Monday, April 9, 2012

Healthy Habits

It's taken me a lot of time, effort and research to learn about various healthy habits and to be better able to discern those that seem truly healthy and those that seem to be a bunch of hooey. And, of course, to decide which practices would be best for our family.

Here are the healthy habits we've adopted thus far. Some of them y'all have already read about during the challenge, and some of them are yet to come!

Diet. And by diet I am referring to our daily diet NOT a weight loss diet.
    • No gluten. Remember that if you're trying to lose weight, you still have to count calories even if you've gone gluten free. You don't have to give up everything-you just make it all gluten free. The really nice thing is that food free of gluten means no craving for more and more and more, you just feel satisfied.
      • No processed foods. At all. EVER. Not even gluten free. Ok, well there was that time we had the gluten free pizza at Brixx. :) But everything I cook is from scratch now. Including bread.
        • No sugars-when I use sugar it's Turbinado, coconut sugar or honey. Refined sugar I do not miss one bit. Which is a surprise because I was a sugar addict. Using these healthier sugars makes sweets of all kinds taste great BUT, even better- they do not cause the cravings that refined sugars do. Win, win!
          • Meat. When we do eat meat it is free range/vegetarian fed/grass fed/wild caught, etc. depending on what type it is with no added chemicals in any form whatsoever.
          • Certified Organic EVERYTHING; local meats and produce; right from my own backyard whenever possible.
          • RAW eating- I am currently researching this option and am thinking seriously about giving it a go this summer. What better time to try something that doesn't require cooking?!
          Exercise- every single day!
          • All it takes is finding what works for you, getting up and moving, and sticking with it-even when you don't want to!
          Coconut oil- I use this in cooking and for moisturizing and oil pulling...nearly EVERYTHING!

          Dry skin brushing- I'm addicted to this!

          Oil pulling- Another addiction that I'll post about on letter 'O' day

          NO chemicals in household products, beauty aids, etc. I use Tropical Traditions for most of this.

          Rain barrels and well water for the garden.

          Green Smoothies- Oh yeah, I drink them every single day and will post about them on letter 'S' day!

          NO pesticides on us, Tucker or the garden! We're using cedarcide (just trying it for the first time), lavender oil, and Diatomaceous Earth
            Mental Health- I'm working on getting my Zen (my own modified version, I'm sure) on and I'll post about this on, you guessed it, the letter 'Z' day!

            Basically what my weight loss journey has become is a healthy lifestyle change. For the whole family.  Even with an empty nest, our lovelies are very interested in what I am doing and have jumped right on board in their own homes. Well, DoodleBug just comes over here and let's me feed her. Sweet girl that she is and all.

            What steps are you taking on your personal journey to a healthier lifestyle? Share!

            This is the eighth day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on my personal journey to health and fitness, including weight loss.

            Today's letter is H and my word for the day is HEALTHY HABITS.


            1. WOW, your empty nest has brought many healthy changes. Kudos to you!
              As you know, I am doing the 30 Day Shred, I have a green drink every morning, carrot juice mid morning, and have gotten back to dry skin brushing thanks to your reminder!

            2. Your journey sounds great! You've made so many changes, and feeling the benefit.
              I'll come back later to click on some of your links, thanks for sharing them.

            3. Cindy- Yes! You are one of my inspirations for the 30 day shred! Don't you love the dry skin brushing? It's one of my favorites!

              Mimi- We have made a lot of changes. And my mother is making them too. Her differences are amazing!

            4. Hi Pam. Well, all I can say is that you're a shining example to us all my friend. You and hubby must be really healthy now, with all the good stuff going into your body, and exercising every day as well. Just shows how people can really turn their lives around by looking into all the options that are open to them.

            5. Diane- What I really need to do is post about how my mother is doing all of this and how it has turned her health around! She was going down hill fast but now, she's going in a great direction- she's got energy and an appetite! Thanks for your continuous encouragement and support!

            6. Thank you so much for these reminders! We all need to hear them from time to time!

            7. Hello Pam, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. I hope we'll stay in touch.
              It's really good to be here, your posts are so interesting, we're on the same page. I'm always trying to do things from scratch in the kitchen and we're trying to say no to garbage no matter how good they look..

            8. Well I know I will enjoy reading about it. I like all of your changes and it all sounds so nice. I think all of your changes are awesome. It is so true too, once you get out the refined food all cravings stop.
              I still find that to be such a wonderful secret. I also like that fact that the more you have changed your diet the more energized you begin to feel.
              You are such a inspiration to me.

            9. BB-True and, hopefully, put them into practice. It took me YEARS to do it!

              Eri- You're quite welcome! Food tastes so much better this way, doesn't it?

              FG-I am really enjoying the energy boost too. And the lack of cravings is awesome! Mostly because I gave in to every single craving I ever had! And they were plentiful and bad.

            10. How we've both changed since we met! Healthy habits are here to stay! I'm going shopping today for a brush. I'm inspired...thank you.

            11. You are awesome to be able to do all this stuff. I aspire to be more like you :)

            12. Stephanie- Be careful about that brush- it's quite addicting!

              jen- Just start with one little thing and move to another, and another, etc. That way you can tell which ones are making a positive, healthful difference and which ones aren't. They all had an affect on us!

            13. That's a fantastic lifestyle change! My most difficult time comes when we're eating with other people at their house. And truly, when I leave wheat, corn, dairy, soy, sugar, MSG, additives and preservatives out of my diet, I feel fantastic! It's just sometimes difficult to do that when other people place it before you. How do you handle this?

            14. pam, I can't wait to read your future posts on oil pulling and ZEN!
              I love the brushing..fantastic!
              I have learned so much from your site and look forward to your posting this summer on the Raw eating!

            15. Judy- I've become very vocal about what we eat and don't eat so just about everyone knows what's up. So, if there's anything like salad I'll eat that. Otherwise, I have been known to take my own food. Most of the time, we are the hosts of gatherings so it's not as difficult for me. Get yourself an attitude girl! LOL

              Shawn- I love the brushing too! I'm so glad the posts are helping. You wouldn't believe what all this has done for my mother's health- incredible!

            16. How wonderful to know that your mum is doing so well!

            17. You inspire me with you life style changes.


            Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It makes me feel connected to everyone even though we may live far apart! Have a wonderful day!

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