Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hey! It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to this kid who can find the humor in any situation:

Providing comic relief to this family since 1985 and a grandson since 2017!

Happy Birthday, Lovely1/ArtistDaughter/BabyR'sMommy!

Here's a song for you!

Or, if you prefer:


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

    Are you still enjoying your snow?

    1. Thank you! We are all enjoying the snow- Maggie's birthday is today so she's having a blast with it, Molly teaches first grade and was supposed to go back yesterday but now they won't go back until Monday, Reni is enjoying spending time with Marcy instead of working and I consider the snow a birthday present for me, too since mine is Saturday! Claudia, NashvilleDaughter is jealous because it is too cold there to snow. We're all having a good time with it except Tucker. He is not a fan. The temps went to 37 today which meant melting which means freezing again tonight and tomorrow morning which means the bridges will be closed again. There sure is a lot to consider when it snows that we just don't realize because we rarely see any. I just realized that was a very wordy answer and I could have just replied, yes. LOL

  2. Hope your daughter has a very Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you! She's enjoying having snow on her special day!

  3. Happy birthday to your Lovely 1!!


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