Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fragments!

It's Friday AGAIN. How does this happen every week?! The velocity with which these weeks are flying by is CRAZY! But no worries- because with Friday comes our chance to join Mrs. 4444s over at Half-Past Kissin' Time for some Friday Fragments!

Week 2 of C25k is officially over. Whew. It really wasn't all that bad. Except for Wednesday when my allergies got in the way. I've decided that it is beneficial for me to go ahead and mow the backyard instead of waiting for the husband to get around to it. Plus, it's pretty darn good exercise. But the allergies are a definitely issue. Another issue is week 3. LOL

It's been a good week for food around here. I've been trying new recipes- here and here. Just another week and a half until I begin the 31 days of Gerson and RAW foods- which includes smoothies!

I've discovered that there is a bad thing about blogging. Specifically, bloggy friends. It's been GREAT meeting of you blogging buddies, but there is a down side. Y'all live TOO FAR AWAY from me! We can't go to the beach and walk together. We can't have coffee or tea together. We can't get together and do stuff. Does that mean I wish I never started blogging? Nope! It just means I wish we all lived closer to each other.

Speaking of bloggy friends- my friend Kim, of My Field of Dreams fame, sent me some sunflower seeds (among others) last year. I planted them this year and LOOK:

Aren't they pretty? There are a bunch more but they haven't bloomed just yet. Although one of them is taller than I- and I'm 5'10"! Some little pest is eating the leaves-even though I am putting Diatemacious Earth on them- but the plants are still growing, so that's good!

Birdie just finished week 3 of Lundy soccer camps in NC. Next week she's off to the one at Wofford and then it's back to work the one here in Charleston. And then, July16th, she and the boytoy are off to visit LONDON! Talk about busy!  At least she's back on the east coast instead of 20 hours away in Texas!

In one month from Sunday, DoodleBug will turn 21! My baby has gone and grown right up just like her sisters did. The good news- all of her sisters will be here to celebrate! The husband turns more than 21 on Monday. We'll celebrate that the following weekend. We have to schedule birthday celebrations depending on when we can get the most kids home!

And today, I get to take my BFF to lunch for her birthday- it was May 23 but she's been swamped with wedding planning for her daughter that we just haven't been able to fit it in. Today we will though and I get updated on all the wedding plans! Her daughter and Deanie have been friends since they were 2 years old- that was 23 years ago!

Have a fantastic weekend, y'all!


  1. Those sunflowers are gorgeous! You have such a green thumb - me, my poor plants tremble in fear whenever I get too close...

  2. I wonder what would be the most central location for us all to move to? I know that I don't have any plans in the near future to move to your climate. lol As alluring as that beach is, the heat would kill me - and poor Bridger!

    You're so busy with birthdays, and isn't it so different now that the girls are grown, that you have to make an appointment to celebrate. Such is life once kids move out of the house and have lives of their own. I think it's brilliant that you're actually having separate celebrations for your daughter and for your husband. Clever girl you are! That way the fam is together twice, rather than once!

    Your sunflowers are so cheering! And thank you for reminding me that I need to mow the backyard. I need the exercise, and will get out there and do it cuz it's 63 degrees right now. :-) - aren't I wicked.

  3. You said it! It would be great to walk on the beach with you. Or vice versa. I often think that we all should meet up somewhere and hang out for a while. Now there's a project for dreaming of when it's too hot to walk.

    I love sunflowers. I'm wondering why we don't have any growing up around the yard right now. The squirrels must have really cleaned up the bird food this year!

  4. Those sunflowers are gorgeous ... so cheery!

    I'm so ready to move nearby ... if I could just get DD & DSIL on board ... can't be that far from my grands! ;-)

  5. very pretty... and bright, flowers! my mood has been lifted! thanks.

  6. Gorgeous photos of the flowers!
    I recently finished Week 2 and am about to start Week 3 of C25K. I'm nervous!! Good luck getting through week 3 :)
    I totally hear you about blogging friends being so far away! Maybe it'll end up being a great excuse to travel and visit new places ;)

  7. Aw, wouldn't a walk on a beach with blogger friends be such an incredible treat?
    Your sunflowers are fabulous!
    My son's birthday is May 23rd (and you've just reminded me that I never made his birthday cake, as it was daughter's Grad that day, so we just bought a little cake and promised him my usual homemade one "soon"). That's a job for Sunday!
    Enjoy your weekend and yuour celebrations!

  8. MMS- Thanks! I just adore sunflowers! Now, my inside plants? I have ONE plant living inside that I haven't killed and I've had it for about 5 years now! I'm very proud. LOL

    Judy- I know what you mean about the heat down here! Tucker gets hot too- from about April until October, I find myself carrying him on our walks. Ah, so you're on to my devious plans about the birthdays? LOL Mowing the lawn is definitely exercise. And a killer with the allergies!

    Stephanie- It would be so much fun to have everyone get together! We could do it in different places each year so we could all see areas that we've never seen before! Yes! I vote YES!

    Kathy- I love sunflowers! And daisies! Just tell them they have to come and make them do it. LOL

    Betty- If you lived closer and we could walk together, I'd give up running and walk with you every single day! :)

    danne- I'm so glad they had that affect on you! They do the very same thing for me!

    Plum- Thanks! Oh gosh- how did week two go for you? I'm terribly worried about the 3 minute part next week. Good luck to you too!

    Mimi- It truly would! Thanks! Goodness, if your son is like the lovelies he won't let you forget! LOL

  9. Wouldn't it just be great to live close by? I would love to go for walks on the beach and chat away. Hey, what about skype? We could talk and see each other at the same time, something to think about uh?
    The color of those sunflowers is just spectacular. Do you have a large calendar where you write which lovely is going to be home and for how long? I would totally go nuts just trying to keep all the dates straight, I guess you have had a lot of practice...:)

  10. Alessandra-It's funny but I always forget about Skype! We did use it quite a lot when Birdie was in Texas. I don't use a calendar-I think it's like you said, I've had a lot of practice. When they were all coming along I had to write down all their activities on a calendar but now, the things I have to keep up with are easy enough in my head. I just LOVE sunflowers! I was so excited to see them blooming!

  11. i have to take allergy pills an hour before i do anything outside, this year my allergies are terrible.

  12. jennifer- And it's annoying as hell, isn't it? The husband doesn't suffer from allergies. He suffers from lack of motivation.

  13. A Blogger conference would be fun! (But who'd be blogging during the conference??)

    The sunflowers are beautiful!

  14. Here I am, I am so glad you told me you posted pictures. It is so good to see that those seeds bloomed. I am always scared when I send seeds that they won't come up. I wonder what is eating your flowers? It could be I suppose something like a leaf cutter bee or something.
    I have just been busy with my kids. Yesterday was a all day kind of day.
    I have a 21 year old daughter. :) She was born in March. It is nice to think of you being pregnant when I was in 1991.
    Just a lovely time isn't it?
    Have a great weekend.

  15. WOW!! Those sunflowers are awesome!!
    My sister deals with allergies and they really get her down at times.

    I would love to grab coffee w/you :)

    Enjoy all the Birthday celebrations!!!

  16. I adore your photos. I love your thoughts on blog friends. It would be awesome to live closer and do things together. Tell Birdie to have a wonderful time. Go to AAA and buy the spiral guide, it helped me so much. How exciting for DoodleBug to be turning 21!
    Happy Birthdy to your husband. My dads birthday is Monday too. Do you drink milk? My brother was recently having allergy issues and found that he is doing so much better off of dairy. He has been using allergy pills each year and they weren't helping much. FYI


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