Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Break Grandma Style

A certain little face has been at my house all week because her school was closed for spring break so I might have tried to get a few pictures. Ha! Y'all know I went crazy. This little girl is all of 21 months old and makes me feel every single one of my own years. Today is our last day of spring break and I shall miss her terribly next week. Once I awaken from my recovery sleep. Ha!

Spring break, 2018

The number one thing I hoped for my grandkiddos was good health. Number two on the list is to be happy. Oh goodness, that childhood happiness is the best, isn't it?

Do y'all remember laughing at the seemingly slightest things with big hilarity?

And the constant jabbering. I usually tune most people out when they talk but when this little cutie talks, I listen because everything she shares is so interesting!

We've been outside a good bit this week having bubble parties, playing soccer, being cute...

Singing songs...

Scaling the fence (yep, she figured out how to get up there and back down all by herself because all by herself is just the way Bug prefers to do things)...

To play with the neighbor's doggies...

This little stinker has been all over the place this week. We've had big fun but this grandma is exhausted. The good kind.

Best. Spring. Break. EVER.

Did y'all enjoy spring break this week?

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  1. So lovely to see her and all of her cute little ways. I have my marrieds and all of the boys here with me for right now. They have been here for over a week. I totally understand exhausted.
    I have been AWOL because there just isn't enough hours in the day it seems. I am so glad you have had a nice time. I hope you can get rested up.

    1. How wonderful to have them there! I bet you are exhausted but it is the good kind. I will sleep tonight and through the next 5 days, probably. LOL I'm enjoying the videos from the happy wanderers!

  2. Oh I'm right there with ya, grams! I had my sweetie last weekend too and oh boy, did she wear me out. I love it though! So happy for you.

    1. They are just packed full of energy aren't they? It's the best kind of tired for sure!

  3. Those are the times that make such sweet memories and the photo ops are just the best. She is, of course, adorable.

    1. Thank you, Terri. It's been a fun and exhausting week. :)

  4. Definitely the best Spring break ever! The pictures are adorable and she looks so happy.


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