Monday, June 25, 2012

Does Anyone Out There Know How to do THIS?

I need a website or video or SOMETHING that shows me (step by step with the assumption that I do indeed need the proverbial picture drawn) how to can my tomatoes without using a pressure cooker--I'm scared to death of those things because I don't like the loud noise an explosion makes. Or an explosion itself.

I have heard that one can use a hot water bath (WTH?) instead of the pressure cooker which sounds much safer.

Let's assume that I am 5 years old and trying to do this. Those are the kind of instructions I need.

Oh, and one for pickles too- the cucumbers are going CRAZY!

Whatever/however, I need to be able to apply the KISS principle to this process.

So, yeah. Does anyone have anything like that? 

(Just click on the pictures to see where I found them! Oh, except the lady with the question marks- that's one I have via a subscription.)


  1. Pam, do you have a water bath canner?
    Do you have any recipes at all? Like a Ball canning book?
    Okay, this is a link to the best site I know of and I use the blue canning book I have like my Bible.
    It is so easy. When I make spaghetti sauce and can it, I never use a pressure cooker. In fact because my kids hated it so much I don't use it at all unless I am doing low acid food like green beans, or corn or something like that most things just use the water bath canner kind of thing.
    Gee, you just need to come over today, I am making strawberry jam. :) Just read every think on this site it will help.

  2. Kim- Thank you so much! I will read everything, I promise! I knew you would have the answers! I should have just emailed you directly. LOL Have a great day!

  3. you are smart to be careful with a pressure cooker--i don't remember what happened exactly--but i know my grandmother had one explode--i so admire people that can!!!!

  4. you are smart to be careful with a pressure cooker--i don't remember what happened exactly--but i know my grandmother had one explode--i so admire people that can!!!!

  5. you are smart to be careful with a pressure cooker--i don't remember what happened exactly--but i know my grandmother had one explode--i so admire people that can!!!!

  6. My mother canned tomatoes each and every year for as far back as I can remember. And, she never ever used a pressure cooker. She'd use a huge canning pot on two burners atop the stove to boiling...while her mason jars /lids /rubber seals were boiling in another huge pot of boiling water...when they were sealed in the hot jars, lids tight....she'd turn them upside down to seal the rubber until the jars were room temperature. Then store them in a cool dry place [for her it was a root cellar]....but just make sure that the room you store them in does not have a temperature fluctuation. I'm sure there are sites online through googling.

  7. Hoping you post the process and results so I can file it away for a later date : )

  8. So sorry this is way out of my league but those guys in the bathtub, yikes, what in the world LOL

  9. I'm with you on the whole pressure cooker thing, I'm terrified of them! As I am of those coffee makers where the pressure pushes the water up through the coffee...had a mini-explosion with it, now only ever use it outdoors on camping stove in the garden!!
    I hope you'll post more on the tomato process here, will enjoy reading it!

  10. The Canned Quilter is the expert I know...and my sister but she's at her house and it's too darn hot to get out.

  11. My mother-in-law used to can tomatoes too without the pressure cooker and they were delicious. Let me know how they turn out and how easy or difficult it is. I'd like to try it myself, I love sauce with real tomatoes.

  12. LP-I am so scared of those things! They just don't make sense to me! Was your grandmother injured at all?

    Anni- I watched my grandmother do this all the time when I was growing up but I remember nothing except how I loved being in the kitchen with her. Sounds like you enjoyed your time with your grandmother too!

    Joyce- Will do!

    Lucy- Wasn't that odd? LOL

    Mimi- I'm like that too. If it happens one time, I won't use it again. IF I survive the one time. LOL I will post my process- once I figure it out. :)

    Gail- Thanks! I'll check her out! It's hot here too- and humid!

    Debby- I didn't try Pinterest. I have a few ideas though- wish me luck. I'm gonna need it!

  13. Those guys in the redneck hot tub are living much more dangerously than using a pressure cooker.
    I found this on tomatoes - don't blame me for any stains.

  14. I was going to suggest the Ball Canning book, but I see someone already did.

    As for the pressure canner, I've always been terrified of them, but Ed and I took the plunge and bought one this spring. There's nothing to using it-- as long as you follow directions carefully.

    Good luck with your tomatoes! We're in the process of canning ours, too.

  15. One word of advice, if you decided to hot water bath the tomatoes: Be sure to add 1 T. lemon juice to the tomatoes. The county extension office says that although heirloom tomatoes were acidic enough to simply water bath, the newer varieties are a lower acidity level and must have lemon juice or citric acid added to keep the pH level safe.

    Aren't you glad you asked? lol

    And just FYI, pressure canning is way easier and not scary with a brand new canner. If I could come visit when Wisconsin is horrid cold, say January, I would be glad to help you can tomatoes - so if you could just hold onto them until next January??

  16. bill- LOL So true! Thanks! I'll check it out!

    Kathy- I'm checking it out. I'm not the best at following directions if they're long and drawn out. Let me know how y'alls turn out!

    Judy- I have read that about the lemon juice. If we have another winter like last year, the tomatoes will probably last until January! LOL


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