Friday, May 3, 2013

The May Edition of the Daybook

I always enjoy the Daybook. But I always seem to forget to do one! Not this month.


Outside my window...I see students arriving at school. Ponytails whipping from side to side; bookbags bouncing up and down; flowers and assorted goodies for the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week; a few noses pressed up against the window, peeking in to wave 'Good Morning'.

I am thinking...that I'd really rather not be at school today. Mostly because I awoke at 3:40 this morning and the coffee maker stopped working. So, lack of sleep and no coffee...beware 8:00 class.

I am thankful...for positivity. And quiet. Whenever and wherever I can get them.

In the kitchen...the coffee maker broke. This is NOT good news because my coffee takes the edge off my mornings and makes smiling so much easier. Again, beware 8:00 class.

I am Relay for Life t-shirt because we have Relay for Life tonight. Which will be interesting after a day without coffee. Oh, I'm wearing pants too. LOL Black capris.

I am creating...nothing. Not a darn thing. But I did just create graduation announcements for DoodleBug's college graduation next weekend because, seriously, they wanted over $100 for only 25 announcements. We send out way more than that. So, I made them myself. Just like I did for the other lovelies since their colleges wanted too much money too. I'm pretty sure they have enough of my money- even when your daughters go to college on scholarships, there's always more money to be spent. But not on graduation announcements. LOL Happy Mother's Day to me!

I am Relay for Life tonight. Our school is going to have a tent up out there with a potluck supper and loads of fun!

I am wondering...about Global Warming and whether or not it really is repsonsible for the change in weather patterns and the changes we've seen in the seasons. I'm leaning towards, Yes. It's real.

I am reading...American Story. Love the premise. Not fond of his writing style.

I am hoping...that I find my determination and do something that needs to be done.

I am looking forward to...summer break. Thaaat's right. This is really me and I did say SUMMER. Even though I hate the heat, I am so looking forward to not having to go to school every freaking day of the week. Of course, y'all know that, as soon as summer arrives, I'll be complaining about the heat and missing my students. Sigh.

I am to be a Google Guide to help our school transition to Gmail.

Around the house...things are a mess. It's interesting when one of the little birdies flies back into the nest. Clutter springs up all around and you have to vacuum every other day instead of once a week. And the dishes? Good grief.

I am pondering...something that just cannot be shared at this time.

A favorite quote for today..."It's Friday! Get Your Grin On!"

One of my favorite things...not just one thing but I truly love the people I work with. They are the kindest, most loving, helpful, caring people I've ever known. And humor? Oh yeah, they've got humor!

A few plans for the rest of the week...enjoying the weekend by moving ONLY if the spirit moves me!

A peek into my day...but with all seats filled with students. All. Day. Long.

Have a lovely weekend, y'all!


  1. Oh I feel for you on the coffee, I stopped cold turkey, and may i say NOT EASY LOL.
    Been a month now no coffee,no sodas LOL.
    Oh I was a mess at the start of stopping cold turkey rofl.
    Enjoyed your daybook.

  2. Renee- The really sad thing is, I just started drinking coffee in the mornings a few months ago. I never really cared for it before. But I found this organic, espresso blend at Trader Joe's and VIOLA! Hooked! LOL Sodas I gave up years ago without any trouble. But I do love my coffee. :)

  3. I like the Day Book. I may have to check it out and do it myself. Have fun at the Relay for Life.

  4. Sounds like life is pleasantly busy :)

  5. No coffee is no good here either : ) Ahh, the clutter of daughters home-enjoy that! Have a nice weekend~

  6. Oh, I couldn't get through the day without a coffee! Just one, but it makes all the difference, and your organic one sounds so yummy.
    Isn't it good to have lovely workmates, I have too and the laughs we have during our day keep me going back for more! I actually miss that during the holidays.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. After years of drinking v. strong coffee, I just became a tea person. Snap! Like that! But I still love the aroma of coffee.

    The daybook is a great way to prompt some interesting thoughts.Hmmm...maybe something to ring the blog changes yet again. Enjoy your school-free weekend.


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