Tuesday, April 2, 2013


As in an empty mind. That's what I have.

Seems that spring break brings with it a lazy BRAIN. Which leads to a blank mind. Which leads to a BLANK page.

How I would love to be the bearer of something deep...profound...enlightening...life changing.

But, no. I am BLANK.

Would that I could bring some new and exciting ideas to light...write about exciting, thrilling experiences...share stories that would amaze, stun and delight.

Still, I am BLANK.

Maybe an empty mind comes with an empty nest.

Then I thought, maybe it's all in how you look at the word, 'BLANK'. You know, like the half empty or half full glass.

When I first think of BLANK, I think empty. Nothingness. An absence of everything. No words, sounds, pictures, feelings...a vast nothing.

But then decide to put a more positive spin on BLANK.

I started looking at my BLANK mind as an opportunity to start. To BEGIN.

So, I turned off all noises (a definite perk of an empty nest), took myself to the BACK door, sat myself and my BUM knee in a chair and waited.

Suddenly, a BLUE JAY landed on the deck rail to partake of the tasty treat I had put out on Saturday---

And a BUMBLE BEE came by the screen. I could actually hear him as he came in close to the screen and circled out and back again. And again. BZZZzzzzzzzz, BZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

I noticed that some of my flowers had begun to BLOOM like these---

I listened to the neighbor's dogs BARKING and noticed the difference BETWEEN their "There's a squirrel in that tree!!!" BARK and their "There's someone walking down our street!!!" BARK

Who knew that all I had to do was tune out so that I could tune in. And find something that begins with 'B'.

What do you do when you're BLANK?

Wow. I totally forgot to link to the challenge. I really AM blank! LOL

I'm linking this post to the second post of the April, A-Z Challenge!

Just click the badge below and see what everyone else came up with for the letter 'B'. 

Also, I'm doing the Relay For Life with our school in May. If anyone would like to donate (not because any of us are competing or anything...well, yes, because we are competing) just click HERE! FYI- the donations go straight to Relay for Life NOT to me! Thanks!


  1. What a neat post. I think if we all would just stop and listen and look, we'd see so much around us that would interest us.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Cathy- I had no idea the things I would see would start with 'B'. LOL

  3. I love this...the B of silence!
    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

  4. Laura- Thanks! I had no idea I would see and hear so many 'B' things.

  5. What a great post! My advice is not to watch a blank TV. I tried it once and well....


  6. Teresa- Major zone out, perhaps? LOL Thanks!

  7. Lynn- Thanks! Amazing what one can see when we tune out and tune in. :)

  8. This was so clever! I like clever : ) Sorry about your bum knee, but I hope your break is beautiful anyway!

  9. i think I will have to try being quietly observant because I am drawing a C blank for today.

    Great idea! One I should put into practice more often.

  10. Joyce- Thank you! I hope you did enjoy it because 'clever' comes rarely to me. I'm not getting anything done over break because of the knee but maybe that means I'm just supposed to rest. Not sure what the level of frustration is teaching me though. LOL

    lynda- I've got one for 'C' but I don't like it. Guess I'll turn off and tune in again today. Thanks!

  11. It's amazing what we can hear when we just sit and be quiet...not blank at all!

  12. Well at least you have good things to write about when you are blank.
    It think that is nice.
    I love your photographs.

  13. Stephanie- I know! I really should do it more often. Like right now. LOL

    Kim- Thanks! I'm about to go unplug right now and see what's out there today. Sure wish I had some chickens to watch. :)

  14. You did really well for someone who is flying off the seat of their pants. I have been working on the A to Z for over a month and I am only up to letter "K" in my pre-writing. Gah.

    Yay for you and all the "B" words you found!!!

  15. "Tune out to tune in," that's such a great way to put it. I loved the tone of this article. A lot of fun to read. Hope to see more during the A-Z.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  16. "deep...profound...enlightening...life changing" - Hey you have a few upcoming letters covered. I didn't understand the highlighted 'B' words until the end. Nice creative post.

  17. Robin- Thanks! I'm up to the letter 'C'. LOL

    Silvia- Thanks! I get lucky every once in awhile. :)

    bill- I've found them, but can I write a post about them? THAT is the question. LOL Thanks!

  18. I am so bad about not enjoying the 'quiet' moments. I always fill it with music or the television. Loved this post, such a reminder to listen or better yet, to just soak in the things around us.

  19. You're just way too clever!
    Very entertaining post and lovely pix too!

  20. Lucy- I'm bad about that too. I'm always filling the quiet with noise. Thanks!

    Jen- Well, what happened is, I got lucky. :) Thanks, though! I really appreciate the kind words!

  21. Blank page waiting to be written, with loads of B words :)

  22. Stasha- Good to see you girl! Hope you didn't mind me taking liberties with the listicles on Monday! Have a great week!

  23. Sounds perfect. Like how you changed it all around and just listening can be so relaxing!


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