Monday, April 29, 2013

Ah, Youth

Remember the Wednesday before spring break when I was running and my Tucky darted in front of me and I fell?

Well, I'm back!

That's right! Yesterday was my first day back at running and it went well! I was so excited!

Even though I took it slow and easy. 4 weeks and 4 days of not being able to run was long. And torturous. But I wanted to make sure I could do it and keep doing it.

Of course, DoodleBug decided to come with me. And I was quickly reminded of my youth. And how much I miss it.

She ran circles around me and, by the time I finished one mile, she had run 2 or 3. Sigh.

And then, just to make me miss my youth that much more, Deanie ran her first half marathon yesterday.

She signed up at work with some friends---(Deanie is in the middle)--

They trained and trained and yesterday was the day of the run. I thought back on my college days when I ran. I don't remember liking it at all, but I did it nearly every day. I wasn't a distance runner, only running 2 or 3 miles, but I could do it.

Anyway, the girls went out about 6:00 A.M. to prepare. The race started at 7:00. I really don't remember ever smiling like they are THAT early in the morning during my youthful years.

 I finally decided to just be proud of myself for even attempting to get out there and run at all at my middle age. I decided to appreciate the fact that a lovely has moved home and WANTS to go out running with me all. And to just be so proud of Deanie getting out there and running a half marathon.

Which sent me right into mama mode and I started worrying about her running all that way and whether or not she had enough water and then the whole Boston Marathon issue popped into my head. Why do we moms do that? 

Anyway, afterwards, I told Deanie she should take advantage of her sister (Birdie) being an athletic trainer and ask her what needed to be done following a 13 mile run. 

Birdie told her to hydrate and stretch. 

And, because youthfulness is closely related to smart assery in our family, I got this picture--

Yes, my youth is gone and missed. But the youthful laughter that surrounds me tends to keep me more youthful than I realize.

OH- her time was 2:08--not too shabby for a first timer!

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  1. Ah youth! It's bringing back vague memories from the cobwebs of my mind. Great post, Pam. Isn't it a blessing to see your daughters healthy and fit! (and you too, of course, even with the smart assery component - lol)

  2. Judy- It is good to see them healthy and fit even though I wasn't a great example until recently. Except with food- I did teach them the importance of not eating processed foods and using fresh instead. I don't know where they get that smart assery part....LOL

  3. I say kudos to you for running at all! I only run if someone is chasing

    It's awesome that you and your daughter can run together, I think that's amazing! It's a great bond you two share and that's a wonderful thing, no matter how fast you can go.

  4. jaybird- Yeah, it's so much fun to watch her run circles around me. LOL Thanks! I do enjoy it much more now than I ever did in college.

  5. Just wondering if the run was the NIKE WOMEN HALF MARATHON D.C.?
    My daughter-in-law ran that one yesterday too.

    She got back into running about 9 months ago. It has helped her through a most difficult time.

    Although running looks enticing, my pace is a little slower, more like walking actually.

  6. lyndagrace- Yes! That was the one! I find that running helps me too. Funny how it helps with my mental state- makes me see things clearer. I think it's because of all the working it out I do in my mind while I'm running.

  7. Oh this is filled with so many good things. I am so glad you are out again and your knee is so much better.
    What a lovely day. I bet it was so much fun.
    I am so glad you took such great photos of the day.

  8. Kim- Thanks! I can feel the effects of running today though. I hope it's not indicative of anything other than readjusting.

  9. Great post and I love that last picture. Too funny.

  10. Cathy- Thanks! Yes, my lovelies all have humor. Delightful. LOL

  11. Yes you definitely need to be very proud of yourself. I will often wonder why I didn't take advantage of more things in my youth when I was able to do them. We can't have regrets but we can move forward from today. So glad you are back and running!

  12. Debby- I know we shouldn't have regrets. But they somehow seem to creep right in. I'm glad to be back too. Though I'm still taking it slow so I don't mess anything up. :)

  13. Kids definitely keep us young. Or make us old! I'm going with the former : )

  14. I'm feeling that kick in the arse to run. Again. Like I haven't done for almost thirty years, at least consistently.

    Love the photos and smart-alec teasing, isn't that an important part of being in a family?

    Happy to be visiting!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Y is for YOU!
    Literary Grannies from A to Z

  15. Joyce- I'm going with the same one. LOL

    Julie- So true. How boring would families be without the teasing? :) Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Glad you're back running again. I hadn't realized how long it's been until you said. I'm sure you knew to the minute.

    I have never been a runner except for a few months in my 30's when I was convinced my youth was disappearing. Ha! If only I had known what that really meant. Great Y post.

  17. You are truly blessed with such wonderful daughters.

    We have a saying here, You throw good pups!

  18. Yay for you running again, and your daughters are super great. NOthing like hanging around young people to stay young. :)

  19. I am so happy for you, running again.
    Love the last photo, I know those type of photos :) Andy, I know how the mind wanders to "What if and I hope they are safe"

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  20. Stephanie- Thanks! I do. It was long and trying. So is getting back into it. Nothing good is ever easy though. Or so the saying goes.

    Gail- Thanks! I like that!

    Alessandra- It sure does help! Thanks!

    Lucy- Thank you! Yep, it always goes there, doesn't it? I'm glad for social media and cell phones for that very reason!


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