Thursday, June 27, 2013

False Advertising

Have y'all ever heard that kids enjoy the boxes better than the toys that come inside? I have. And, when the lovelies were coming along, it seemed to ring true.

Of course, who can blame them when the boxes are big enough to climb into and journey into that ever active land of kid imagination? It's a great place to visit. 

Funny since the boxes are probably designed to lure parents/grandparents/etc. into purchasing the toy in the first place. 

I know people who put a lot of effort into the wrapping of presents. I try to make packages look inviting, just doesn't always work because I'm just not 'gifted' in this area. Sometimes, if I'm not exactly thrilled with the gift, I might try to dress up the detract from the gift. But that can be misleading. If you receive a beautifully decorated package, doesn't it follow that the gift inside will be nearly perfect? 

I also know people who put a lot of effort into their outward appearance. You know the type- everything matches from their earrings to their shoes. Head to toe color coordinated. I'm not saying dressing like this is wrong. As a matter of fact, I think a lot of it is quite aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you're Doris Day- she could wear an outfit, couldn't she? :)

BUT, with some of these people, I can truly understand why kids like the boxes better than what's inside.

You can't dress up a negative attitude. You can't dress up judgmental hearts. You can't dress up insincerity. You can't dress up greed; hatred; stupidity; arrogance...

Packaging can be misleading. 

Not to mention, hard to open.

Have you ever been fooled by 'packaging'?   


  1. Great post! I was just have a conversation about negative people. We did a little experiment with words association and discovered its harder to be positive than negative. Its kind of sad.

  2. Kim- Thank you! I wonder why that is? Maybe because it takes a bit more effort to be positive and people are lazy? I don't know. But positive is so much better for mental AND physical health!

  3. A lot,still happens but once I figure it out I usually move on,if I can or limit my exposure.Oh and I loved Doris Day,still get sucked into all her movies on TCM :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  4. Yep, sure have. Looks are often so misleading, which is why I like to get to get to know a person before making an assessment. I think this comes with experience and wisdom. Experience: wisdom :: weather: climate. (kinda) lol

  5. Lucy- Me too. And I also still watch those Doris Day movies on TCM!

    Judy- I try to do that too. Unfortunately, some of them end up being to close to me for me to be able to drop them. Hahahaha! You're too funny!

  6. I could write you a long, long email about this, it is so true. I have seen some of the most beautiful women in the world, and then they opened their mouth. It goes the other way too, I met a lady, that I don't know if people would call her beautiful but the longer I knew her the more beautiful she became and I still consider her on of the most beautiful people I have ever met.
    So I think that is is what is in the heart more than what it is on the face.
    Excellent post. Thought provoking.

  7. Kim- Thanks! I'm sorry to say that I know a few folks who just dress to the nines all the time but I know how they are and the inside is NOTHING like the outside. Makes me sick. Then again, I know some who never look nice and they're not any better. LOL I agree that's it's all about what's in the heart.

  8. I'm with Farm Girl. I am horrible at wrapping presents. Actually, I don't know when my kids got a gift that wasn't in the bag it came in. However, I give awesome gifts.
    There is a woman at our school/church who I always thought (without ever talking to her) was an angry, not-so-nice person. Over the years, I've gotten to know her, and man, was I wrong. She is one of the most generous, thoughtful people I have ever met.
    Looks are deceiving, in both directions.

  9. coop- Some of us are good gift givers. Deanie and Birdie are the best. AND they wrap nicely too. LOL So true about looks and both directions!

  10. I'm horrible at wrapping gifts, terrible at faking it and so easily fooled by external packaging...this was so thought provoking for me. I rely so heavily on my husband's first impressions because I want to give everyone a million and one chances. He reminds me often that I don't have to be a doormat to be a good person.

  11. Jhona- My husband is like you. I have to remind him all the time that not everyone is who or what he thinks they are and he just goes right ahead and falls for it again. And again. And again.

  12. Really great analogy, Pam! I love the 'hard to open' part. It isn't always true, but mostly I find that getting past the packaging wasn't worth the effort and the power tools needed.


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