Tuesday, April 10, 2012


No journey is easy, at least none that I'm familiar with. But, when we're very, very lucky, we encounter others on our journeys who inspire us.

They inspire us to get started on a journey. They inspire us to continue a journey. They encourage and uplift. They support and listen and offer heartfelt advice. They cheer us on when the going gets tough, help us up when we fall, and celebrate with us when we succeed.

They share their knowledge and experiences freely and willingly. They don't judge. They are honest. 

They may not even be aware of the ways in which they inspire us. Sometimes they inspire us directly relating to our specific journey, other times they inspire us relating to a journey we didn't even know we were experiencing.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten this far on my healthier lifestyle seeking journey had it not been for my many inspirations.

Therefore, I would like to take the time to mention a few of them on this post.
  • the Lovelies: not a day goes by when one or more of my wonderful daughters fails to call and offer some form of inspiration. Even if it's just to boost my ego! 
  • my brothers: these are three of the best men I know and they are always letting me know how much I mean to them and how proud they are of me.
  • folks I see while walking: YES! They make encouraging comments- "You have lost so much weight!" "Look at you running!!!" "Girl, you look fantastic!" "I've been watching you and I've decided to start running too!" Etc. And some of us don't even know each others names.
  • my wonderful friends: these wonderful people never forget to leave encouraging messages or say something that motivates me or inspires me to keep going, change something or get creative.
From the Wonderful World of Blogs (and this is risky because I'm sure I'll leave someone out) in completely random order:
Am I finished on this healthier lifestyle journey? Nope. What about the be a better person one? Nope. The whole learning about life and living? Nah. Have I lost all the weight that I need to? No. I just think it's important to let folks know how much they mean to us. How they've affected us in such positive ways. That they made a difference. That they matter.

And so I say a HUGE Thank You to all of you. You have inspired me to stick with it, to be healthy, to become a better person. To care more about others than myself. To pay attention. To get creative. To try harder, to smile more and bigger, to love unconditionally, to keep learning every day...

I look forward every single day to the journey. Thanks to all of you!

Who inspires you? Who have you inspired lately?

This is the ninth day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on my personal journey to health and fitness, including weight loss.

Today's letter is I and my word for the day is INSPIRATION.


  1. wow. I am so honored to be a part of this list.

    you are as much a part of my journey as I am yours. I hope you know that your support and watching your journey is a huge part of what keeps me going.

    and regarding the comment you left me the other day: at the risk of sounding like an internet weirdo, I've often thought to myself 'gosh I wish we lived closer to each other.' :)

    If I'm ever down your way, we'll definitely have to meet up!

    Thank YOU, Pam, for being awesome!

  2. also, i can't wait to check out all these other great blogs. they must be fantastic if they are getting a nod from you!

  3. Oh, I do so love when someone posts a "favorites list!" A chance to discover kindred souls--thank you!

  4. YOU inspire me too and I need to thank YOU! I have not been a big inspiration to anyone lately, but this post has given me some mojo back. It really is so helpful to have such supportive bloggy friends out there!
    Thanks also for adding me to your list. I´m honored.

  5. Great post! Loved it and am now following. If you've the time, take a look at my blog. It's all about writing for kids--something I do daily!

  6. You're an inspiration yourself!
    I already follow some of these blogs, but look forward to checking out some more.

  7. Kelly- I think it would be fantastic if y'all lived closer to us! The lovelies would like it too- they have all heard about you and have read your blog! Definitely let me know if y'all ever come down to Charleston! Or pass through on your way to Disney World. LOL

    Chantel- Me too! I've met a lot of blogland friends that way!

    Betty- Even when we think we aren't inspiring others, we are. Sometimes it's those times that inspire most of all! If nothing else, at least we know we're not alone!

    Nancy- Thanks for stopping by and following! I will certainly return the favor!

    Mimi- Thank you! They are all so different which gives you a lot of interesting things to read about!

  8. What a lovely thing to do, I think people although they may know it; love to be told that they are important to their friends. Very nice post :)

  9. Aww...thank you! And I feel the same way about you, my friend!

  10. jen- I think it's important to stop and say it out loud (so to speak) from time to time too! Thanks!

    Lisa-Thank you! :)

  11. aw, first of all thank you for the mention! I almost did an inspiration post for the letter "I" too...it was a toss up for me between impossible and inspiration...gotta say, I LOVED your take on the word inspiration!!! Great post!

  12. mm-Thanks! I can't imagine you doing a post on impossible. Unless you were going to write how it's impossible for you to spread anything other than sunshine and happiness to everyone!

  13. Wow. It is inspiring to be part of someone's inspiration list. I suppose life is all about everyone doing big and little things to grow your vision of your world. To change your perspective. To make you want more. I think we are probably "touched" by more people than we realize. I know that are some homeless people that we pass on the way to my doctor's appts whose names I will likely never know, but they inspire me to get well so I can make a difference. And I am sure that there are people like that for you, too. This world is just like that!!!

  14. Robin- Well said girl! Well said indeed!

  15. You absolutely inspire me! The weight loss community as a whole does. People supporting each other in our joint fight!

  16. Thank you for including me in your inspirations. You inspire me!

    My 83-year old piano teacher inspires me to never stop learning. She is the most avid learner I know. Learning is one of my primary life journeys and there is no one and nothing that doesn't contribute in some way.

  17. Hi Pam! Great post. Isn't that wonderful how your lovelies keep you going like that and always encourage you. Likewise your brothers, and all the other people you mentioned. All blessings indeed my friend. You are doing so well with this whole regime, and we are all very proud of you. Wow! I'm on your list - thank you SO much. What an honour!

  18. Maren- Thanks! I completely agree with you- support makes all the difference!

    Stephanie- Learning is one of my primary life journeys too. We are never too old to learn. Thank goodness!

    Diane- Of course you are on the list! You have been encouraging me from the very beginning! Thank you!

  19. sounds like you have a great bunch of supporters!

  20. Everyone needs inspiring once in a while...it's what matters...knowing others care!...:)JP

  21. Lynn- I do and it makes such a positive difference!

    QC- It sure does help, doesn't it?

  22. It must have been the day for "Inspiration" :-) My post was about it as well. Good post :-)

  23. Wow, thank you so much Pam. I have to say you too are a inspiration to me as well.
    I love reading about what you are learning, I love to see how much progress you have made. You have done so much in just one year.
    You really do make me laugh and the thing I love the best is the love you have for your girls. I love Mom's like you.
    So thank you too.

  24. WOW, I just saw this post!!
    I am humbled to be on your list, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    You are my inspiration and I have sent many non-bloggers to read your tips on gluten-free cooking, skin brushing and your lifestyle change.

    Blessings dear friend,


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