Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot Time on the 4th

Did anyone else spend all day yesterday thinking it was Saturday? I sure did. I was surprised this morning when the husband's alarm went off so I asked, "Why is your alarm going off on Sunday?" His reply- "Because it's Thursday."


We had a cookout yesterday afternoon. In June, I was sent a BBQ kit from McCormick to use for a cookout. We had to postpone ours twice before we finally pulled it off yesterday! Y'all know how life gets in the way and all that.

It was HOT. I mean H.O.T. So all we did outside was the grilling. The eating, talking, games, etc. all took place inside. Sweltering + cooking out is NOT equal to a good time in my book.

Anyway, here's our afternoon in some pictures---as is often the case, I sat and talked and forgot to take a lot of pictures. Oops!

I started off marinading the chicken----

And the ribs---

Here are the other products McCormick sent me to use--- I did NOT look at the ingredients though I'm sure the products contained some ingredients that we just do not eat anymore. However, with the healthy level of the meats I chose and the other foods, it was (probably) acceptable. For this meal anyway.

 The grilling of the ribs---

The husband in deep thought as to the doneness of the ribs---

Consensus? Perfection!

Just to make sure, the husband samples a rib or two while grilling the chicken.

Actually, the conversation went something like this:
Me: You and Tucker and I should sample that little piece.
The Husband: Can we?
Me: Hey, I bought and prepped this stuff, you earned the money and grilled it- we can do whatever we want to do.
The Husband: Let's do it!

If he ever decides to leave his job at the port, he could get a job as the best burger flipper ever!

Ok, this next one is my family being mean funny (with their warped sense of humor). I'm always saying, don't pick at the food. Wait until people get here so the presentation will be nice. Aren't they just a riot?

Besides the meat dishes, we had: potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, watermelon and red velvet cupcakes. Everything was homemade and organic. The meats were organic free range/grass fed, etc.

Those are Evwardo's parents in the picture with Evwardo and Birdie- don't they look nice? Well, they're even nicer than they look!

Here's a group of feasters---

And here's my silly DoodleBug-- who is going to turn 21 in 19 days.

I put my guest book out and told everyone to write something about America or freedom or something related to the holiday and I would take a picture to share on the blog. Well, because my lovely family possesses a brand of hilarity that is cynical satirical different (I have no idea where they get it), I thought it best to leave that shot out. You're welcome.

Hope y'all had a fantastic 4th!


  1. Yep! Felt like Saturday here, too. Your BBQ looked YUMMY!

  2. It looks fun. The food looks wonderful. Don't you just love this part of life? I think it is great. I don't have to cook for days with all of the leftover food. Yay!!
    Have a great Sun oops Thursday. It was hard to get up and do Thursday stuff when I felt like it was Sunday too. :)

  3. Kathy- Isn't that the way it is when these things fall on a weekday? I've been having Sunday all day. LOL Thanks!

    Huntress- We've got leftovers! Come on over!

    Kim- It's the same here with the leftovers because I totally forgot to send some home with the kids. I'm sure they'll be back. LOL Hey, it's been Sunday all day here. LOL

    jennifer- Hahahahaha! Did any of us get it right? At least you'll be glad tomorrow when it's actually Monday...I mean Friday. LOL

  4. We just laid low yesterday and stayed inside where it was cool. Looks like your day was a lot more fun. Give Tucker a hug for me.

  5. Michele- Sometimes laying low is a really good thing. I'm doing that today. Tucker hasn't been feeling well the last two days- a hug will make him feel better.

  6. what GREAT pics you have from the holiday...i mistakenly left my camera at home :(

  7. Hi Pam. Super family photos you've shared with us today, and it was lovely to see everyone looking so happy and celebrating the 4th July. Love the shot of them all 'picking' at all that gorgeous food. It all looks so yummy! Glad you had such a lovely time.

  8. My husband would have tried to eat whole rack of ribs himself, those things looked awesome! Your entire table of food looked so yummy and it sounds like you all had fun and played it smart, inside :)

  9. skoot- Oh no! I hate it when that happens! And it used to happen all the time- I can't tell you how many pictures I never got. That's probably why I take so many now. LOL

    Diane- Hey! Thanks! We'll have everyone home at the end of the month for DoodleBug's 21st birthday!

    Lucy- They were and your husband and mine could have devoured the ribs themselves! It was so hot outside we just couldn't do it.

  10. Good grief, those ribs look delicious!! And what a table spread for the fam. BTW, isn't it nice that McCormick spices are safe to use.
    Stay cool. Imagine living before AC. Yikes.

  11. omgosh--your food and table looks amazing!!

  12. Judy- They were! Are they safe to use? I wasn't sure but I had already committed to having the cookout. That's good to know. I did live before AC. But it didn't seem this hot when I was a kid.

    LP- Thanks! We did have a good time. All of the lovelies will be home at the end of the month for DoodleBug's 21st birthday!

  13. Lovely family!

    Holidays in the middle of the week always throw my sense of what day it is off. I am sure you are not the only one feeling like today should be Saturday or Sunday.

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I would love to see the guest book..I'm sure my humor would fit right in!

    How is Tucker? Winston had another bout with clostridium and is still on Flagyl and Amoxicillin. The cats have been hiding due to the oppressive heat, and no AC, at our hone in Loveland!

  15. What a spread! Not much of a rib eater, but that chicken looks delicious. Your family is very photogenic!

  16. Hi Pam,
    Looks like you had a great Fourth! I was traveling home after visiting kidlets in Richmond and DC! Plenty of hot highways but the traffic was actually thinner on the return trip...the actual Fourth of July! We got back just in time for another summer storm and a power outage! And so it goes!
    What a feast you had...happy times!

  17. No fair! No fair! No fair! They don't sell those here! We love McCormick marinades; they're all we've used for years, actually and we'd love to try those in your post. Maybe some day...

    Loved the pics, btw--So much fun :)

  18. I love the Montreal steak seasoning-yum! Looks like quite the feast : )

    My hubs took the rest of the week off so all day yesterday I thought it was Saturday. I don't think I'll be right until about Wednesday!


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