Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As in the food variety.

Oh how I used to LOVE it! Crave it! Adore it! Worship it! Cram it in my mouth at warp speed.

Yup. That was me.

Especially when it came to anything sugar related. Or fast food related. Or pizza related. Or sugar related...did I mention that one already.

But the carbs were my favorites. I'm talking about those good 'ol southern comfort foods. I am a walking, talking result of carbohydrate abuse. Carbs were not safe around me. If I saw one, I would pop it right into my mouth and delight in every bite almost to the point of becoming giddy. I'm referring to the carbs found in foods such as macaroni and cheese (BTW folks, mac and cheese is NOT the main course in the south, it is a side dish); twice baked potatoes; homemade cornbread dressing; homemade yeast rolls; white rice; mashed potatoes; corn; lima beans and the like. If the carb was of the sugar variety, well-just get out of the way or I'd likely mow you down. 

This would all have been just perfect if providing comfort and uplifting one’s spirit was all these foods did for me. But, no. What they also did for me is make me a great deal over weight which made me unhappy and in need of cheering up. The pattern was obvious. Eventually.

Once that 'eventually' showed up, I turned my back on junk food I've never looked back. 

We eat organic, natural veggies; gluten free carbs; brown rice; brown rice pasta; and our sweeteners are Turbinado, coconut sugar and honey. All of our sweets are homemade from cakes and pies to cookies and granola bars. AND, by the beginning of summer, we are going to give the RAW food diet a go. 

And what, exactly, are the benefits for me personally? 

Gone are the cravings! Gone is the lack of energy! Gone are 79 pounds!   

Is this for you? I don't know. But it's easy enough to find out- just do what I did: researchresearchresearch and readreadread about everything and that will enable you to make an informed decision. Everyone is different and it's up to each individual to make their own discoveries about which healthy habits will be good for them. 

This is the tenth day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on my personal journey to health and fitness, including weight loss.

Today's letter is J and my word for the day is JUNK.


  1. Wow that's great! I'm definitely going to do some research on some new diets. I'm glad that worked out so well for you and you still get to enjoy good food!!

    Just a Nice Girl

  2. Homemade is always best. Even though I do still love me a chocolate bar from Canada (like a KIT KAT), but mostly I enjoy homemade food over processed too!

  3. 79 pounds wow that is wonderful!

  4. Have you tried insects? Locusts are the healthiest source of protein on the planet and taste great raw or cooked.

  5. I haven't given them up entirely but I rarely fix them around here. Potatoes on holiday, no rolls, no mac and cheese...I miss it sometimes. I've always cooked from scratch and stayed away from processed so that hasn't been a drastic change around here. Sugar is a small issue. I've never been a person given to extremes though...a little bit of something is enough for me.

  6. my fiance and i just got into cleaner eating and the difference is insane. My problem has always been that I hate getting caught up in research and studies and whats "right" and "wrong" in food that I just figured I can eat what I like in moderation. Of course that helped me get a lot of weight off but with these last 2 weeks of clean food the difference in attitude and energy is astounding. I feel like a heel for being so stubborn for too long. Kudos to you (as usual) :0)

  7. Oh yes indeed. Junk food...sigh. love it!

  8. Not to mention all the salt we are eliminating when we eat fresh and unprocessed foo. Wow! 79 pounds! You are amazing.

  9. i know you are right---you have motivated me to try and eat better!

  10. Wow! Congratulations on those 79 pounds gone! Eating better and living a more healthy life are habits that once formed will - hopefully - be hard to break. :)

    Happy A-Z!

  11. Jennifer- Thanks! Yes, the best thing is too look around and see what's best for you!

    Betty- Kit Kat! I used to eat those things by the dozen! LOL

    jen- Thanks! But I still have another 100 to go.

    GB- Nope. There's a definite limit to the lengths I'm willing to go here. LOL

    Joyce- Most of my from scratch cooking was reserved for holidays although, when time allowed, it was from scratch all the way. Now, other ways are simply not an option. It's great that you've always been that way. I was too much of a fan of pizza and hamburgers! LOL

    CG- RIGHT?! Be glad you made the discovery at a young age instead of ancient like me! LOL

    mm- I know! :)

    Stephanie- Definitely! The salt AND sugar content of processed foods is ridiculous! Thanks!

    LP- I think you'll be totally amazed at the difference!

    Madeline- Thanks! I hope these habits are here to stay!

  12. Good for you!!! It takes courage and determination to break the Carb Circle. I eat Gluten Free with lots of fresh fruit and veggies and Home cooking low fat and EXERCISE. There's another KEY! Keep up the good work!

  13. Sue- Indeed it does! And the benefits---well, who knew?! LOL I'm doing it all! And then some. I'm checking into the RAW food path for the summer. It'll be a great time NOT to use the stove!

  14. Congratulations! You can find good food that can make you happy, you are right. But once in a while it's ok to feel free and indulge.. as long as you know that it;s only one meal..

  15. Congratulations! How many days did it take you to stop craving all the sugar? I really like your idea of eating only homemade food. If you are going to eat, it might as well be good!Best of luck as you continue!

  16. This is my second time doing low carb. Loved it the first time but then we got lazy. Easiet diet for me and this is now a life change for me. I actually lose weight without exercise. With my COPD it is hard for me but now that I am on a new drug (Spiriva) and feeling better I think I can start exercising a little bit. I've lost 21 pounds since mid-January. When you stop eating carbs you stop craving them. I have no cravings at all but I do dream a little about PB Cups!

  17. I could have written this Pam. I am the same way. As long and one does not pass my lips I am good, but just let one bite I am a goner.
    I think the biggest shock for me was the morning after I read Wheat Belly and the doors slid open to the grocery store and every aisle was filled with Carbs. All bad white refined filled with corn syrup. I was shocked. Junk is our way of life.


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