Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's The Little Things

Oh goodness, the things you hear at school. At least, when it's an elementary school...

A kindergartener regarding the scarecrow contest:

"He winned! He winned!" (New word for won).

A fifth grader in response to my instructions that "These are the only two sites you may access."

"Are these the only two sites we can go to?"

A third grader when his computer shut down--

"I was just sitting here. I didn't do anything."

A second grader when her computer shut down--

 "I was just sitting here. I didn't do anything."

A first grader when her computer shut down--

"I was just sitting here. I didn't do anything."

I have finally come to realize that we have magic computers in our computer lab. They magically go to sites the students are not allowed to visit (nothing bad, we are protected in school); they magically shut down whenever they want to without anyone touching anything; fingerprints appear on their screens without anyone touching the monitor at all, ever;and, every so often, a mouse will just jump off the table without anyone touching it...Sheesh. 

A kindergartener who saw me in the hall--

"Ms. Wasson (oh yeah, in kindergarten I have many names but Mrs. Lofton is not one of them) LOOK! I lost a teeth!"

Another kindergartener who loves to chat on the way to intervention:

"Mrs. Woffun, I goed to my granny's house this weekend! And she gived me this!"

While my classes are sitting at their computers learning to keyboard, I often take an empty seat here and there and illustrate PKP (Proper Keyboarding Position). Last week, while sitting there typing away, when I finished, I nearly jumped out of my seat as the student sitting next to me shouted out---


Yep. There's never a dull moment at school. There's also never a shortage of cute little kids making us laugh! I have so many more- but I didn't want y'all to bust a gut all in one sitting.

Who makes you laugh during the week?


  1. This week I laughed when I missed typing a word in my FB status that caused quite an uproar.
    This was my status:
    "Slept with a 30 year old last night....certainly got my $$$ worth."

    The missing word was 'blanket' ;)

  2. Oh, my excitement is contained quite easily around here. I did smile when I walked through the kitchen and found no dirty dishes.

    Pretty sad.

  3. I love these Pam, You do have me sitting here laughing like crazy. So just over the top cute too.
    I love that last comment too, I think it would be the same things I just love hearing people talk and come up with new words too.
    Oh come up with some more posts like this.

  4. I'm often just sitting here, not doing anything. Therein lies the problem with the internet!!!:)

  5. My 6-yr-old grandson just walked by sporting his Spiderman sunglasses, nodded at me, and said "what up?" At least, he didn't call me 'dog'!

  6. Well, lets continue talking about the little 4 year old grand daughter is teaching me how to use my new iPad! She takes a "computer class" in day~care!!...:)JP

  7. I've some very witty, quick and funny workmates but Hubby often makes me laugh hard too. He has a drole wit that seems effortless.
    Those kids at your school crack me up! Keeps you young though, I bet! I'd love more of these posts too Pam.

  8. I am a cheese-aholic. My husband came home from work and asked why I looked so sad. I miserably said, "We're out of cheese." He dropped his briefcase and shouted, "OH DEAR LORD, NO!" which made me totally crack up. :)

  9. This was very cute! The last one was my favorite! Julie

  10. LOL, these are great. :) Been seriously considering subbing at Brooke's elementary school. I miss those little kids.


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