Saturday, February 18, 2012

Schedules and Free Time..and Pinterest

One thing that kept things running relatively smoothly while raising 4 daughters was scheduling. And by scheduling, I mean scheduling everything. EVERYTHING. It worked. We knew who had to be where and when they had to be there. Yes, we ran late sometimes even with a schedule. But it was a guide- a mother’s helper, if you will-and not written in stone. As we all know, having children means learning how to go with the flow.  

There were times that I got sick of schedules and scheduling. But I doubt I would have been able to function very well without them. Besides, we took a decent break from schedules during the summers because there were very few activities that required scheduling. I mean, who needs to schedule a day at the beach? We only live five minutes from the beach and we went every day. No schedule needed.

Certainly, as our daughters got older and more involved, there were sports, science, music, etc. camps but these were almost always day camps and the scheduling was quite simple- go to the beach after camp.
Occasionally, I would dream of a day when schedules were no longer necessary to get through a day efficiently. But, truth be told, our family thrived on schedules.  

Hubs and I have been living in our empty nest for three years now. As I look around, I have to wonder just what, exactly, it is that I have accomplished with all this ‘free’ empty nest time. I know that I’ve been busy but I don’t really see the results of that busy-ness. There is no organization to it. And then it hit me-and I’ve mentioned it before--

I need a schedule.

Free time is nice. If I want to watch a movie. Or have no desire to accomplish anything. 

No. I definitely need a schedule. It will keep me focused and less stressed. It will help me get everything done in a day that needs to be done. And, it will help me have free time. To spend on Pinterest. Instead of spending too much time there. That’s right. The truth is out. Pinterest is my latest addiction. And I am out of control.

Follow Me on Pinterest

If I stopped pinning anything new right now, I would still be busy for life! I can’t wait to start some of the amazing projects and craft ideas! Why have I not started already? Because I can’t get off Pinterest long enough to make the really-cool-full-of-awesomeness-crafts/projects/ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest!

So, I thought that maybe- just maybe- if I got that schedule thing going again I would stay off of Pinterest long enough to start some of those wonderful crafts/projects/ideas get some real work done around this place. 


Are you on Pinterest? Then click on the link above and follow along with me! Not on Pinterest but want to be? I'll send you an invite! The more the merrier! Plus, it's FUN!

Oh, and addicting. Just so you know.


  1. Yes, a schedule that is exactly what we both need....I'll have to get myself a timer, cuz once I get on the computer (read pinterest) time flies!
    I just posted about a pinterest find I actually did! Go take a look
    Oh and I've followed have a lot of pins there lady, you aren't kidding you are addicted!

  2. Ooops, my pinterest post was written today but goes live on Monday :)

  3. Cindy- You're right about the time flying while messing around on Pinterest! Can't wait to read your post on Monday!

  4. Yes a timer comes in handy between blogging and Pinterest and Twitter. Just followed you - like your fun pins!

  5. I am addicted to Pinterest too. I'll start looking around on Pinterest and look up to find that hours have passed. I need a timer...or a schedule!

  6. Lisa- I'm afraid I would simply turn the timer off or reset it. LOL I've never gotten the hang of Twitter. I'll keep trying though! Thanks! I'm about to check out your boards too! Yay! More Pinterest-ing things!

    Lisa- I know exactly how you feel!

  7. Betty- What a fantastic idea! I'm heading over there right now! LOL

  8. I'm just a little afraid to look. Curiosity may get me there sometime but not yet. I have plenty to keep me busy so far.

  9. I go over to Pinterest about twice a day and I love it so much. I keep telling myself that I should do something in the morning, clean something! Then turn my computer on after that. Accomplish one or two things each day. Have I done that - NO! I get up around 7am, turn on the computer and before I know it it is 3PM! Nothing is getting done here.

  10. Stephanie- Oh goodness but you're probably better off! LOL

    Debby- Exactly the same around here!

  11. Love Pinterest and I'm following you now.

  12. Cathy- Thanks! I'm heading over to follow you back!

  13. Oh my life - you are SO right. You do have to schedule your free time - otherwise you just end up frittering it away. I daren't go to Pinterest in case I get addicted ;-)

  14. Annie- If you go, addiction is a sure thing! LOL

  15. I'm trying to lay low on Pinterest because it is such a time killer. Sigh. So fun though!

  16. Maren- What's your secret then? I need to know! LOL

  17. I love Pinterest. I have to say I have used so many of the things I've pinned and am enjoying a boost in the creativity department. I limit myself time wise there pin leads to one more to one more...

    I'll look for you when I hop over there this week! Is your teacher daughter on there? So many fabulous things for teachers. My daughter has found lots of useful tips and projects for her classroom.


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