Friday, January 18, 2013


One good thing about having 5 WHOLE/ENTIRE/MARVELOUS DAYS OFF is happening upon a news story that leaves you feeling good and motivated and even more hopeful than ever.

The Samaritans are making a difference.  (IF the video isn't working click HERE for the link. It's only 56 seconds long).

I, personnally, believe they have the capacity to make a HUGE difference.

This is the kind of thing that someone like me--a nut case a ridiculously hopeful person- believes that will help put a stop to an incident like the shooting at Newtown. 

Yes, I believe that if we busy ourselves with trying to spread happiness, caring, concern for our fellow human beings, we can, eventually, put an end to senseless violence.

And, yes, maybe it's because I believe a huge part of the problem behind these types of shootings centers around mental health. But smiling, laughing, happiness, joy---these are all contaigious acts. They can make a difference in everyone's lives.


"...the campaign is taking its message to the streets via "social experiments." These include cheering "fans" at railroad platforms to greet commuters and wish them a great day; surprise skyscraper elevator sing-alongs; and handing out citrus fruits emblazoned with the message, "Orange you happy?" Roberta Hurtig, executive director of the Samaritans, tells AdFreak that the campaign is designed to expand the conversation about suicide prevention and "focus attention beyond the sad and tragic connotations … to include the hope and happiness that is created when people make connections with one another." Is there concern that such stunts, though well-intentioned, could backfire by rubbing some people the wrong way? "No one who is suffering wants to be told to 'just smile,' " Hurtig says. "But our events are an invitation, not a command—the difference matters, and it's noticeable. A smile shared is contagious, and we've had very positive feedback." If it increases the group's exposure, that's all to the good. Only a heartless Grinch would frown."

Maybe if we stopped being so self-consumed. Maybe if we stopped turning our backs on someone who looks like they need to talk because we don't want to spare the time. Maybe if we took a minute (or less) to greet a stranger with a smile.  Maybe little things like this can make that big difference we need.

I'm not saying that this will cure someone with a mental illness. BUT, what if it was just enough to give that person carrying that gun the slightest glimmer of hope. Just enough to make him/her re-think long enough to turn the other way. To get help.

Think about that.

It really is amazing how doing one simple thing for a matter of seconds could, possibly, turn a person's day around. And then that person turns another's life around. And so on and so on.

It's an old philosophy. But it has value and worth.

Just like our fellow human beings do.

Are you ready to smile?


  1. Wonderful post today, Pam. I am so in agreement with things like this. If we all took the trouble to do little things like this, I firmly believe that the world would be a better, safer and happier place. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  2. Stephanie- Thanks!

    Diane- Thank you! Hope you enjoy your weekend too!

    Gail- Maybe you could share some of your funny stories on a wider scale---they make all of us smile and laugh! :)

  3. ...another blogging friend of mine and I were discussing just how the society feels they know how to treat a mental patient...with meds to make them 'do what society wants'. But thing is, the medications often have terrible and tragic side effects like suicide and violent episodes [episodes is not the correct wording].

    Love passing out oranges...I think I'd go out and go back in the back way and come out again. :o)

  4. If only people would stop thinking of only themselves, we would be better off!...:)JP

  5. LOVE THIS!!!! We have a church in town that washes your car windshield while youre at the post office. They do ask for permission first. BUT what a wonderful act of service!

  6. Hi there! So nice to meet you! I came right over after I read your comment that you are in Mt. Pleasant. And your profile picture just cracks me up! I love people that don't take themselves too seriously lol

    I love the idea of making peoples day and smiling and the oranges are just perfect. I would love to do something like that but have you priced oranges lately? LOL

    I will keep in touch and come back when I have more time and read more of your blog, it looks very interesting!

    thank you sooooo much for stopping over! I need to go and visit your friend too that sent you over to me!

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