Friday, April 26, 2013

Very Weary

First, let me say that I am VERY glad there are only 3 letters left in the challenge.

Now that I've dropped the ball, AGAIN, I am going to combine the letters 'V' and 'W' because, today, I find that I am VERY WEARY.

I won't go into my opinion on school testing. Mostly because it would be a tirade that would go on for quite a while. And I wouldn't use nice words.

I will say that, as the computer teacher, having to set up three labs five days a week for three weeks for MAP testing is a pain. I go in thirty minutes to an hour early every day. I stay at least 45 minutes late every day. And each lab has to be set up 2 to 3 times each day.

If you think I was not a fan of testing before this, you can imagine how I feel about it now.

The good news is that only two students (out of close to 600--kindergarteners are spared the grief) have to make-up their tests.

The even better news is that my regular schedule resumes next week and I get my classes back!

The bad news (cause y'all knew it was coming) is that after next week, we begin the state testing.

Perhaps y'all are getting a little glimpse into why I am not a fan of testing. And I didn't even go into the tests themselves. You know, how they are geared towards setting kids up for failure or used to determine teacher pay even though some of the tests are outdated and...Ok, I know. I'll stop. 

Remember how I am also NOT a fan of summer?

Well, that's changed.

I don't even care about the heat.


AND, guess what I get to do about two weeks after we're back in school after summer break?

The very same thing. Cause students get to be MAP tested TWICE every school year. Sheesh.

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Ok, let's see what y'all came up with for the letter(s) 'V' AND 'W'!


  1. So glad this week is almost over for you and hope you get some much needed rest this weekend.

  2. Cathy- Me too, thanks! I have it all planned out...which means someone will throw a wrench in it..LOL

  3. Jeepers, that's no fun at all! It must be pretty bad that you're not even complaining about the heat. ;-)
    Nice job combining V and W.

    Hope the weekend is a nice reprieve.

  4. After reading this all I can say is that I'm so glad I'm not you right now. I just don't think I'd be up to it.

  5. I understand your frustration, as a former teacher, it was awesome being accused of this,"she is just teaching to the test." Just frustrating and it is all tied to money and funding.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  6. Judy-That's what I was thinking. LOL This is the first time I've looked forward to summer since the lovelies were little!

    Michele- Hey! How's everything? I'm not up to it either. Go figure. LOL

    Lucy- Frustrating is an understatement, yes? So annoying. Maybe we should determine the pay of the powers that be sometime. See how they like it. Ha!

  7. Okay, just curious, but why twice? We will be in summer all next week, every single day starting tomorrow 94 and over. I just want to cry.
    I guess I am glad I won't have a garden this year.
    Hang in there my friend.

  8. Sorry you have to deal with all of this. Excessive testing causes havoc on both the teachers and the students. It sounds like you're a very caring teacher, and I hope that things become more manageable for everyone.


  9. Well, you know it must be important to test them after summer break to find out what they have forgotten because they missed so much school time.
    I agree with you that these tests are unnecessary and might even be abusive. I hope that your energy returns soon. Not a fun place to be for a person who likes her FUN!

  10. I'm feeling so sad for you. Besides the testing I hope your love your job for other reasons. ((HUG))


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