? Ew! Anyways, I've been reading your friend's book (loving it) and have decided to resume blogging. Today. So look out, here I come!

  8. Mimi- Glad it looks that way. LOL We really do enjoy each other! Thanks!

    Barb- When they were little I wondered if they would ever stop fighting and get along. Now, they do! Thanks!

    Desiree- I am so proud of them all! We had such a good time raising this bunch of nuts and we still do have fun together! Thanks!

    FG-All of mine love Harry Potter but I think Birdie is the main one for Lord of the Rings. I do wish y'all lived closer!

    Suzanne- Not just a former teacher but the one who taught them to think for themselves! They did it out of love for you but then, you already know that we all love you so much! Hope to see you soon!

    Diane-Thank you! We do enjoy ourselves at our gatherings! And it helps that we're all a bit nuts. LOL

    Mags- OH NO! Not you! LOL Can't wait to read so get busy! Love you sweetie! And miss you terribly!

  9. So, um... what exactly should I write about? Lol...

  10. I love your pictures! It looks like the gifts were a hit and that quilt, wow! Makes me want to give it a try!!

  11. Looks like a perfect family Christmas. Isn't it the best and of course PJ's are a tradition!

  12. Your kids are so close. I think that's wonderful. Our two are as well. We're all lucky that way I think.

  13. Maybe we are long lost cousins : )

  14. Mags- Seriously? With all that goes on in our family? LOL

    Lucy- Thanks! I couldn't believe the quilt! And she's self-taught!

    Debby- If by perfect you mean crazy then, yes, it was perfect. LOL Thanks!

    Michele- I agree! I always hoped our girls would be close. I want them to have each other should anything happen to us!

    Joyce- I think you're right!

  15. love,love,did I say love? these Christmas posts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us and Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop at Katherines corner. xo

  16. I love your family Pam. I need you to help me soon. Mike leaves April 18th for a school 1000 miles away. I'm beyond sad.
    Thank you for sharing your family. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  17. Katherine- Thanks so much! We had such fun! See you next Thursday!

    Julie- Thank you! I will be here for you! Whatever you need! I know just how you feel. Email me!


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