Sunday, August 5, 2012

Touring the Town: Day 1

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! I've just been entertained by entertaining our visitors since Wednesday. And it was FUN!

My dad, stepmom and nieces came down for a few days and we did that touristy thing.

Day 1 was, not surprisingly, HOT. But we refused to let the heat and humidity stop us. So we went for a 5,000 mile walk around downtown Charleston. Although all the lovelies love Charleston, none of them love it like Birdie does. And she loves to walk. And she's used to the heat. She was our tour guide.

There are gorgeous old oaks all over the city. This one is near a statue at the Battery. I preferred taking a picture of Birdie with the nieces over the statue though. 

The walk from Battery Park, along the battery, to Waterfront Park was done in FULL SUNLIGHT. Geez, was it ever HOT! And still, they smiled for the camera---

We found a smidge of shade with Rainbow Row as a backdrop. Unfortunately, the sun was so bright (and HOT, did I mention HOT?) that you can't see the lovely colors. But you can see the lovely Birdie and the lovely nieces.

I LOVELOVELOVE this little cobblestone street downtown.

The Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park- a little relief for the feet. That's Niece1, Niece2, my Stepmom, and Birdie.

A shot of the harbor. Birdie said her shorts felt like she had just ironed them when she jumped down. I told you it was HOT.

Swinging at Waterfront Park- Niece2, the Stepmom, Niece1.

After lunch in an air conditioned restaurant (Fleet Landing, of course), we were a bit rejuvenated, so we walked the market. If you ever want to take a carriage tour of the city- just follow your nose and you'll find one. I hate that they make the horses pull those carriages in the summer. Just hate it. Cause it's HOT down here. That's Birdie in the right corner... in her 'makeyoulooklikeacop' sunglasses.  

Weaving Sweetgrass Baskets are such an art! Back in the way day, it was just considered a necessity.

The nieces never complained about the HEAT or the walking. They never complained about anything at all. They just smiled and said, "Sure! We can do that!" These girls are so awesome!

Thought some of you (Barb) might get a kick out of these next two shots---(what you might not be able to see is that they've attached the cups to glass pedestals...)

We had an absolute BLAST with everyone! There are more days coming soon!

Hope y'all have had a fantastic weekend! And that it hasn't been too HOT!


  1. Those baskets are lovely...a necessity, yes, but they took the time to give them meaning and beauty.

    So, when I'm even the teensiest bit tempted to moan about heat here today - and for us , it's hot - I'll remember that I ain't seen nothin'!

    I think I might save Charleston for a winter trip LOL

  2. Stephanie- Hey, it's going to be winter before I go out of the house again. LOL I think the beauty of the baskets was a coincidence but the meaning is definitely there. And the heritage. I could stand and watch those lovely ladies weave all day long!

  3. I would love to go walking around Charleston. I love those baskets and those party cups are a total riot. All of the girls are so very cute. I can't wait to see more pictures. I love reading about Charleston and getting to see it is awesome.

  4. Kim- You just come right on over here and I'll take you to see everything! And then, we'll buy us a couple of party cups and head for the beach! WooHoo!

  5. Hi Pam. No chance of it being hot over here! LOL!! Great photos and those nieces look like lovely girls.I did smile at the Charlestonopoly!! They've got so many versions out now, haven't they?!

  6. I'd love that cooler temperatures. I think the youngsters cope better in the heat than the over 40 crowd ;)
    I want some of those glasses. Cool!

  7. It does look like everyone had a great time and were able to take the heat!...:)JP

  8. Heat and all it looks and sounds like all had a good time :)

    I love cobblestone streets.

    Those baskets are so nice, gosh, I could really use them.

    Now,the red cups, that cracked me up LOL

  9. Beautiful! I've wanted to see Charleston ever since I found our family has roots there...this tour gave a very tantalizing taste of the town.

  10. The kids sure looked like they had fun. Charleston looks like a real nice town, gotta go see it one day. It was so hot in Rome the last couple of weeks that one of the carriage horses collapsed, so the mayor put a halt to carriage rides until the temp. goes down. Glad you had a good visit with the family, and yes I'm having separation anxiety from the chis already. :)

  11. Jeez, I HATE the heat, but I would deal with it for a great day in Charleston! What a wonderful day you all had! Love the pics!

  12. I can imagine the heat. Charleston is such a charming city, even with all that humidity.

    When we lived in Annapolis our houseguests always wanted a DC tour. In July. And for some reason people who aren't familiar with DC think its no big deal to walk the mall at noon : )

  13. It's lovely that your girls love where they live and want to show it to visitors.
    And it is a beautiful place. The baskets are fab! Had me thinking...if I ever get to Charleston, I must leave space in my suitcase for some of those.
    Pam, we've had such rotten summer weather, that I'm jealous of your heat! We've even had the heating on some nights, arrgh!
    Your nieces are gorgeous, love their smiling faces!


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