Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SNL, Lasagna and the Hodgepodge

Hey, y'all! Yesterday, when I got up, it was ONLY 71 degrees outside! AND there was an amazing ocean breeze blowing. I nearly had to get out a sweater! LOL

The weather dudes tell us we're going to only have highs in the 80s for the next week or two. I'm not holding my breath, but I sure hope they're right. This time.

Meanwhile, there's the Hodgepodge to keep us all entertained!

1. "Summer is like childhood. It's full of warm memories and gone too soon."~Kellie Elmore  Agree or disagree? Share something you loved about the summers of your childhood. Haha I just wrote several blog posts on the subject over the last few weeks. Y'all can read them here, here, here, here, here and here. Oh, and, here and here. I might have had a few things to say about this very subject. LOL

2. Are you a fan of auto racing-NASCAR, Indy, Stock, Grand Prix, etc? Ever been to a race in person? Any desire to do this?  Do you know a lot about cars? Do you notice particular makes and models when you're out and about? No. No. No. Sort of. No.

3. What's something you think is too serious to be joked about? Or do you think anything and everything is fair game? This is an interesting question. When I was a teenager and young adult I ADORED SNL (Saturday Night Live). That was back in the day of the really funny folks- Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, etc. It was hilarious! I stopped watching it years ago--somewhere around the mid to late 80s (post Eddie Murphy) because, in my opinion, world events as well as national events were getting way to scary and serious to be funny in any way/shape/form. I am also not a fan of racial jokes or jokes about people with learning disabilities or of religion. I'm sure there are more but these are my top ones. When I hear those, I just walk away or turn off the television or whatever. Although, there might have been a time or two that I might have had something to say to someone about poor taste. Let's just leave it at that.  

4. July 29th is National Lasagna Day. Are you a fan? Do you have a great recipe, and if so where did it come from? If given a choice would you choose a plate of lasagna or a plate of spaghetti? YES! YES! It came from the old Betty Crocker red plaid cookbook--my mother's-- it's fabulous! I'll take the lasagna! 

5. What's a simple pleasure you'd miss if it were not a regular part of your life? The ocean breeze that blows most mornings. I love sitting on the deck with my eyes closed and feeling the breeze blow across me. It smells good too. 

6. If you could be the CEO of any company, which would you choose? I would be the CEO of Monsanto. So I could shut them down!

7. August is just around the farewell to July in exactly seven words. You were way too hot to handle!

8. Insert your own random thought here. The new blog is up and running. Empty Nest will still be here because it's my first blog baby and it's probably not for all tastes. But, Grinding My Grits had its debut yesterday! Give me a visit/follow if you'd like!

Have a great week, y'all! Let's go eat some lasagna! 


  1. Loved your answers. I love Chevy Chase, he's such a funny guy. A little envious of that ocean breeze about now...wish I lived close enough to the ocean to feel it. ;) I have a copy of that old Betty Crocker cookbook. My daughter taught herself to cook using it. =)
    Blessings and here's hoping to a cooler August.

  2. When I went to boot camp early this morning it was 50 degrees-crazy! But fabulous : ) I loved SNL back then too. I will have to hop over and check out your new blog...these next two weeks are jam full, so not a lot of computer time, but I'll get there eventually. Enjoy your day and your ocean breeze!

  3. Valerie- I love him too! What a funny guy. I still use a few recipes from that cookbook. It was my go-to for anything I didn't learn from my grandmother. :) The ocean breeze is with us nearly every day but it's just been blowing around hot/humid air. Yesterday and today, it's been coolish and wonderful!

    Joyce- The 50s???? Yes, please! I would love that! LOVE! We're back to school in two weeks and the kids are back in three. It probably wasn't the best time to start a new blog. LOL

    Anni- It is nice living close enough to the beach to enjoy those ocean breezes. Especially when they are cool ones. :)

  4. I loved SNL, back in the day, too, but I no longer watch either.

    A new blog? I'm on my way to check it out!

  5. I couldn't agree more about SNL. I watch it once in a great while these days and it is just crude, rather than funny or clever.

    Hmm...I have that old plaid Betty Crocker cookbook. It's my favorite (best meatloaf recipe in the world!). I'll have to check out the lasagna recipe.

  6. It was 58 when I got up this morning. I love it. We've slept with the windows open the last 2 nights. That's unheard of for July. I can't wait to be sitting out on the deck in the morning with the ocean breeze blowing. Lord willing I'll be in Myrtle Beach for 3 weeks in November.

  7. Congrats on your new blog...I'll have to check it out! Yep...I'm not going to miss the heat of July, either. It's been brutal!

  8. Kathy- Thanks! I think not watching anymore was a mixed blessing- the people weren't as funny, the material wasn't funny and I was too tired to continue staying up that late. LOL

    Stacy- Yes indeed! Oooooh! A meatloaf recipe is in there? I'm going to look for it! I adore meatloaf!

    Cathy- LUCKY! When in November? Around Thanksgiving? Maybe we can get together for tea or coffee while you're that close!

    April- Thanks! It truly has been brutal. But it has made me truly grateful for these last couple of days.

  9. Wait..all I saw was "ocean" (grinning)--how in the world did I miss that? (lol)

    Great post. I loved your shrimp and grits post at your other blog. Blessings

  10. SNL, back in those days, was THE BEST!! I had to quit watching, too. It just wasn't the same when all those wonderfully hilarious people left. Another great Hodgepodge!!

  11. Linda- Haha! Thanks for stopping by both blogs today! I really appreciate it!

    Terri- Absolutely! I used to laugh and laugh and then wonder how they were allowed to do that on television. LOL Thanks!

  12. I loved SNL back in the day. The ones you mentioned were always so funny. So much more so than now. I have no interest in today's SNL. I would make lasagna except that I just made a penne pasta casserole with three kinds of cheese and kalamata olives. Not a good idea for someone who is a carbaholic and usually tries to avoid them.

    I would love to feel the ocean breeze. Must be wonderful. I'd wish you a cool August but then ours would be freezing. :-(

  13. Judy- It was great back then. I was shocked at the content when I first saw it but then, I was 17. LOL I'm not doing a great job on avoiding the carbs right now. I must need comforting. :) You are welcome to come enjoy the ocean breeze anytime!

  14. I still tape SNL. It's not like the old ones but I still enjoy it, especially if the host is someone I like!

  15. Congratulations on your new blog!

    Your right, SNL has changed.
    I didn't watch it much then, I don't watch it at all now.
    It helps that we don't have t.v.
    But, even so, I wouldn't watch them.

  16. What!!! You started a new blog?? How did I miss that? I was a fan of SNL when you were.
    I think I would love getting up every morning to an ocean breeze. That is so wonderful to think about. Now I have to go check out your new blog. sheesh!!! do I feel sheepish, :)

  17. Debby- I know some people who still like it. I just don't see that a lot of them are as talented and the times we live in are too serious for humor for me. I have enjoyed the success of some of their newer actors like Tina Fey- LOVE her! I'm probably just stuck in the past. LOL

    Michelle- Thank you! I admire that you don't have television. I am trying to undo my tv habit. It's hard, but I'm working on it!

    Kim- I did! It's my place to vent so it won't be for everyone. Like the post that went up today...oh well. We all need some sort of outlet. LOL

  18. I just got back to my blog site and loved catching up with your wonderful postings!


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