Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Update: Week 7

Time for the weekly update for the Spring Chick Challenge hosted by Stormy at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here's my update:

  • Monday: 3 miles (TRAINING)
  • Tuesday: 2.34 miles (WAKLING)
  • Wednesday: 3.57 miles (TRAINING)
  • Thursday: 2.56 miles (WALKING)
  • Friday: 3.19 miles (TRAINING)
  • Saturday:  2.16 miles (WALKING)
  • Sunday: 2 mile (TRAINING)

My TOTAL HOURS of exercising for the week: 5.03 (18.82 miles)

  • Monday: 96 oz
  • Tuesday: 88 oz
  • Wednesday: 80 oz
  • Thursday: 96 oz
  • Friday: 96 oz
  • Saturday: 112 oz
  • Sunday:  80 oz

  • Monday:1391
  • Tuesday:1350
  • Wednesday:1337
  • Thursday:1274
  • Friday:1284
  • Saturday:1237
  • Sunday:1357

Probably still need to get back to the 1200 calories/day but, seriously, I get way hungrier with running than when I was only walking. WTH?!

TRACKING: YES- every single day.



SUPPORTING OTHERS: I can always do better on this one.


WEIGHT: I am not OFFICIALLY stepping on the scales until the end of the month. The running/walking/training program I am on is all about learning to run and weight loss.I'm still on Phase 2 of the program and do NOT see myself moving up to Phase 3 this week. I'm doing it, but it's still really hard and, until it starts becoming a tad easy-ish, I will stay in Phase 2. In other words, Phase 2 is still a challenge. Once it slacks off from being a challenge, I will move up.

I did step on the scale yesterday and I am only 1 lb down BUT my clothes are feeling way bigger than only 1 lb so I have to wonder if this running is perhaps having a larger effect on toning right now? Plus my daily calories are not really conducive for bigger weight loss.But, the month isn't over yet!

  • How was the 7th week- see above
  • Did you remain sweets free? No. But I don't use refined sugar. I only use honey, Turbinado and coconut sugar to sweeten. The really nice thing about these sweeteners is that they do not cause the craving for more like refined sugar does.
  • How were your workouts? See above
  • How was your water consumption? See above
  • What do you think of the mini challenges? Even though I've already done all of them early on in this weight loss journey, I think they are great! They really helped at the beginning of the journey and I have continued with them- I believe they've become lifestyle changes.
  • What did you do for yourself that was fun? I was able to hang out with DoodleBug several times this week and enjoyed every minute of it! And Hubs and I watched a couple of movies together via Netflix- suspense, crime thrillers- awesome!!!
  • I will continue to train 3-4 days and walk the other days. 
  • I will continue eating healthy as this has become a lifestyle change not merely something for weight loss
  • I am surrounded by support from my wonderful bloggy friends and my fantastic family!
  • I will have fun --well, I'm not sure about this but I'm nearly certain that it will involve lunch with my BFF and some time with DoodleBug.

STORMY SAYS: "Be a buddy... This is a touchy one sorta. Do you have a friend or family member who you think may need to be a bit more healthy. Invite them to do something fitness/health focused with you. This one is close to my heart because I had to get fit by myself for so long. NO one asked me to go on a walk, swim, or anything when I was heavy and not working towards better health. It feels awesome know to know that I am not alone. You could be that person to help someone else take the 1st step to better health."

I've already done this since my journey began back in June (2011). My dad has lost 25 lbs from walking and changing his diet and my mother has seen the benefits of walking and going gluten free. I'm about to share the oil pulling with my mother this week- dad would laugh me out of the room on this one. LOL I've also been talking to my oldest younger brother about changing his diet and starting running again and all of the lovelies and BestSonInLawEVER are aware of what I'm doing and have made changes as well! And then there's Hubs who has noticed a tremendous difference is his well-being and is going to start running with me soon!

So, Stormy is quite right about the positive impact we can make in someone's life if we just put it out there!

Speaking of Stormy, guess who won a copy of A Cluttered Life? That's right- STORMY!

I've contacted her and received her information! Congrats Stormy! 
(I'll get that in the mail tomorrow- no postal service today)


  1. So interesting about the natural sugars, isn't it. So does that mean that if I ate a Mounds bar that had been made with natural sugar, I could have stopped with one half? :-((( Failure, get back up, start again. sigh. Okay, now that confession has been made...Have you watched Touch of Frost on Netflix? Not every episode is watch-worthy, that's for sure, but we really like the detective. So nice you had time with Doodlebug! Isn't it wonderful to spend time with a daughter!♥

  2. You go! I love your goals and your honesty here. Hanging out with Doodle-Bug sounds like SO much fun. Miss my kiddos terribly.

    You inspire me!

  3. Yes, you're right...when you do the exercise part you're building muscle which is heavier than fat. So, you are losing inches while perhaps not losing as many pounds. Good for you!

  4. Hi Pam, you're doing a great job ^_^
    Am looking forward to get out running soon, am gearing up slowly but surely. Have a fantastic Day!


  5. Judy- Not too sure that would apply to a Mounds bar. Pretty sure no matter what sugar is used, they are to die for! LOL I have watched a bit of A Touch of Frost and liked it. I'm watching the ones with Dr. Tony Hill in them right now. In between episodes of Lie To Me! :)

    BB- I'm sure you do miss your boys! How are they doing? Me inspirational? YOU are the inspiration my dear! Without a doubt!

    Betty- Thanks, but it's getting old now. I know it makes a difference but I am so annoyed with writing everything down at this point.

    Stephanie- Whew! Glad to hear that! Thanks!

    Eva- Thanks! I never thought I'd ever start running again since I hated it so much in college. Now, it's just different. Somehow.

  6. Reading your goals and accomplishments made me tired! It will all be worth it..looser clothes is the first sign!...:)JP

  7. wow you are doing great! I have finally started walking in the park every day and I feel so much better! No more couch potatoes, right?

  8. Wow, I think it is great how you are working so hard to reach your goal. The way you track everything? WOW!! I just don't think I could do it.

    You know, I have watched this lady for not quite two years, go from walking to running. I walk my dog at 5:00pm and she passes us,we say hi, she started with walking, then I noticed,she would,walk and jog a little, then she was doing a slow jog, just the other day I gave her a huge smile, she was in a full run and I thought, WOW, I watched her do that and it took her well, not even two years, we moved here August of 2010 and this was a couple days ago.There I was still walking the dog LOL!!
    Anyway, keep it up, you will get there :)

  9. Just yesterday, on the way to church, I was telling Hubby about the oil IS it going?

  10. Corner- I am getting bored with it, that's for sure! But I keep on because I'm still convinced that it helps! As long as the clothes keep getting looser and looser!

    Church-Thanks! Absolutely- no more couch potatoes!

    Lucy-Funny, I've watched someone do the same thing! Now it's me! LOL

    Shawn- It's going fine. I'm used to it now and have noticed a difference. Hubs has noticed tremendous differences. I plan to post about it after the first month is over. I did switch to coconut oil yesterday and have noticed more improvements!

  11. I so need you to come here and get me back on the path of righteousness- foodily speaking.

    I know what to do- I just can't make myself do it; or stay with it anyway.

  12. Your calories look great, as does your water. And you're moving your body. All great. So I would call your week a success. Sometimes we tend to be too hard on ourselves. Keep up the good work!

  13. Well done,I'm in awe! I really need to loose some weight but have zero will power at the moment,the cold weather here doesnt help :(
    Thankyou for your lovely comment over at mine re mums blanket,so kind,xxx

  14. Looks like you are right on track, way to go! Looking forward to your weigh in results on Wednesday.

  15. Well done to you!
    I honestly am so impressed with your staying power. I know you're feeling the benefits of your healthier lifestyle, but you're great to stick so well to the plan.
    You're an inspiration!


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