Thursday, April 12, 2012


I love Karaoke! I think it is BIG FUN! We used to have a karaoke machine when the lovelies were growing up and that thing provided us with countless hours of FUNFUNFUN!

Even if you don't enjoy participating in karaoke directly, it's just as much fun to watch everyone else make fools out of themselves have a blast!

What in the world does this have to do with health? Fitness? Weight loss? Lifestyle changes?

 It's the FUN part.

Believe it or not, it's actually possible to have fun getting healthy and fit. The trick is finding the things that make it fun for you personally.

I have changed my method of exercising about a million times (not as much of an exaggeration as you might think) but I've found something I really like to do and I not only have fun doing it, I had fun getting to it. There was the yelling at the girls who instruct on Yoga Booty Ballet and DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COUNT- 4 does NOT come after 6); the laughing at the Wii fit when I stepped up and the little ass voice said, "OH!" because I weighed so much and the discovery that I had ZERO balance; the walking of Deanie's 110 pound chocolate lab puppy who pulled me all around the ponds like a feather blowing in the wind behind him; my one and only attempt at P90x that nearly caused me to have a stroke from laughing at what he was telling me to do; the trial gym membership where the 80 years olds were putting me to shame on the treadmills and I couldn't do the weight machines because the 30 year old males distracted me; the time I discovered that ellipticals are of Satan... See? Fun!

Eating habits? I've changed those as well. AND, now that I've found what works for us, it's fun to prepare meals and discover newtome ways of cooking. Particularly now that everything I prepare is made from scratch- which reminds me of my grandmother and the fun times she and I had in the kitchen together! Even the mess-ups have been fun as we poke fun at them by saying what they remind us of or making those fake throw-up noises or the faces where we try to hide our disgust but can't. Y'all should have seen our faces the first time I made a green smoothie that looked more like swamp mud than something good for us.

What about weight loss? That can't be fun. Or can it? Yes it's a long, drawn out process, but I've had fun along the way. I'm still having fun. Because all of those things I've done to make our lifestyle healthier is also helping me with my weight loss.

And the practices such as oil pulling and dry skin brushing? Well, if you had seen the looks I got when I first mentioned them, you would know how that was fun. Deer in the headlights followed immediately by holycrapshehasfinallylosthermind looks.Fun AND funny! 

It's all in good fun. And good health.

Ok, it's not all fun and games. There are frustration and annoyances and bad moods and yelling to name a few. But, as with anything else, it is what you make of it. So, given a choice, why not make if fun?

This is the eleventh day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on my personal journey to health and fitness, including weight loss.

Today's letter is K and my word for the day is KARAOKE.


  1. The best thing about you is your attitude! I have never considered getting healthy "fun", but after reading this I realized that I HAVE to strive for it, because if it´s not fun, I will never hold my weight.
    Thanks for reminding me of that.

    PS. "ellipticals are of Satan" Soooo true! haha

  2. BIG smiles as I read this post!
    Fun is one of the most important things in my life, my motto being "if it's not fun you won't stick to it unless you have to"
    I cut out all optional non-fun things, cos this is my only life and I'm gonna enjoy it!
    Loved reading of all the things you've tried! I tried Karaoke for the first time last October and LOVED it! Not sure it was entertaining for those watching though!

  3. we have a karaoke machine and sometimes take it to church--love it--great posting!

  4. Enjoyed this very much! love singing but have never done karaoke, must try!

  5. Betty- I have to remind myself too. Sometimes, right in the middle of a run. LOL

    Mimi- You are so right- life is just too short not to be happy and have fun!

    LP- We really enjoyed ours when the lovelies were coming along!

    jen- Definitely check it out! It really is fun!

  6. I'm terrible at it but still think its fun. One year my niece got a karaoke machine for Christmas. We have family video of my sister (her mom) and I 'hogging it' At one point my niece, who was about 8, is crying because she wants a turn. We couldn't help ourselves!

    We have a machine but haven't pulled it out since moving back. Hubs is good...he always says he missed his calling and should have been in a band.

  7. Joyce- I am laughing just imagining y'all hogging the microphone! Hilarious! And fun, right? :) Get that thing out and have some fun!

  8. I stay away from Karaoke bars in the event I have to much to drink and think I can actually sing. But I have heard some amazing voices in these places. Some should be doing this for a living.

  9. Stephen- Well, while that may be true of SOME, it is NOT true of me. LOL

  10. You are so right about it being fun! It's all i how we look at it, right? Pass the microphone, honey. It's time for me to sing.

  11. Betty- Yes it is! And your voice is loud, strong, and lovely!

  12. Oh, yeah, karaoke is FUN!! Your post is FUN! And if you are this much FUN in the new lifestyle part of your existence...then it will only get better. Can't wait.

    BTW, not all of us think you've lost your mind...that dry skin brushing? Amazing - and FUN!

  13. Stephanie- Yay! Glad to hear you like the dry skin brushing! And that you don't think I've lost my mind! LOL

  14. Oh how fun! Yes, karaoke is great great fun! I love it! and a great K word!

  15. Tracy- Thanks! I like it too! We just don't get it out as much anymore...must remedy that. :)

  16. I love your posts! :) Oh, and I've heard that same little "oh" from the Wii voice/person. Sigh.

  17. I bought an Abba keep fit dance game for my wi and found it has a karaoke on it too. So the keep fit went out the window and I sang my heart out all afternoon and I might not have lost any weight but it did my soul a whole lotta good. Loving your blog and visiting from a to z challenge.

  18. Hi Pam. I so admire your attitude to all this fitness regime, and I love the idea of having so much FUN! That's got to be good - right?! I've never done Kareoke, but my favourite songs to belt out would be "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor; "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls, and "Man, I feel like a Woman" by Shania Twain!

  19. Karaoke is a lot of fun! I'm not brave enough to try it by myself yet, but it's still fun in a group. Julie

  20. I LOVE to sing. Quick! Cover your ears!;)

  21. I LOVE to sing. Quick! Cover your ears!;)

  22. MMS- Thanks! Yeah, makes me want to smack that thing when it says that. LOL

    Cassam- Really? I've got to check that out! Thanks! And hey, if you were rocking out while you were singing, I'm sure you burned some calories!

    Diane-AH! I LOVE your song choices! We must get together one day and sing, sing, sing!

    ENI- I have only done it with the family. No one else would stick around to hear me. LOL

    Patrice- Hahahaha! That's what you'd have to do if I was doing the singing!

  23. yeah. the only thing I like is hula hoops.

  24. SL- Oh gosh,I used to hula hoop all day long when I was a kid. Not sure I could still do it now though! LOL

  25. Well do you know I have never tried it. I am so glad you used that for K.
    It seems like a nice challenge. Now onto all of the posts I have missed.
    I found my dashboard, don't know if I will find it again. :)

  26. FG- Karaoke is so much fun! I know you'll like it!

  27. Ok so I went out and got a brush for the dry bushing but where did I miss the oil pulling? I am so happy you are having fun while losing weight. I'm back in the saddle again and enjoying trying so many new things. Funniest says Dr Oz is following me now in Pinterest. I'm sure it's one of his minions but it sure got my attention!


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