Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Update: Week 9

Time for the weekly update for the Spring Chick Challenge hosted by Stormy at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here's my update:

  • Monday: 1.5 miles (WALK/RUN)
  • Tuesday: 3.57 miles (WALK/RUN)
  • Wednesday: 3.55 miles (WALK/RUN)
  • Thursday: 2.38 miles (WALK/RUN)
  • Friday: 3 miles (WALK/RUN)
  • Saturday:  2.13 miles (WALK/RUN)
  • Sunday: 2 mile (WALK/RUN)

My TOTAL HOURS of walking/running for the week: 8.5 ( 18.38 miles)

I also took the mini challenge of increasing my exercise and started the 30 Day Shred. Let's just say that, although I felt like it, I'm not dead. Yet. 

  • Monday: 104 oz
  • Tuesday: 96 oz
  • Wednesday: 96 oz
  • Thursday: 104 oz
  • Friday: 72 oz
  • Saturday: 96 oz
  • Sunday:  96 oz

  • Monday:1314
  • Tuesday:1262
  • Wednesday:1369
  • Thursday:1176
  • Friday:1354
  • Saturday:1378
  • Sunday:1393

TRACKING: YES- every single day.



SUPPORTING OTHERS: I did pretty good on this one.


WEIGHT: Down 3 pounds!


We are now 2 months into 2012. How is it overall...? Do you feel like things are habits? Are you in the zone or in a fog? The challenge started out with a bang and has continued with momentum on some issues and petered out in others.

Things that I no longer want to do (well, thing. There's just one):
  • track food/calories: I'm so dang tired of this. I've made lifestyle changes. All of our food is organic, sugar free and gluten free. There's still a need to count calories, but not keep tracking them. I've been doing this for 10 months now and did it for an 8 month stretch before that. I think I get it. I think I can keep a mental count now. I will continue to track until the challenge is over but then, I'm going to stop and see how it goes. I keep a daily gratitude journal, an exercise journal and a weight loss journal. I'm not going to track after the challenge. Enough is enough.
 Things that continue gaining momentum:
  • Food choices- these have turned into a lifestyle change and the more I learned the more I change or add to my daily routine. 
  • Exercise- I've started running instead of walking and then there's that evil 30 Day Shred. Hell, I even bought the dvd set so I could advance to levels 2 and 3. Maybe I've become a glutton for punishment instead of a regular glutton.
  • The desire to lose the weight. I've still got a long way to go but losing the weight is a perk from living a healthier lifestyle.

  • Fitness.... I plan to continue walking/running and killing myself with that 30 Day Shred. 
  • Food-....I will continue preparing meals in a healthy manner.
  • Fun.... not sure how I'll find fun this week but I sure found it last night in that new television show GCB. That was HILARIOUS! 
  • Friends... Are you giving support to others...? Yes. And no. 

STORMY SAYS: Week 10   Mini Challenge-New recipe---Get outta a rut and try something new in the kitchen. Be prepared to share how it went... good or bad.

This is something I already do every week as I am still trying out new gluten free recipes and changing the ingredients on some old standby ones.  

That's it for week 9! Hope everyone had a great week and has an even better one coming up!

Keep it positive y'all!


  1. Me first? That´s a first. haha
    Yah for the loss! I know it´s over a month (right?) but still it´s a great loss and you are really toning those muscles.
    I´m so happy for you!

  2. It is a lifestyle change and I think you've managed that part really well. Hafta say I couldn't track my mouthfuls the way you have. You deserve a lot of credit - and a break!

  3. Betty- It's nearly a month...minus one week. BUT I went down one size in my pants so I have NO IDEA what that's about. But I'll take it! LOL

    Stephanie- I'm about to try the baby booties- get ready for some emails! LOL I'm so sick of tracking food that I almost do not care anymore!

  4. I am one to usually preach that you should definitely track. But if you feel you know enough to wing it, go for it. I would be careful about restaurant meals, though. Who knows what's really in them? You're doing great in all areas - keep up the good work!

  5. You are doing mawvelous dawling!!
    I can only imagine how wonderful you feel with your new, healthy lifestyle.
    Don't forget to put in a rest day with your walk/run, especially when you increase your mileage. Resting will help prevent injury on already strained muscles!

    Great job!!

  6. You have completely OWNED this challenge. You have kicked ass and taken names and you motivate people like me!
    Way to go :D

  7. I think that even if a person isn't gluten intolerant, getting gluten out of the diet just makes us feel better. I know it does for me. You're amazing. Keep up the good work!

  8. You are fantastic! Well done!
    i completely understand how you're tired of counting; I wouldn't last more than a couple of days!
    Shawn has a point about rest days

  9. I was doing my strength training this morning and I was thinking about you doing that shred dvd set. I don't think I will ever be there but I am glad you are doing it just the same. Isn't it sad when they tell you to tighten your abs and you think to your self, " What abs?"
    Anyway I do like it as my mind stays clear all day.
    You are doing so good. You do inspire me.

  10. Jo- I don't worry about restaurant meals because we just do not eat out. I'm never quite sure what's in the food health wise so I figure avoidance is best! If winging it doesn't work, I'll go back to tracking!

    Shawn- Absolutely! Saturday and Sunday are walk only days! I do not want to get an injury and have to stop running altogether!

    BW-How sweet of you! I'm getting my inspiration from all of you!

    Judy- Thanks! I totally agree with you about that! I've never felt better and more energetic!

    Mimi- Thanks! It does get annoying after a while. I'm going to try and wing it after challenge is over. And I really am resting!

    Kim-You'll be surprised how far along you'll get. I never thought I'd run, but I am. I never thought I could do anything that Jillian Michaels put out there, but I can. And so can you! Just keep at it! You're so motivated! Don't let any frustrations get the best of you!

  11. I can understand you deciding to stop counting the energy value of food. It does get tiresome after a while.

    If you're losing, it's not needed. That's my theory.

  12. Have a wonderful time having your family all together...there's no better feeling, is there? Hope you have a super day!


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