Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Sizzle- Week 3 Update; Week 4 Deets

It's time for the Summer Sizzle update for the end of Week 3 and the beginning of Week 4-

More like the summer fizzle stay the same. Again.

Except for 2 lbs that are MIA- and I am NOT going to be looking for them. And the 1/2 inch from my neck, the 1/2 inch from my waist and the 2 inches from my hips. Won't be looking for those either. They can just STAY GONE. Good riddance!

I did a little better with my calories but forgot to track ON TIME a couple of days----

The missing calories for Monday totaled 1671. Today's isn't on there for obvious reasons.
The exercise is about to get serious this week. I never made it over to the senior center to join but, in my defense, I was rather occupied with a HUGE project that involved stripping down and painting an entire bedroom suit so...

BFF is going over to the center with me tomorrow- we hope anyway. I may have mentioned that she's sadistic ruthless a personal trainer. I am AND am not looking forward to this. All that to say- I will be late on last week's weekly challenge. Sorry y'all.

The challenge for this week: Week 4 - (begin June 24) - 100 oz OF WATER AND SHARE A FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPE---Well, considering our humidity is around a gazillion percent now and our temps in the 90s, the water shouldn't be an issue at all. Sheesh. I'll be sharing healthy recipes on Tuesday and Thursday!

 That's it for me- I can't wait to see how the rest of you sizzlers did this week! Keep on keepin' on ladies! 


  1. Woohoo for those inches lost! So happy for you.
    And those "Calories burned" are just so admirable!
    Can't wait to see those new recipes you'll be posting.

  2. Way to go, Girl! I've just been working hard all week, and can see less pudge n the middle here. No scale, no calorie count, just sweat-soaked clothes and smaller portions at supper and lunch. I know I'm smaller, and healthier. You are such an inspiration. Keep on keeping on.

  3. i feel motivated to pursue the journey towards a better healthful me! thanks. :D

  4. I'm waiting for the recipes...:)

  5. Betty- Thanks! It's about damn time the scale moved. LOL

    Rosemary- Thanks! Less pudge- YAY! I won't be counting calories beginning July 1- so we'll see how that goes! Good for you!

    danne- Great! All it takes is that first step and some determination!

    Alessandra- There are some from last week and I'm going to get tomorrow's ready in just a bit!

  6. Yey for the poundage and inches lost! Love it!!!!
    I didn't do great with meeting challenges either but was happy for a loss. Good luck with getting to the senior center! Maybe your friend will help you shed another 2! Sometimes it's fun to work out with someone you know will really push you to your limits! Have fun!

  7. Rochelle- Sometimes it's fun to work out with a friend. But mostly that's when the friend is not a personal trainer. LOL Thanks! And thanks for hosting the challenge too! I'm really enjoying it- loss or no loss!

  8. congratulations on your successes...I just can't get motivated.

  9. love those inches lost!! Never find them again indeed. Humidity makes me not want to drink water... I'm breathing enough of it! This week will be a little tough.

    Have fun with your evil sadistic trainer friend. :)

  10. Those look like great numbers!!!
    Good luck with this week :)


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