Saturday, April 27, 2013


DoodleBug and I discovered that our local CSA was having their annual plant sell today. So we put on our adventure clothes and set off to eXplore new territory.

I have yet to participate in the CSA- mostly because I was a bit confused about the whole thing at first. Now that I've got it figured out, I will consider giving it a shot. It's got to be cheaper than organic at Whole Foods.

Anyway, Thornhill Farms is a direct shot up 17 North, about 45 minutes from us. It's a very uneXciting drive so we had to entertain ourselves. Which is why we decided to stop at Bagel Nation. Yeah, I pretty much know that bagels are NOT on the ketogenic diet. But it was so good. And so worth it. :)

Then we sang along with the radio and played a bit of trivia until we saw this:

First on our agenda was to procure tomato plants for the garden. We found 16 plants- 6 different varieties. We made sure that four of them were cherry tomatoes since DoodleBug is particularly fond of those. Right off the vine.

We also picked up a zucchini, a squash, an eggplant--one of each since I haven't had success with these the last two years. The farmer lady gave me some tips. We'll see how it goes. The picture below is the area of the plant sell--

We also got a few flowers. And a couple of cucumber plants.

Then we went to eXplore.

The farmer lady told us to follow the fence line and blahblahblah...neither DoodleBug or I are very good at listening past the first 20 seconds or so...which means we never found the sheep. Or the cows. Or the pigs. Maybe I should have tried plugging 'sheep' into the navigation app on my phone. Or listened better.

But we did find chickens---I thought of you Kim!

And dogs---

And a huge pond---

With lily pads a water lily---

And birdhouses like this one---

And a random dad with his little girl---

And these donkey/burro cute little things---

Even though we never found the rest of the animals, DoodleBug and I did have a great time just hanging out spending time together. And scaring each other about the possibility of snakes in the tall grass. Or near the pond. Ew.

We even laughed about how we don't listen like we should. Though she never pulls that when I'm the one speaking.


If you want more info about Thornhill Farms, etc. try HERE and follow the links!

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  1. What fun!!! I love how that lady has her chickens. What a wonderful way to raise them.
    I hope you got lots of good things. It look like my perfect idea of a farm.

  2. Kim- What I loved best was their farm house. It was OLD and reminded me more of a mountain cabin- but HUGE. The thing must be really big because we really never did go far enough to find those sheep, cows and pigs.

  3. What a fun day that was!...I would have loved that...:)JP

  4. It certainly does look like a lovely place, Pam, and how wonderful that you got to spend that time with Doodlebug. I love cherry tomatoes as well, off the vine. Yum! Hope your weekend is going well.

  5. Looks like a fun time. That little donkey/burro thing is sometimes called a Jerusalem donkey because of the cross on it's back. It's said that one of these are what carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Just a little trivia I learned a long time ago.

  6. Sounds like a very exciting adventure.

  7. You bought some great stuff, but it sounds like the best part was just having a wonderful day out with DoodleBug. That was awesome.

  8. You and DoodleBug not being able to listen past the first 20 seconds (LOL) reminded me of my son-in-law who, when I'm explaining something to him, asks me, 'Is there a way you could make this shorter or more interesting??' :-D Beautiful photos, Pam!

  9. How Fun!!!! I hope you found some wonderful produce at a reasonable price! Did you buy eggs? I only buy my eggs from a neighbor or one of the Doc's I work with whose daughter raises chickens in their backyard!

  10. Sounds like you had a great time.
    I love how the two of you are alike, and also that you can go on adventures together and enjoy each other's company. I'm just about getting to that stage with my girls now (age 21 and almost 20!).
    Best of luck with those tomato plants, I love freshly picked cherry tomatoes!

  11. JP- It was a fun day. You'll have to come with us next time. :)

    Diane- We had a lovely time. The whole weekend was a really good one. And then, it ended. Sigh.

    Cathy- How cool! I did not know that. I'm so glad you shared!

    Gail- It was exciting when we first saw the dogs and thought maybe they weren't so friendly. LOL

    Robin- You got that right!

    Judy- Shorter or more interesting! I LOVE it! LOL

    Shawn- We didn't stop at the store which was dumb because we really could have gotten some of those eggs! They have the best eggs---or maybe there's just no beating farm fresh eggs!

    Mimi- It really is a lot of fun hanging out with her. And her sisters too. The nice thing about each one having her own interests is that I get to do lots of different things. :)

  12. Exploring sounded like a wonderful time,fun and relaxing.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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