Friday, June 28, 2013

Frag On

Ok, this whole 'Friday is already here again' has got to slow down. I mean, during the school year that's just fine. But it's summer vacation! SLOW DOWN!

The week went by with such rapidosity (yeah, I know, made up word) that I'm not even sure what I did! So, it's a good thing we have Friday Fragments---cause fragments are about all I can remember. Ha!

I started washing the windows this week. This is one of my most dreaded/least favorite chores of all time. We have storm windows--we're still living in the last century, which is not uncommon when you live with the husband that I have--and they are a PAIN to clean. A PAIN. So, what with the heat and humidity making being outside so miserable right now, I'm just cleaning one set each day. I've done one. Hahaha! This is one chore that I drag out and put off because I hate it so much. I usually take care of those types of chores first so that I'm done with them. But if I try to do all the windows in one day, my work will get sloppy and the windows will streak, blahblahblah. So, I'm dragging it out. But I sure am enjoying the one window that is already clean. I can actually see the garden through that window now. LOL

I advertised a piece of furniture on Craig's List last night and have three people wanting to come see it today. I was excited until I remembered the movie about the Craig's List Killer. So, if y'all don't hear from me after today....

I picked blueberries at our neighbor's family farm last weekend. A good friend and I went and had such a good time! I put 8 gallon bags of blueberries on the freezer and we went through two blueberry cobblers. I'm going to need more blueberries.

My bookshelves are in! I will pick them up today and get finished in the office. IF the people coming to look at the curio cabinet aren't killers. (I have GOT to stop watching serial killer movies).

We're still enjoying afternoon thunderstorms- the garden loves the rain and I love the storms. As long as they aren't destructive that is.

That's about it. Unless there's something I forgot. And that's way more likely than one might think. :)

*Friday Fragments normally lives at Half-Past Kissin’ Time, but  is staying at for the summer!
Unknown Mami

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I don't like to wash windows either - so I just don't. Hubby occasionally washes them, but more often than not we just peer through them as they are.

  2. Lol @ your serial movie issues--we advertise on Craig's List all the time, now I might have to reconsider!!

    Whilst doing my windows, I realized how dirty my sheer curtains are--in order to avoid such a laundry load next year, I am pledging to NOT do my windows. :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. Keetha- Ours just get so dirty. And I do like the way they look after the cleaning. But, to be honest, it's probably been two years since I last washed them.

    Chantel- Ha! I already washed the window treatments so I can't use that as an excuse. LOL

  4. Eight gallons of blueberries! Wow, that's a lot of work and a lot of deliciousness to enjoy. Lucky you.

    I hate window watching too. I was going to tackle that project this weekend but it's supposed to be 100 degrees so the dirty windows can wait. ha!

    Happy weekend, jj

  5. BOO I'm here for the curio.
    Never used Craigs list. I always think the people are going to write bad checks.
    As long as you are washing the windows take your time. Nothing wrong to a healthy long to-do list.

  6. Now you're washing windows?! Now I'm really feeling bad!!!

    We've been getting those storms and showers every day, too. It's making it hard to work in the garden, especially in the afternoons!

  7. Wishin' we had those afternoon thunderstorms!!!

    Hi!! Long time no see! Hope you're doing well.

  8. I think that Craig List Killer movie is making everyone think twice about listing stuff on line! LOL Good thing there are more good people out there then bad :) Loved reading your Fragments

  9. We have had rain storms everyday for like two weeks,it is getting old fast and the ground is wet, WET. It is hot and humid and sticky icky.

    I have to stop watching CSI and Criminal Minds, those shows get me freaked out, I definitely cannot watch them after 9 pm or I can't sleep well.

    Good Luck with your window cleaning and I remember storm windows,those are not fun at all.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  10. jj- Not quite 8 gallons---I put up 8 gallon sized zip-lock bags and tried to lay them flat so really only picked about 10 quarts. But it was fun and they are delicious! Still working on the windows. And not enjoying that part of the summer. LOL

    bill- Haha! I don't take checks. It's cash or nothing. I agree about taking my time on those windows. I used to do them all in one day but I'm not all that young or motivated these days. LOL

    Kathy- I have to do it. I can hardly see out of some of them! I've been hitting the garden in the early hours and letting the storms do their part in the afternoon. :)

    Anni- Are y'all dry again this year? Wow, that's a lot of dry. I've stopped by your blog a few times but haven't stopped to comment. I'll do better!

    Stephanie- Agreed! Thanks!

    Lucy- Sounds like our weather. Except the ground seems to be drying out quickly. I'm the same way with Criminal Minds. Stop watching them a year ago. Too creepy.

  11. We are getting all new windows put in Monday and Tuesday. That means moving everything 4 feet out from the windows blah blah blah this weekend. There are a few that will be a HUGE PAIN, but most not so much.

    In other news, I dedicated something to you on the Thursday post. Hope you like it:)

  12. Windows are never fun yet I hate to pay someone to do them. My husband never does windows so it falls on me.
    Hope your still with us!!!!!

  13. I have to write down my fragments Or I forget what they were by Friday! I really just don't wash windows, so I admire you for being so conscientious about it! Hope you sell your furniture and don't get murdered. Getting killed would really ruin your weekend.

  14. I confess, I don't wash windows! And I need to's way too hot here to wash the outsides anyway!

    Our son sold his truck on Craig's list and our DIL was furious with him and made him meet the guy somewhere other than their homeA, I watch too many of those movies too!

  15. My storm windows are so dirty I dont need curtains!!!
    Saturdays now gone, and we havent heard from you!! You didnt get, well, you know, Craigslisted, did you?

  16. Well you have written two posts since this one so I take it the people were nice.
    I hope you sold your stuff.
    I hope you windows are finished too.
    This summer is going by too fast. I am with you there.

  17. I'm always freaked out by the idea of going to people's houses to buy something off of Craig's List or letting anyone come over to mine to buy something.


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