Friday, February 15, 2013

Something NEW!

One of my most favorite people in the whole wide world (yes, I know I say that about everybody. What can I say? I love all of y'all!) is hosting a new blog hop on Fridays called- Friday Five.  

Please hop over there and join Jessica in her new hop! She's so sweet and, more importantly, funny! Plus, we wouldn't want her to feel unloved! PLUS (again) she's got some tales to tell and a great family!

Here's the deal:'s pretty simple and straightforward - you write a post on Friday - just 5 minutes or so.  It could be a wrap up of your week, it could be a miscellaneous ramble, a to-do list, a grocery list... anything really.  Maybe even be a weekly topic if people seem interested.  Then, you link up and that's it! It's also a nice way to meet and connect with other bloggers out there.  So come on guys... in the famous words of the Nike advertisers, just do it!  I even made an official button!  Because I am so official and stuff.  Feel free to share it anywhere on your blog.

 blog hop button photo bloghop1.jpg

School's out for THREE WHOLE ENTIRE GLORIOUSLY WONDERFUL DAYS! And I might be a little bit excited about that. Ha! "And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"

Last night, I had the BEST Valentine's Day date I've had in quite a long time. Some of you might recall that our nephew and his wonderfully delightful wife had a baby in November. Guess who got to babysit him last night????? ME!!!!

Has he got some expressions or WHAT?! Such a cutie! And sweet too!

The weather outside SUCKS. There's just no other way to put it. Well, that's not true. That's just the way I see it. It's February (thanks, Sandy! LOL). People all over are getting winter. We're not. Again. HOWEVER, I am still hoping and praying that we will see winter this year and I might just see that this weekend. Of course, the weather has lied to me before about such things...

I am co-hosting a bridal shower tomorrow for Bestie's daughter. Stay tuned for pictures! I can't promise they'll be as entertaining as baby Jed, but you never know! 

Happy weekend, y'all!

Hope to see you over at the Friday Five HOP!


  1. Oh you sound just as excited as I get when I'm called for duty! He is such a cutie and those expressions...LOL! SOunds like fun on Fridays!!!...:)JP

  2. Babies are just fun, there is no way around it. I am so glad you had fun.
    I am just having to go with the whole spring thing now. I had to drive around today, every where I looked was blooming trees. I just admit defeat and opened my doors and windows today.
    It is such a pretty day so I will stop grumping along. Have a lovely, lovely 3 days. I plan on it. I am looking forward to this weekend so much.

  3. Oh, he is just the cutest! How did you get him to make those faces for you? I'm imagining you standing on your head or something. His eyes are gorgeous!

  4. ooh, I might try that hop! I will go over to Jessie's anyway and say hello.
    You want winter? Hop over here to Ireland, it's cold!
    Baby is adorable, looks like he loved being babysat by you too.

  5. That baby is a born comedian! lol

    Thanks for the heads up on the blog hop. Sounds coolio.


  6. Now that sounds like a fun eveing to me! He is so cute....

  7. JP- He was just the sweetest and cutest little thing! Can't wait to do it again!

    Kim- So true! I had a blast! He was the best Valentine's date I've had in years. LOL I am not ready to admit defeat. I know good and well what follows spring. Hot, nasty summer. UGH.

    Stephanie- That's exactly what I did. LOL Nah, he's just a happy baby with a bunch of expressions. LOL

    Mimi- Do it! Jessica is such a sweetheart and so funny! I'm hopping on a plane and headed your way! Or maybe you could just send me some winter? LOL

    Jeremy- Isn't he though? Takes after his dad. :) It is and Jessica is a riot!

  8. THANK YOU Pam, for heading over and sharing info about the hop!! Hopefully some of your friends will make their way over :) Pictures of your nephew are SO cute!! I bet you had a ball spending some good time with him! I do miss babies often. Shh... don't tell my husband! lol Happy weekend! :)

  9. Pam, I would gladly send you some of our winter! Maybe I did, cos the last 2 days have been more "springy", but nights are still cold, so come on over!!
    re the picture on my post, I'm not sure how it was done, but I thin it was just one guy with maybe strings to the others. parts of each one moved, but all at different times. Ok, that sounds nuts!

  10. I hate to inform you sweetee, but it's actually February LOL not January.

    That child is adorable! I can't believe his face! Yes a natural born comedian! lol thanks for the laughs

    Well you should LOVE the weather this week-end, we may MAY get snow tomorrow night. Of course if we blink we will miss it! But if it does, I know I will be out there in it! yahooooooo

    I will check out the blog hop!

  11. Jessica- I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

    Mimi- Do it! That picture was crazy! I didn't think of it being one person using a string...that's a's going to drive me batty. LOL

    sandy- Thanks for pointing out that school has wrecked my brain. LOL I changed January to February. :) How awesome would it be to get some SNOW!!!!! I will dance in it!

  12. I'll be dancing in the snow right along with you and then lay down and make snow angels giggling all the way! Let's hope! Let's hope! Let's get this snow party started LOL!

  13. LOL on changing the January to February! See, it just goes to show you, I actual did read your blog post heeheeeee

  14. Such adorable pictures! Love the idea of Friday Five :)

  15. What a cutie,oh,my gosh :)

    I know how you feel, I do like a dash of winter but only a dash!!!

    Enjoy your three days off!!!!!!!!!

  16. sandy- It's still in the forecast! I'm hoping hoping hoping!!! I thought the same thing when you mentioned the January error---at least someone read the whole post. LOL See you in the snow!!!!

    Plum- Thanks! Hope you'll join the hop!

    Lucy- Isn't he a doll???? A dash of winter would be quite nice. And they're still calling for some tonight!!! Thanks!


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