Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playing Around with Pictures

I'm trying out a new (to me) image converter for playing around with photos.

I've never used an image converter before so I'm really treading in deep water---without a lifesaver. But then, I do tend to make things more difficult than they really are. Especially when technology is involved.

The main benefit of the Pearl Mountain Image Converter is that you can re-format your photos to Jpeg, Bmp, Png, Pdf, Tga, Tiff, Gif, Psd, Pcx and Ico. Whatever those are.

Remember, I am very technology challenged. Very being the key word.

But I do know that there are photo contest websites that require your photos to be a certain size if they are chosen. Before Pearl Mountain- I couldn't change the size of my photos.

One of my photos was chosen to be featured in Mother Earth News (remember this magazine? STILL around!) and I couldn't re-size it. So- no photo in Mother Earth News. Dang it.

Also with Pearl Mountain--
  • You can re-format you photos
  • You can make corrections but only in color and brightness; sharpness; contrast
  • You can change you color photo to grayscale
  • You can crop
  • You can add a border
 The thing I like BEST (besides re-sizing) is that you can put a watermark on your photo.

It probably does even more and I just don't realize it--being all technology challenged and all it takes me a bit more time to play around with these things than most people.

Here's the thing. Pearl Mountain has given me 20 FREE CODES to GIVEAWAY!

It's really easy- the first 20 people who email me--momaloft4(at)gmail(dot)com--that they would like to try out the Pearl Mountain Image Converter will get a code! Simple as that! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Congrats on getting the new technology. It sounds like an awesome thing for your photography. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to get more out of it as soon as I figure out what the heck I'm doing. LOL

  3. That sounds like a worthwhile techno-toy to have. Looking forward to the results. You take some awesome photos!

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  5. Sounds like you're having fun playing around with the new software. I just use picasa for all those things you mentioned, except the watermark.
    Since my camera is not the best any more ( and my pics were all stolen with my laptop) my interest for photography has dwindled some...

  6. I have photoshop, photoshop for dummies and all my instructions on iPhoto ..I still haven't learned how to do a darn thing!

  7. Sounds good, but as long as my truly vintage PaintShopPro7 keeps working, I'm good. BUT, how about doing a post on Google+. I've been avoiding it. Can you tell me why I should join? And will it make my Blogger dashboard go away? Remember, I'm rigid and inflexible and I want to stay that way! ;-)


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