Monday, January 21, 2013

Closet List

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! 
Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we our topic was 10 Things In Your Closet.

Next week, we'll be listing 10 things we thought we would grow up to be when we were kids. I'm so glad Stasha gives us a heads-up each week because some of these lists require thought.

We live in a small house but each of our bedrooms has a lovely 5x6 foot walk-in closet. These closets don't seem so big when there are 26 years of stuff in them that have been left here by the four people who are now grown up and not living in our cozy little house any more. I'm just about to do some serious purging. Serious.

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Ten Things In My Closets (that shouldn't be here but should be in the closets of the lovelies):
  1. Dresses. That's right- dresses. LONG dresses from proms long gone by and sorority events that have also long gone by and bridesmaids dresses. My thoughts: Put those suckers on Craigslist and keep the money. 
  2. Random discarded crap. Yep. All that crap that they have no use for but couldn't figure out just what to do with it? It's all here. But I'm thinking it has a date with the sanitation department of our fair town.
  3. Yearbooks. Seriously- every single yearbook from elementary school through high school. Luckily, no one was that interested in their college yearbooks...not even sure all the colleges attended by the lovelies offered such a thing. Nevertheless, those dang things are here and taking up space. Quite possibly these heavy space taker-uppers are going to meet their doom if the lovelies don't take them to their own closets soon.
  4. Coats. Some of these are old while others are not. I keep hearing the lovelies say things like, "I don't have a coat." That's because they're in the closet here. Where y'all don't live. 
  5. American Girl stuff. I have to admit that I do not have a problem with this stuff. I love American Girl dolls and Bitty Baby and the little miniatures. Yeah, that stuff can stay.
  6. Other toys. This is a collection of things ranging from Spider Man to tea sets to Nerf and water guns. This stuff has to go. Except the Nerf guns. And the water guns. 
  7. Dance clothes. Deanie was a dancer (extraordinaire) and performed with a competition dance team in high school. All of those costumes are still here. 
  8. Pictures. Not photographs but pictures that they bought for their college apartments and then, after graduating, decided these were no longer usable so why not decorate the closets at home. 
  9. Deanie's college projects. That can't be too bad you say? Ha. She was an interior design major. It's bad.  Oh and let's not forget DoodleBug's band shoes (4 pairs) and drumsticks and other random percussion instruments. Thank God her drum set is long gone.
  10. Everything they get for Christmas but don't want to take to their own houses. Each year we all get a Christmas music box and ornaments from Mimi (my mother). Breezy is the only one who takes her to her house. Of course, to be fair, she is married and they have bought a house. And Birdie did take hers to her apartment this past Christmas. But I'm betting that she's going to pack them up and bring them back here before all is said and done.

Guess the nest isn't as empty as I thought. 
Your turn! What's in y'alls closets? 


  1. No way I would have left my yearbooks behind at my mother's house!! too much incriminating evidence is written inside! LOL

  2. I can only imagine the lovelies' closets are much like my own, gasp...Time to call the Salvation Army truck uh? Have you thought about having a serious garage sale? I think that's what I'm going to do with mine, except for my shoes, those stay for sure...:)

  3. I have told the kids, come September when I am no longer doing school, I am going to rent a dumpster and I am cleaning out crap. I mean the married ones have been married going on 7 years, I think it is about time.
    I still have toy boxes!! Full to the brim.
    I also have a ton of oil paintings that my MIL painted. Just taking up space. I wish I had the nerve to just load them all up and take them back.
    I loved this list, in fact it really made me laugh. I can see the coat closet because I have one too. I need to do the same thing. Once a coat makes it there that is where it stays, it must be the coat of doom closet.
    I hope you have a nice week.

  4. I know exactly where you are coming from. I, too, raised four daughters. Until they got married, I had a lot of their stuff. Then ever so slowing, when I went visiting I would take them a bunch and say" I was cleaning and came across this and thought you might want it." and I would just leave it. Still do have some painting under a bed that the artist daughter didn't want and I can't bear to toss. One day she will have to deal with them. lol
    I am a new follower of your blog. I am sure I am going to enjoy it.

  5. Tell your lovelies to take this at a warning - my prom dress, and all kinds of stuff from my childhood "crap" is missing. My daddy swears he doesn't know what happened to it. That's code for, "I threw that junk out." They moved and I wasn't at the old house to say goodbye or take claim of my crap. I enjoyed your list and your closet must be huMONGus!

  6. I can't bring myself to part with prom and bridesmaids dresses either. I don't know why....

  7. LOL! Mine aren't too bad, since we moved in a year ago...I got rid of all kinds of stuff then and am in the mood to do it again so I've started a pile on the chair in the bedroom. It grows weekly...:)JP

  8. Yikes! Your closets sound suspiciously like mine. Time for a purge for me! :)

  9. I have no idea what happened to my many prom and bridesmaid dresses. I must have finally gotten rid of them though I can't for the life of me remember what I did with them. Now I'm going to have to call my mother and ask her!

  10. My closets aren't too bad, but that's because there are boxes in the basement : )

  11. Oh, my! That's a lot of purging to do. I couldn't do that much without sitting down and reminiscing over each thing. It would take me forever. We sort of do ours every six months or so. But we've only lived here for 20 years and we had to purge just to get into our little house - with no basement!

  12. Rory- I always tried to get the lovelies to hide things from me- being their mom and all that- but they just never did. I knew way too much. Way more than the yearbooks revealed. I used to sit there and just listen but, on the inside, I was like, "WTH? I don't want to hear this!" LOL

    Alessandra- I have thought about it but I might get more $$ if I take them to a consignment shop. Haven't decided just yet. But I sure would love to free up some space! How's everything going? Email me and fill me in on your life these days.

    Kim- Coat of doom closet= LOL but sounds just about right. :) I can't believe you'll be done with schooling in September. Are you looking forward to it or dreading it or mixed?

    Rose- I'm so glad you stopped by! I just love meeting another mother of four daughters! It's so great! I have taken nearly everything that belongs to the married daughter. The other ones don't have a 'permanent' home yet...just renting apartments and living with roommates still. So I tend to let things stay here. But I'd really like to have the space. I'm coming over to your blog to visit and return the follow!

    Kenya- They don't really want any of it. But I bet they'll want any $$ I get from selling all of it. LOL I have thrown some of it away but I'm really the one who holds onto it. I keep thinking they'll want it when they have more permanent residences.

    Robbie- I know. I'm sort of like that too- and they're not even MY dresses. LOL I'm really thinking consignment shop at this point.

    JP- I hope it's not going to take a move because we aren't planning one. LOL

    Jessica- Come purge mine while you're at it! :)

    Diane- I know my mother got rid of all my stuff. Maybe that's why I tend to hold onto the lovelies' things.

    Joyce- Oh man! What I could store in a basement! But, being only 6 feet above sea level, basements are non-existent around here. We'd have to put everything in little boats. LOL

    Stephanie- I've run into that problem on several occasions. Every time I try to purge, as a matter of fact. :) I guess I should just get started and do a bit at a time. Which I would do were I not lacking motivation. Ah, the truth comes out. LOL

  13. That empty nest line made me laugh. That is a ton of stuff! I don't know if I would have the patience to sell it. I'd probably pack it into boxes which would sit there for another 5 years before I got around to taking them to the thrift store.

  14. You crack me up. Mama might just go to a nice cruise with all the dress profits ;) when my son leaves in years to come I am demanding he leaves the Legos behind. We have spend thousands on them and I need something to occupy myself and husband when we retire!!

  15. After reading this, all I can say is, "I'm so glad I have boys!"


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