Thursday, April 19, 2012


Is NOT an option.

NOT because I say so. NOT because it's a really great philosophy to develop on the path to health and fitness.

But because, once the journey is underway, you simply won't want to quit. It is no longer an option.

I noticed that, once my goal became one of health and fitness instead of weight loss alone and my body adjusted and became used to the healthier choices I was making, quitting was no longer an issue. My body won't let quitting be one of my options.

My entire being LOVES the choices I am making on this journey to health and fitness. I think that if I walked in a place and there were no choices other than refined sugar, carbs-carbs-carbs, fried foods, white rice/bread, etc., my physical self would have me running out the door before my mind was fully aware of what was going on!

As a matter of fact, those smells that used to send me floating through the grocery store and fast food places now make me squish my nose up. I find those odors nearly repulsive.

Those baked goods? All I can smell is the sugar. And the fast food places? I smell grease. ICK.

Once that first step towards health and fitness is taken, another one follows. And then another. And another. And, the next thing you know, quitting is not even a hint of a thought.

If you've taken the first step, what did you do? If not, will you?

This is the seventeenth day of the A-Z April Challenge. I thought I might try a theme this year and focus on my personal journey to health and fitness, including weight loss.

Today's letter is Q and my word for the day is QUITTING.


  1. I can so relate to this! I passed a McDonalds running errands yesterday and the red light stopped us for a bit--I was so anxious to move on as the smell of grease was just noxious! lol I've quite enjoyed your a-z so far, you're such an inspiration. :)

  2. I think with sugar and salt in particular, once you've cut back (or eliminated in the case of sugar) you definitely find foods you used to love too sweet or salty.

    Keep on keepin' on!

  3. that is great, the smells aren't even tempting you

  4. Chantel- Those smells are noxious! You're right! Thank you so much! I have really appreciated your comments. I've also very much enjoyed your blog- you are quite a writer!

    Joyce- True. But what really surprised me was the fact that it has a distinct odor AND that that odor is sickening. Who knew? :)

    LP- No they aren't! And it is great! I never noticed the odors until I quit with all that icky stuff. Funny how that works.

  5. There's no turning back from a healthy lifestyle. I love the smell and taste of tomatoes. I prefer them to apples, which make me fart.

  6. Too much information Gorilla Bananas! Hee Hee!! That's great Pam, that those smells of the wrong types of food just don't tempt you any more. It's amazing really how your attitudes have totally changed, and I know that hubby and the lovelies also support you in this.

  7. I broke my salt bowl that I use for cooking. I keep my kosher salt in it and added it to pretty much everything.

    I decided not to replace it, you know what? I didn't need all that salt in my cooked food. And I don't miss it. Small steps quitting bad behaviors, and ya know what, after a week or two I didn't notice the taste was any different.

  8. Oh, Quitting, now that is hard, you have to stay the 'straight and narrow' when it starts to get a little hard but it helps when you no longer crave the food :)

  9. It's funny how our bodies become accustomed to things, isn't it?
    The smell of processed food turns me off, whereas other people (no names!) in this house just love it!!

  10. Well, I just knew this was going to be your word are definitely QUITLESS!!

    It's so true that you just don't want to eat that sugar, grease and - my personal favorite - salt. We have so much salt offered to us every day. Once you get used to how food really tastes it's like drinking seawater to food that has been salted.

  11. I admire your determination! Just think of all the money you would make if you could train others to get queasy around fast food joints and refined sugar! Congrats on your great progress! Julie


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