Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sizzlin' Hodgepodge

Lawdy, but it's hawt down here in the low-country! It's a good thing Joyce gives us a really fun excuse for staying inside in the AC!

Come on and join in the HodgePodge fun!

1. Summertime is a season of reunions, weddings, and other family celebrations and gatherings...are any of the above on your calendar in the next two months? Yes indeed! DoodleBug's birthday is coming in July and my family reunion is in August. And then there's the 4th when I am, apparently, hosting a cookout. Who knew? LOL

2. June is National Iced Tea Month...are you an iced tea drinker? If so, how do you like yours (sweet, flavored, etc)? Being from the south, the only kind of tea is iced and sweet. We're not aware of any other option. LOL I have made the switch to green tea and I have made the switch to organic sugar but, for the most part, all I drink these days is plain ol' water. 

3. When were you last nervous?  Looking back, was the 'event' actually nerve-worthy? I can't remember the last time I was nervous about anything. These days, I just go headstrong into every situation and don't give it a second thought. I do know that I have been nervous in the past and I can't remember one single time when it was worth the stress. 

4. The bristle toothbrush was invented in China on June 26, 1498...not sure how that date was pinned down so precisely but, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being sick to your stomach and 1 being not at all, how nervous do you feel when you're headed to the dentist?  Do you see your dentist twice a year? My dad's dad was a dentist so I was brought up to be rather anal about brushing, flossing and seeing my dentist. Now, I'm still anal about brushing and flossing but not with seeing my dentist. I have developed a fear of choking and I just can't do it. 

5. What's making news in your town this week? Probably the heat. It's hot. It's muggy. And the mosquitoes are out in force. Otherwise, I have no idea as I simply do not watch the news. I'm over it. These people cannot just report the news they've got to throw in their opinions and I have no use for their opinions. I can form my own just fine thank you very much. 

6. Curtains, drapes, blinds...your window treatment of choice? Are there any bare windows in your house? Is that by choice or because you haven't gotten around to covering them? No bare windows. I LOVE LOVE LOVE plantation shutters but we don't have them. 

7. Summertime is officially here (in the Northern hemisphere anyway)...what one song is a must-have on your summer playlist? It would be much easier to tell you one that WON'T be on my summer playlist because I do enjoy way more than one.  But, I'm going with one that I wouldn't leave off my play-list for anything. I love all versions but nobody can quite do it like Ms. Ella did---

8.  Insert your own random thought here.  We're in our third week of summer vacation and I'm waist deep in going through the closet and organizing everything in the office. When DoodleBug moved back in, she sort of threw things I had stored in her room into the office and now, I've got to deal with it. Why is it that the kids grow up and move out but their crap stays at home? Sheesh.  Anyway, the bookshelves will be here soon and, once I get them up and decorated, I will (hopefully) begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wish me luck! 

Have a fantastic rest of the week!


  1. I am so with you on what news has become. Let's go back to the days of 'Just the facts m'am!' : )

    I should be organizing. I should be doing lots of things actually, but instead am drinking coffee and reading blogs. Enjoy your day!

  2. Wait! Did I write this post??? or are you reading my mind? :-) Totally agree with the opinion thing. It was supposed to be that they would report the news and we sift through it. Now they report their opinion and we better like it.

    Oh. I don't drink green tea. Just water for me. Can't get into the tea thing as hard as I try. I have several boxes of tea that I've tried. Now they just sit there.

    Have a great summer. Mosquitoes are nasty, aren't they. You need a screened in backyard!

  3. I prefer sweet tea too but like you, my usual drink of choice is good old water!

    My dad was telling me the mosquitoes are really bad in Michigan this year, but he just moved to a lot more woodsy place, so that could make it seem really bad too.

  4. How nice you are getting all of that accomplished, in the three weeks you have been off.
    Our heat arrives today. Like lots of records to be broke hot.
    I will not complain. :)
    Have a nice week and I hope your book shelves help a lot.

  5. Joyce- I'm not doing anything other than reading blogs myself. I think my 'want-to' list has won out. Again. LOL

    Judy- A screened in yard??? YES! I would take one speedy quick! What a fantastic idea! LOL I used to drink tea all the time but now, it's just water.

    Nani- They aren't as bad here this year as they were last year. But they are trying to catch up- and are nearly succeeding! LOL

    Kim- Well, I was getting it accomplished. Until today, when I sat down and failed to get up. LOL

  6. Yes, it's very hot and humid here, too...and the mosquitoes will eat you alive unless you're covered in Deep Woods Off!!!

    I'm envious of your cleaning and organizing...Maybe I'll get time to do that one of these days.

  7. Kathy- You wouldn't be so envious if you were here witnessing my lack of progress first hand. LOL

  8. Yeah, it's hot here, too. That is what you get when you live in the south. Love it in the winter... not so much in July and August. Uggghhh.

  9. Cathy- Me too!

    Robin- So true. I don't think I'll ever come to appreciate the summer heat. Though it didn't seem to bother me when I was a kid. I think it's just hotter now.

  10. I love how you just found out you are hosting Fourth of July lol.

    Even better this is like the fourth or fifth blog I read about Plantation Shutters,until this hop I had never even heard about them. I feel like an idiot or living under a rock OR maybe it is a Southern thing more? Please tell me that, make me feel better lol

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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