Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Last Copy Cat

My wonderful friend, Jessica, at Jessee's Spot put up a post on Thursday that I really enjoyed. So I decided to borrow her fun idea and write a post of my own based on hers.

Apparently, the folks at People Magazine have a feature on the last page called The Last Page (or something like that) where people answer questions about the last time they did something.

Here we go---

The last concert I went to- I can't even remember. I don't even remember if the reason I don't remember is because it was so long ago or because my mental condition was...muddy....cloudy...unclear...Pretty sure I remember having a good time though. Ha!

The last gift I gave- That would be little picture surprises in my parents' birthday cards. I had slides developed into 4x6 prints and put them in their cards. Nothing special except that these slides were taken the year I was born and they haven't seen them, most likely, since that year. No. I won't be sharing that year with you. I will tell you that my dad was sporting a red plaid shirt in one and my mother's glasses were blacked rimmed and resembled cats' eyes.

The last reality show I watched- I don't watch reality television. I've seen a few of them less than one time and that was more than enough for me to know that I was not going to go there. EVER.

The last thing I cooked- was roasted chicken and broccoli. I'm trying out that ketogenic diet and it's mostly protein and greens. Yum. Yum. I've been pretty good so far but I do dream of potatoes, rice, bagels, cake, ice get the picture.

My last grooming experience- was last weekend when I got the dog trimming kit out and trimmed Tucker. I don't like people touching my feet so I don't get pedicures. And I don't like the idea of the infections that some people get from manicures, so I don't get those either. It's too hard for me to sit still while someone cuts my hair so I chop at it myself or wait for Breezy to come home and get her to do it. Shoot, I don't even like to shave my legs. But I'm going to have to if I want to wear something to school other than long pants.

The last time I got angry-was...ha. I don't really get angry that much any more. Oh, there was a time when I would get angry at the drop of a hat. But not really anymore. I learned that my getting angry doesn't change anyone's behavior (took me YEARS to learn this). Mostly what happens is that I get disgusted.  Also, the more opportunities someone gives me to be disgusted, the more the relationship between us changes. There are people out there that I will have nothing to do with anymore.

UNLESS you're talking about driving. You know, when I'm on the road driving and other people are too but they shouldn't be? That definitely gets my dander up. 

The last time I stayed up late- was one night this week when I stayed up until 10:00. Thaaat's right. 10:00 AT NIGHT. Ok, now this one is NOT related to being old-ish. This one is related to trying to keep up with elementary school students and being able to act like I like them. Hahaha I really DO like them, but in order to smile and be nice, I have to have plenty of sleep. And, since I get up at 5:13 at the latest every morning in order to walk or run, depending on the day and with Tucker (of course), 10:00 is late for turning out the light. I see well over 500 students during the course of a week. A good mood requires plenty of rest. Trust me.

The last thing I splurged on- was nothing. I don't splurge. Mainly because my job doesn't pay me enough to splurge. Ha! However, I am going to splurge soon because Deanie's birthday is coming up. I always splurge on the lovelies' birthdays!

The last purchase I made- was two pairs of shoes. One for work and one for the wedding in April that the whole family will be here to attend. This is rather shocking because I am NOT a shoe person. But a new, fancy outfit deserves new shoes, don't you think?

The last time I went out to dinner-, it was probably this past summer when my dad and step-mom came down with my nieces. We went to Fleet Landing for lunch. We just don't go out to eat that much. I like to know where my food comes from and I like it to be organic. There are no guarantees when eating out.

Now, all you who live a much more exciting life than I, when's the last time you did these things?


  1. Now that's a challenge and a half.

    Last concert...BB King last year.

    Last reality show I watched...I prefer fiction.

    My last grooming experience was simply brushing my dog or my own hair.

    The last time I got angry...when Hubby raised his voice at me when he was aggravated at himself. Really didn't get angry, just made my point.

    The last time I stayed up late...last week(playing a computer game!) and regretted it the entire following day.

    The last thing I splurged on was a motel reservation to visit Eureka Springs this upcoming week.

    The last purchase I made was groceries.

    The last time I went out to dinner was when Hubby went to his doctor and we went to...believe or not...Mel's Diner.

    This was fun.

  2. Hmmm...last concert is easy. At least 3 years ago - a men's choir at Christmas. I'm not big on concerts.

    Last splurge...I guess getting my hair cut. That's the only thing I spend big bucks on. Not sure why since I always get it cut short. But it's a bit of pampering every couple of months.

    I try not to get angry...reality shows have a lot of anger in them, I think. Going to dinner is problematic because I don't want all the salt, sugar, fat. The last time was about a month ago so obviously that problem doesn't stop me LOL

    Does shaving your legs count as grooming?

  3. Interesting blog post, Pam. And in reading about the anger, do you ever wonder if part of the reason you don't have an issue with it is because of your change of diet? I think diet affects me SO much. Just curious. I feel so bad for little kids who are given sugar and junk food - and who are relying upon the adults in their lives to give them what they need. I don't know why I got onto this, sorry, but being grain-free and dairy free and mostly sugar free has made me feel a LOT better.

    Oh. And have a happy St. Patrick's Day. :-)

  4. Last concert? Let's see I think it was Billy Joel in Vegas a few years back.
    Last thing I splurged on was a whale watching tour I bought for hubby and me in San Diego, can't wait to go.
    Sadly, my last purchase was also groceries, and some stuff for me of course...
    I know what you mean about going to bed early, if I don't hit the sack before 10, I'm a basket case the next's kinda sad really, I go to bed even before my dogs

  5. Gail- Me's Diner? I love it! The husband was just yelling at me and having a temper tantrum over something that was his fault. Men. I have regretted staying up late too many times. Now, I'm anal about my bed time. Oh, and I'm totally jealous over the BB King concert.

    Stephanie- My main thing about going out to dinner is being around all those people. I don't want to hear their conversations and they get louder and louder, it seems, year by year. I count the shaving of the legs as grooming. I had to give in and do that today so I can wear capris to work tomorrow. LOL

    Judy- I don't know if the change in diet did it, though I almost certain it helped. I know that I made the decision to NOT give the power to others to make me angry and took back control several years ago. But, now that you mention it, I think I have noticed that the change in diet has taken it to a higher level---one of a sense of calm instead of trying to control it. Does that make sense? And I'm sure that the exercise helps too.

    Alessandra- Love Billy Joel. Had I written this post one day later, groceries would have been my last purchase as well. Yep, can't be around those kids without yelling if I don't get my 7 hours. LOL

  6. Sorry you don't like being pampered. I enjoy my pedicure every 5 weeks but you do need to watch where you go. You don't ever splurge, get angry or go out to eat! I love to go out to eat and splurge every once in awhile!

  7. I wish I could say I don't get angry anymore. The last time was at our daughters wedding. The speakers were not working at the reception and it spoiled a bit part of that event for me. Made me really mad. But I agree, it doesn't help....

  8. Stopped in from the A to Z Blog. I am going to do the challenge this year and I am out visiting some of the blogs ahead of time. I salute you for giving up anger. I really need to work on that. WOW! Five daughters. I was an Empty Nester for a I am raising two grandchildren. You just never know

  9. The last time I stayed up too late was Saturday. Still feeling it on Monday. I'm definitely not 25 anymore : )

  10. Hey :) I'm glad you did this... it's a fun way to get a blog post out, right? On getting angry - I feel very similar - it didn't used to take much, then I had an a-ha moment where I felt like I must have sounded awful for getting so pissed at something so small, and it kind of embarrassed me. So, I have since been reformed - probably almost 17 years reformed, LOL. I feel like a happier person, so that's good - AND dumb drivers can get me testy, but usually I keep it to myself. I just recently started on the pedicures and I don't hate it! You should try it, I was the same as you and I'm getting over it because it actually feels kind of nice. Now my worst part is the girl who does it talks my ear off! LOL


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