Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She's a WHAT?

The first time it was time to go back to school after DoodleBug's senior year, I was lamenting that I had no shopping to do. No building excitement over who the year's teachers were going to be.  No new clothes to try on and purchase. No band camp. No back to school preparation whatsoever. I even lamented over the back to school commercials on television. And I STILL went out to look at everything the stores had to offer in the back-to-school sections.

School started today in our county. And I've hardly thought of it at all. I mean, I wonder if the kids we know are all excited about the start of a new school year. And I'll be emailing their moms today just to ask about how the day went for the kids. But I paid no attention to the supplies offered at the stores. I barely noticed the commercials. Am I over it?

Maybe. But more likely it's that my focus is a bit different.

The baby is a college senior this year. A. COLLEGE. SENIOR. WTH?!

I'm not sure how this happened. I really have been paying attention and I've been as involved as the parent of a college student can be. But it flew right by anyway. And, come May, the last lovely will be out of college. So I might be lamenting that just a little bit. But only a little. Because it's really hard to lament over something that I'm really quite proud of.

And I'll be back shopping for those back to school supplies before you know it. DoodleBug is an education major. And, when she gets a classroom, she'll need me to help her set it up, right? Sure she will!

Are your kids/grandkids excited about starting back to school this year?


  1. My son who is a high school senior, was not. Once we did a day of school he was okay.
    Isn't it weird when you don't have to buy the stuff that used to be so important? I think it is just bittersweet. I still like the new pens and pencils. :)

  2. Breezy and I still love to look at pens and pencils too. Problem is, we never just look. LOL Is this your last high school senior? I could never had homeschooled through high school. At some point they just got way smarter than me. :)

  3. The baby? How could it be??? In the blink of an eye, it seems!

    You will have so much fun helping her supply her classroom. How lucky she is to have an eager helper! :-)

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog Pam. Wedding planning is coming along. Unfortunately I have little to do, other than say "yes we can afford that" or "no that's too expensive"...LOL!
    No, not really everything is going fine. Next month we want to plan a shower for the bride. I hope we can surprise her!

  5. I loooove teacher supply stores. I have been buying bits and pieces all summer for my daughter. So much cute stuff for the classrooms!

  6. Judy- Yes. My baby. And it was in the blink of an eye. :( This makes the empty nest seem that much more empty even though she hasn't lived here with us in three years.

    Betty- Oh I hope she's surprised! That will be so wonderful! Have someone takes lots of pictures for us to see! It'll make me feel like I'm there having fun with y'all!

    Joyce- Me too! Luckily, I've saved tons of stuff from when I was an interventionist in the elementary school here that she can use. Other than that, next summer I'll be doing the same thing!

  7. I still have three schooling at home, but above and beyond school supplies for them, I buy LOTS of school supplies for Operation Christmas Child's shoebox ministry.

  8. Aw, I love stationery stores, and getting new stuff for the new school year.
    2 things...is it really 21st August already? I could have sworn it was only July!
    ..and second, your schools go back early, don't they? I thought we were bad, going back on 28th!(that would be, by my calculation that it's only July, about 6 weeks away!) wonder would that excuse work??
    Of course Doodlebug will need your help!

  9. Funny you should mention back to school today. My grand-daughter who will be 4 asked about school today, her mom told her she has a couple of years yet after many questions little one decided she didn't want to go to school. So mom told her if she went to school she could go to college and learn about flowers. She then asked if she could learn about bugs, trees and butterflies. Mom said yes. That made some sense to her and she's okay with going to school if it means she can learn things she wants to learn. Boy is she in for a rude awakening.

  10. Oh, my gosh, a Senior in college!! How exciting,your baby,your last one!!

    Like you, I haven't really noticed the back to school stuff, only when placed right in front of me,by an ad or reading a mommy blog.
    I do have a great niece starting Kindergarten next week, I want to do something a little special for her, you know that first day is always a special one :)


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