Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five!

It's Friday! Woot! And it's time for the Friday Five hop over at Jesse's Spot! Now there are two really good things about Friday. First- it's FRIDAY! Second- Friday Five! 

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Seems that our students have come down with some serious cases of spring fever these last couple of weeks. It also seems, that when this particular ailment hits, it hits hard with students' ability to listen and follow directions. Holy cow, I'm not even kidding. Now I know that some of you look forward to and even pray for spring to come quickly. I do the same thing with fall and winter. But if y'all will just come by school and observe---honestly, for no more than 10 minutes---I'm sure you'll soon change your minds about the arrival of spring. Sheesh.

Another thing about spring. If you think for one second that 4th and 5th graders smell good after recess in the spring time, you are sadly mistaken.

There is at least one really good thing about spring, however. Deanie's birthday! Woot!

Oh, and, this year, there's a wedding to attend in the spring. My bestie's daughter is getting married in April. That's going to be fun!

Wait! Wait! AND, DoodleBug will be graduating from college on Mother's Day weekend!

Ok, so there ARE good things about spring this year. I stand corrected.

I think I would appreciate spring much more if I had had a winter from which to recover. 

It's been a long week y'all. Really long. And spring break is still two weeks away. I hope I make it!

Meanwhile, I'm thrilled beyond belief that FRIDAY has finally arrived! 


  1. Ha, ha, ha. I was thinking the same thing about my 3rd grade grand-daughter this week after a day at school (gym and recesses)and a highland dancing class. Pee-yew!

    I can remember spring fever when i was a kid in school. I wanted to run and run and run. I wanted to be outside where the wind was blowing the clouds away. I still feel the same way about spring. And there's nothing better than opening all the windows to the spring air after a few months of closed in winter.

  2. Glad you've got a weekend to recoup, kinda, from the smelly and distracted yet awesome middle-schoolers. :-)

    I'd love to see the flowers in your neighborhood. I'd love to see any flowers. I'd love for the snow to melt except then I know it will reveal dog poop long before it reveals daffodils.

  3. Ah yes, is supposed to coming because ALL MY SNOW IS GONE!!!! Heading to Jesse's...:)JP

  4. Stephanie- LOL They do get stinky, don't they? I know, I remember too. But now, I'm on the other end. Hahaha

    Judy- Me too, except that three days would be better. Or four. LOL You are so funny about that snow and the dogs! :)

    JP- Gone? Maybe it'll come down here for a minute!!! LOL

  5. That is quite a few good things:)


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